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Short History of Scotland

In 1602, England's Queen Elizabeth I died without leaving any heirs to the throne except a first cousin twice removed, Scotland's James I. King James became the ruler of both nations, though the countries maintained their political independence.
However, in 1707, Scottish leaders agreed to completely merge with the English and form the United Kingdom.
Some Scots were outraged, and riots spread across the country. Others thought that "bigger is better," and felt the two countries were stronger together.
Through the years, the Scots have tried and failed to break away from the U.K., but it wasn't until 1999 that Scotland re-established its own parliament. England let Scotland make its own decisions on some local issues like health, education and housing, but the money to run that government was still doled out by London.

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Indians abroad and their anti-Indian agendas – Francois Gautier

“What would happen if Indian Americans practised a little bit of … Indian-ness? They would shine, be an example to their fellow Americans, and make India proud. Instead, they want to become more Americans than the Americans, and merge themselves totally in American culture. In this process, they drop their unique identity and are a loss not only to India, but also to America, as they bring nothing new to American culture.” – Francois Gautier

Dnyaneshwar M. MulayIt is lunch time at the home of the Consul General of India in New York, Dnyaneshwar M Mulay. A young Hindu American arrives. Her name is Suchitra Vijayan and she teaches part-time in Columbia University, one of the most prestigious in the US, and plans to start there a course on South Asian Human Rights. She says that she is first going to travel to India to interview Kashmiri Muslims andChristian Nagas — obviously an anti-Indian agenda — while her Indian consular mentor smiles proudly.
Welcome to America, the home of millions of Indians, some of whom make a living out of bashing India in American universities and in the US publications.
Suchitra VijayanLet’s face it: Indians who immigrate to America most of the time merge totally in the American way of life and their children never come back to their homeland. The culprit, of course, is the Indian education, which mass-produces brilliant Indians, who are only good for export, as they are not taught to be proud of their own culture, the way French are proud to be French or the Americans proud to be Americans. As a result, American Indians know nothing about Kalidas, probably one of the greatest poets ever, or Shivaji Maharaj, who is on par withNapoleon Bonaparte, or Sri Aurobindo, India’s greatest contemporary philosopher — but all about William Shakespeare, the latest Dan Brown novel, or the best Italian restaurant in New York.
This is the greatest brain drain in the world, which allowed the Silicon Valley to flourish (80 per cent Indian engineers), or the American medical system to expand (60 per cent Indians).
Compare this to the American Chinese: Not only do they unabashedly stand out as Chinese, but they repatriate many of their funds to China and even go back to the mainland, to be part of the great Chinese economic boom.
American Indians rave about the American way of life, but it burns out a human being in 30 or 40 years, starting early for work — by 7 am, America’s millions of highways are already clogged with traffic; the fierce competitiveness in the workplace — you can be fired in a minute for no reason; the late hours and heartburn produced over the years by food too quickly swallowed on the run or in the car; the immense stress at airports where security — thanks to continuing terrorism — has reached inhuman proportions.
Sri Sri RavishankarIf only American Indians did retain a bit of their Indianness. Today’s Hollywood stars all do yoga, India’s gift to the world. Yet, not only is it not taught in Indian schools and universities as it should, but our Hindu Americans do not practise it. What else?Pranayama is the ancient Indian science of breathing. Through it you cannot only gain more energy, but also distress naturally and balance your mind. It is also a perfectly secular science: Respiration has no religion and a Muslim, a Hindu or a Christian breathe the same air. In fact, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who has revived and modernisedpranayama, has many Muslims and Christian teachers and disciples. Yet, neither is it taught in India, nor our Indian Americans seem to practise it much.
What about meditation, this most ancient technique that has again no religion, and can be practised by anybody, with wonderful effects on the mind and the body? In fact American companies have begun introducing meditation in their seminars and it is becoming mainstream in the US. Does that mean that meditation is taught in Indians schools, as it should be, or that our Indian Americans practice it? Not at all. What about Ayurveda, the oldest medical science still in practice that knew 3,000 years before Western medicine, that many diseases have a psychosomatic origin? Do our Hindu Americans use Ayurveda? Unlikely.
Yet, what would happen if Indian Americans practised a little bit of that Indian-ness? They would shine, be an example to their fellow Americans, and make India proud. Instead, they want to become more Americans than the Americans, and merge themselves totally in American culture. In this process, they drop their unique identity and are a loss not only to India, but also to America, as they bring nothing new to American culture.
And because they do not stand out, they allow these multiple South Asian groups that sprout everywhere, to be dominated by hostile Indian Americans, who, for instance, convinced for 10 years the US Government to deny Modi a visa.
At the same time it is true that America, whatever its faults, has always stood up for freedom and democracy. It did so during the World War II, when it saved Europe from Nazi domination. It is doing so today, by being the only country in the world willing to take on terrorism head on. Americans are friendly, hard-working, and it should soon dawn upon them that India is their natural political ally, in an Asia confronted with terrorism born out of Pakistan, Afghanistan or Indonesia. It is also the obvious democratic, pro-Western and liberal economic destination to counter-balance China’s aggressive hegemony in Asia.
Meanwhile, it is very unfortunate that the second-highest Indian official in the US endorses and promotes anti-Indian agendas, whereas he should be the first one to hunt them out. This Nehruvian mindset in diplomats has got to go. – The Pioneer, 31 August 2014


Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest 

The death of journalist and polemicist Christopher Hitchens last month gave those familiar with his work a chance to revisit one of his more controversial subjects: the Albanian nun Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, better known to the world as Mother Teresa. In his 1997 book, The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice, Hitchens argued that the "Saint of Calcutta," who founded and headed the international Missionaries of Charity order, enjoyed undeserved esteem.
Despite her humanitarian reputation and 1979 Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa had set up a worldwide system of "homes for the dying" that routinely failed to provide adequate care to patients, Hitchens argued — an appraisal shared by The Lancet, a respected medical journal. Mother Teresa also associated with, and took large sums of money from, disreputable figures such as American savings-and-loan swindler Charles Keating and the dictatorial Duvalier family of Haiti.
Notwithstanding these black marks on an otherwise sterling reputation, Mother Teresa — who died in 1997 and is now on the fast track to a formal proclamation of sainthood by the Vatican — was never known to have been touched by the scandal that would rock the Roman Catholic Church in the decade after her death: the systematic protection of child-molesting priests by church officials.
Yet documents obtained by SF Weekly suggest that Mother Teresa knew one of her favorite priests was removed from ministry for sexually abusing a Bay Area boy in 1993, and that she nevertheless urged his bosses to return him to work as soon as possible. The priest resumed active ministry, as well as his predatory habits. Eight additional complaints were lodged against him in the coming years by various families, leading to his eventual arrest on sex-abuse charges in 2005.
The priest was Donald McGuire, a former Jesuit who has been convicted of molesting boys in federal and state courts and is serving a 25-year federal prison sentence. McGuire, now 81 years old, taught at the University of San Francisco in the late 1970s, and held frequent spiritual retreats for families in San Francisco and Walnut Creek throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He also ministered extensively to the Missionaries of Charity during that time.
In a 1994 letter to McGuire's Jesuit superior in Chicago, it appears that Mother Teresa acknowledged she had learned of the "sad events which took [McGuire] from his priestly ministry these past seven months," and that McGuire "admitted imprudence in his behavior," but she wished to see him put back on the job. The letter was written after McGuire had been sent to a psychiatric hospital following an abuse complaint to the Jesuits by a family in Walnut Creek.
"I understand how grave is the scandal touching the priesthood in the U.S.A. and how careful we must be to guard the purity and reputation of that priesthood," the letter states. "I must say, however, that I have confidence and trust in Fr. McGuire and wish to see his vital ministry resume as soon as possible."
The one-page letter comes from thousands of pages of church records that have been shared with plaintiffs' attorneys in ongoing litigation against the Jesuits involving McGuire. (The documents were also shared with prosecutors who worked on his criminal cases.) It is printed on Missionaries of Charity letterhead but is unsigned, and thus cannot be verified absolutely as having been written by Mother Teresa. Officials in the Missionaries of Charity and the Jesuits did not respond to requests for comment on its provenance.
Yet statements throughout the letter point to Mother Teresa as the author. The writer speaks of "my communities throughout the world" and refers by name to Mother Teresa's four top deputies, calling them "my four assistants." Rev. Joseph Fessio, a Jesuit and former University of San Francisco professor who knew Mother Teresa, said the reference to her assistants is an "authentic" aspect of the letter.
The letter could have an impact on the near-complete process of canonizing Mother Teresa. In 2003 she was beatified by Pope John Paul II, the penultimate step to full sainthood.
"What we see here is the same thing we see over and over in regard to the [priest pedophilia] scandal — the complete lack of empathy for, or interest in, possible victims of these accused priests," said Anne Rice, the bestselling author of novels including Interview with the Vampire and a former Catholic who has been outspoken in her criticism of the church's handling of the sex-abuse scandal. "In this letter the concern is for the reputation of the priesthood. This is as disappointing as it is shocking."
Other documents that have emerged in the criminal and civil cases involving McGuire could affect the sainthood prospects of another deceased religious leader eyed by the Vatican for sainthood. Among the newly uncovered church records are letters by Rev. John Hardon, a Jesuit who also worked extensively with Mother Teresa and died in 2000. He collaborated with then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a landmark summation of contemporary church doctrine. In 2005, the Vatican opened a formal inquiry into whether Hardon should be made a saint.
But statements by Hardon in his letters could complicate that process. The documents reveal McGuire admitted to Hardon that he was taking showers with the teenage boy from Walnut Creek whose complaint led to McGuire's psychiatric treatment. He also acknowledged soliciting body massages from the boy and letting him read pornography in the room they shared on trips together.
Despite these admissions, Hardon concluded that his fellow Jesuit's actions were "objectively defensible," albeit "highly imprudent," and told McGuire's bosses that he "should be prudently allowed to engage in priestly ministry."
The postulators, or Vatican-appointed researchers and advocates for sainthood, assigned to investigate Mother Teresa and Hardon did not respond to repeated requestsfor comment.
While it is unclear exactly what impact the new documents will have on the evaluation of both figures for sainthood, the evidence of involvement by two prominent and internationally respected Catholics in the McGuire sex-abuse scandal is likely to cause consternation among critics of the church's handling of predator priests. The situation is aggravated since McGuire went on to abuse more children after suggestions to return him to ministry were heeded.

