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Gupta empire


The Gupta Empire (319 CE - 470 CE) 👑


Gupta dynasty was initially a small kingdom which was a vassal state of the Kushans. Later during Chandragupt I's reign it became an independent Empire limited to the Ganga Valley. Samudragupta the Great became the Emperor in 319 AD as per Gupta records. He was a great military commander who conquered Bengal, Kamrupa(North east),Kalinga, Dakshin Koshal,Vengi, Pallava kingdom, parts of Vatakata dynasty, later Kushan Empire in eastern Punjab and Kashmir.

As per Sri Lankan records Ceylon accepted the Suzerainty of the Gupta Empire during Samudragupta's rule. He also maintained relations with the Western Kshatrapas, Kushans of Afghanistan and Punjab and EVEN SOUTH EAST ASIAN KINGDOMS. It is quite possible that about mentioned Kingdoms accepted his suzerainty INCLUDING INDONESIA AND MALAYSIA.

Samudragupta was succeeded by Chandragupt ii Vikramaditya (as per some texts Ramgupta). Chandragupta ii Vikramaditya subjugated Western Kshatrapas, Bactria and also defeated the Sassanid Empire. He crossed Sapta Sindhu to conquer these Lands. Vatakatas and Kadambas remained his Vassal states.

Source: Allahabad Pillar Inscriptions, Chandragupta ii Vikramaditya's Delhi pillar inscriptions, Ceylonese records Raghuvamsha and various articles relating to the topic including my self study.


Rashtrakuta empire


Rashtrakuta Empire at its peak under Govinda iii around 793 CE.

Govinda III (reign 793–814 CE) was a famous Rashtrakuta ruler who succeeded his illustrious father Dhruva Dharavarsha. He was militarily the most successful emperor of the dynasty with successful conquests-from Kanyakumari in the south to Kannauj in the north, from Banaras in the east to Broach (Bharuch) in the west. He held such titles as Prabhutavarsha, Jagattunga, Anupama, Kirthinarayana, Prithvivallabha, Shrivallabha, Vimaladitya, Atishayadhavala and Tribhuvanadhavala. From the Someshvara inscription of 804 it is known that Gamundabbe was his chief queen.

Rashtrakutas after defeating the Palas and Gurjara Pratihars captured the city of Kannauj. They also made Ceylon, Chola, Chera,Pandayas, Dakshin Koshal, Pallavas and Western Ganga their Vassals under Govinda iii.

Except dating which is bit +- nothing wrong in data. which is Illustration in adobe spark once edited we cant do anything. And its summarized rashtrakuta empire map.Its not about just one king which achieved peak during govinda iii.under Krishna III & Butuga II after battle of takkolam entire southern land submitted to rastrakutas.