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Enhanced Footage Of NASA's Tether Incident Proves Aliens Exist, Say UFO Believers And Experts [Watch Video]

The "tether incident" took place on Feb. 25, 1996, which was the fourth day of a 15-day mission by a joint National Aeronautics and Space Administration-Italian Tethered Satellite System. NASA made a statement the mission was to investigate the new sources of spacecraft power.
NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 mission (OCO-2) launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California July 2, 2014. The unmanned Delta 2 rocket blasted off from California on Wednesday, carrying a NASA science satellite to survey where carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas tied to climate change, is moving into and out of Earth's atmosphere, a NASA Television broadcast showed. The 127-foot (39-meter) tall rocket lifted off at 2:56 a.m. PDT (5:56 a.m. EDT/0956 GMT) from Vandenberg Air Force Base, located about 150 miles (240 km) northwest of Los Angeles, and headed south over the Pacific Ocean.
On Sep. 12, Stargazer Nation put up a high-definition version of the original NASA footage that shows UFOs coming towards the tether. In the video, the tether looks like a stick surrounded by bright dots.

Watch the footage in Stargazer Nation's webpage: Video
When the incident took place, Franklin Chang-Diaz, an astronaut, said the objects near the tether were little bits of debris, which was illuminated by the sun. He added the debris flew with them.
Experts and true alien believers who viewed both footages have said the videos not only show a UFO but also confirms the existence of aliens as well, reports Examiner.com. True believers of UFO feel NASA hasn't made a comment yet and charges the agency of a cover up. John Tindall from The History Channel said the telephoto lens of the camera, which has a circular mirror with a hole in its centre, resulted in the images and that the mirror left an artifact on the video.
There have been no mentions of any UFOs in the NASA archives. NASA talks about the failed mission and has done so in a descriptive manner. The debate about extra-terrestrial life has been a never-ending one.


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कश्मीरी संस्कृति : एक भारतीय संस्कृति !

वसुंधरापर सौंदर्यताका प्रतीक : कश्मीर, आज आतंकवादी कार्यवाहियोंका अड्डा बन गया है । १९ जनवरी १९९० को संपूर्ण कश्मीरसे हिंदुओंको निकल जानेके आदेश दिए गए थे । धर्म बचानेके लिए कश्मीरी हिंदुओंने अपनी भूमि, संपत्ति और स्मृतियां, सबका परित्याग कर दिया । होमलैंड डे (२८ दिसंबर)के उपलक्ष्यमें पू. चारुदत्त पिंगलेजी द्वारा विस्थापित कश्मीरियोंके लिए किए मार्गदर्शनके कुछ अंश

१. भारतवर्ष और कश्मीरका महत्त्व !

१ अ. भारतवर्ष

पंचखंड भूमंडलमें सबसे पवित्रतम भूमि अर्थात यह भारतवर्ष है ! अनेक ऋषिमुनि, अवतार एवं विद्वज्जनोंने भारतभूको गौरवशाली बनाया है । विश्वके सबसे सुसंस्कृत वंशके रूपमें सुप्रसिद्ध आर्य संस्कृतिका विकास इस देशमें ही हुआ । ऐसा भारतदेश हमारी सांस है, तो हिंदू संस्कृति हमारी आत्मा !

१ आ. कश्मीर

प्रारूपमें दिखनेवाला भारत, राष्ट्रपुरुषकी देह है । उसका जम्मू-कश्मीर प्रांत प्रत्यक्ष हमारा दिमाग अर्थात बुद्धि है । यदि भारतवर्ष कश्मीरविहीन हो गया, तो भारतकी अवस्था बुद्धिहीन मानव जैसी, अर्थात पशुवत हो जाएगी !

२. शारदादेशका महत्त्व तथा हिंदुओंका कर्तव्य !

कश्मीर भारतवर्षकी बुद्धि है, इसका आध्यात्मिक कारण मां सरस्वतीका शारदापीठ है ! ब्रह्मदेवने सृष्टिकी रचना की । तत्पश्चात उन्होंने मानवको पृथ्वीपर भेजा । मानवने ब्रह्मदेवसे प्रार्थना की, हे भगवन्, आप विविध देवताओंको, हमारा उत्कर्ष एवं भला हो, इस हेतु पृथ्वीवर भेजें । तदुपरांत (पृथ्वीपर ) विविध स्थानोंपर देवताओंने अपने-अपने स्थान बनाए । इसी क्रमसे ज्ञानकी देवी सरस्वतीने जो स्थान पसंद किया, वह कश्मीर है । अत: कश्मीरका नाम शारदादेश भी है ।
भारतीय संस्कृतिमें हिंदू प्रतिदिन शारदादेवीके श्लोकका पठन करते समय कहते हैं,
नमस्ते शारदे देवी काश्मीरपुरवासिनी ।
त्वामहं प्रार्थयो नित्यं विद्यादानं च देहि मे ?

अर्थ : हे कश्मीरवासिनी सरस्वती देवी, आपको मेरा प्रणाम । आप हमें ज्ञान दें, यह मेरी आपसे नित्य प्रार्थना है ।
वर्तमानमें कश्मीर स्थित यह शारदापीठ पाकिस्तान व्याप्त कश्मीrरमें है, क्या इस श्लोकका पठन करनेवाले यह बात जानते हैं ? प्रार्थनामें श्री शारदादेवीके जिस स्थानका हम निर्देश करते हैं, अब उसका पूरी तरहसे विध्वंस हो चुका है, तथा वहां जानेपर हिंदुओंको पापस्थानसे (पाकिस्तानसे ) प्रतिबंध किया जाता है, यह बडा क्लेशदायी है ।
ध्यान रखें, हम सरस्वतीपुत्र अर्थात ज्ञानके उपासक हैं । अपना शारदापीठ पुन: भारतभूमि ज्ञानकी धरोहर बनाने हेतु हमें अपना कर्तव्य करना है ।

३. कश्मीरमें अर्धिमयोंको स्थान नहीं यह बात समझ लें !

३ अ. असुरोंको नष्ट कर सज्जनोंको अभय देने हेतु कश्मीरकी स्थापना करनेवाले कश्यप ऋषि !

कश्यप ऋषिके नामसे इस भूभागको ‘कश्मीर’ नाम प्राप्त हुआ । असुरोंका नाश कर सज्जनोंको अभय देने हेतु कश्यप ऋषिने कश्मीर उत्पन्न किया । भारतके सारे क्षेत्रोंसे सुसंस्कृत तथा सुविद्य लोगोंको वहां बसनेका आमंत्रण देकर महर्षि कश्यपने यह प्रदेश बसाया है ।

३ आ. कश्मीरभूमि शिवभक्तों हेतु ही है, यह बतानेवाले भगवान श्रीकृष्ण !

महाभारतके युद्धमें सारे राजाओंने धर्मयुद्धमें हिस्सा लिया; किंतु कश्मीरके राजा गोकर्णने उसमें हिस्सा नहीं लिया । तब श्रीकृष्णने उस अधर्मीका वध किया तथा उसके स्थानपर उसकी पत्नी यशोमतीका अभिषेक किया । इस प्रकार विश्वमें पहली बार एक महिलाको शासनकर्ता बनाया गया तथा उसका आरंभ भी कश्मीरसे ही हुआ । उसका अभिषेक करते समय स्वयं श्रीकृष्णने बताया कि कश्मीरकी भूमि साक्षात पार्वतीका रूप है । इस भूमिपर केवल शिवतत्त्व प्राप्त करने हेतु प्रयत्नरत रहनेवालोंको ही राज करनेका अधिकार है । जो शिवतत्त्वकी दिशामें अर्थात धर्मकी दिशामें प्रयास नहीं करते, उन्हें इस भूमिपर रहनेका कोई अधिकार नहीं ।
आजके कश्मीरमें अधर्मी अथवा असुर 
कौन हैं, तथा शिवप्रेमी कौन हैं, सूज्ञ व्यक्तियोंको यह अलगसे बतानेकी आवश्यकता नहीं !

४. कश्मीरी संस्कृतिकी भारतीयता

४ अ. भौगोलिकदृष्टिसे

कश्मीरका निर्देश हिंदू धर्मके अनेक प्राचीन संस्कृत ग्रंथोंमें दिखता है । ‘शक्ति-संगमतंत्र’ ग्रंथमें कश्मीरकी व्याप्ति आगे दिए अनुसार है ।
शारदामठमारभ्य कुडःकुमाद्रितटान्तकम् ।
तावत्काश्मीरदेशः स्यात् पन्चाशद्योजानात्मकः ?
अर्थ : शारदा मठसे केशरके पर्वततक ५० योजन
(१ योजन ४ कोस) विस्तृत भूभाग कश्मीर देश है ।
  महाभारतमें इसका निर्देश ‘कश्मीरमंडल’ है । (भीष्म. ९.५३)

४ आ. ऐतिहासिकदृष्टिसे

१. भगवान श्रीकृष्ण तथा भगवान बुद्ध इन दो महात्माओंने कश्मीरमें रहकर सम्मान प्रदान किया है । युधिष्ठिरके राज्याभिषेकमें कश्मीरका राजा गोनंद उपस्थित था । इससे कश्मीर हिंदू संस्कृतिसे एकरूप है, यह बात आसानीसे समझमें आती है ।
२. इ.स. पूर्व २७३-२३२ की इस कालावधिमें सम्राट अशोकने श्रीनगरी राजधानीकी स्थापना की । यही श्रीनगर है ! आज जहां श्रीनगर हवाई अड्डा है, उसके बाजूमें सम्राट अशोकका पोता दामोदरका विशाल प्रासाद (भवन) था । कश्मीर स्थित सारे स्थानोंके नाम परिवर्तन किए गए अथवा उनका इस्लामीकरण किया गया; किंतु आज भी श्रीनगरका नाम परिवर्तन नहीं कर सके, यह सत्य ध्यानमें रखें ! जिस कश्मीरकी राजधानी ही श्रीनगर है, वह राज्य अपना हिंदुत्व कैसे छुपा सकता है ?
३. ख्रिस्त जन्मपूर्व ३००० वर्ष कश्मीरका अस्तित्व था, ऐसा पुरातत्वीय आधार दिया जाता है । उस समय इस्लामका कोई प्रतिनिधि अस्तित्व़में नहीं था; किंतु ओमरका कोई पूर्वज निश्चित ही उस समय कश्मीरमें रहता होगा । यदि उसे पूछा जाए, तो कश्मीर भारतमें कबका विलय हो गया, ऐसा वह बताएगा ।

४ इ. धार्मिकदृष्टिसे

१. हिंदू संस्कृतिमें १६ संस्कारोंका विशेष महत्त्व है । जो उपनयन संस्कार करते हैं, वे उसके पश्चात बच्चेको सात कदम उत्तरकी दिशामें, अर्थात कश्मीरकी दिशामें चलने हेतु कहते हैं । इससे हिंदू संस्कारोंकी दृष्टिसे कश्मीरका महत्त्व ध्यानमें आएगा ।
२. हिंदू संस्कृति, मंदिर संस्कृति है । संपूर्ण कश्मीर घाटी एक समय भव्यदिव्य तथा ऐश्वर्यशाली मंदिरों हेतु सुप्रसिद्ध था । इस्लामी कुदृष्टि पडनेसे आज सर्वत्र इन मंदिरोंके भग्नावशेष  ही देखनेको मिलते हैं । कश्मीरके गरूरा गांवमें ‘जियान मातन’ नामका दैवी तालाब था । इस तालाबके किनारे ६०० वर्षपूर्व ७ मंदिर थे । सिकंदर भूशिकन नामके काश्मीरके मुसलमान राजाने उनमेंसे ६ मंदिर गिराए । सातवां मंदिर गिरानेकी सिद्धतामें था कि उस तालाबसे खून बहने लगा । इस घटनासे सिकंदर भूशिकन आश्चर्यचकित हुआ तथा घबराकर वहांसे भाग गया । इस प्रकार उस क्रूरकर्मीके चंगुलसे सातवा मंदिर मुक्त हुआ, जो आज भी विद्यमान है । यह मंदिर आज क्यों खडा है ? कश्मीर हिंदू संस्कृति है, इसकी पहचान बताने हेतु ही !

४ ई. अध्यात्मिकदृष्टिसे

१. श्रीविष्णु-लक्ष्मी एवं शारदादेवी एकसाथ कभी भी नहीं रहतीं, ऐसा कहा जाता है; किंतु केवल कश्मीरमें ही लक्ष्मी एवं शारदादेवी एकसाथ रहती आई हैं । यहां एक स्थानपर शारदाका तथा दूसरे स्थानपर श्रीलक्ष्मीका स्थान है ।
२. कश्मीरकी नागपूजक संस्कृति : नागपूजन हिंदू धर्मका अविभाज्य अंग है । कश्मीरमें प्राचीन कालसे नागपूजा प्रचलित है । अत: अनेक तालाब तथा झरनोंको नागदेवताओंके नाम प्राप्त हुए हैं । उदा. नीलनाग, अनंतनाग, वासुकीनाग, तक्षकनाग आदि । नाग उसके संरक्षकदेवता थे । अबुल फजलने ऐने अकबरीमें कहा है कि उस क्षेत्रमें लगभग सातसौ स्थानपर नागकी आकृतियां खोदी हुई दिखती हैं । विष्णुने वासुकीनागको सपरिवार यहां रहनेकी आज्ञा दी थी तथा यहां उसे कोई मारेगा नहीं, ऐसा वचन भी दिया था ।
आप मुझे बताइए, क्या अरबस्थानमें नागपूजन होता है ? वहां तो मूर्र्तिपूजा भी नहीं होती, नागकी आकृतियां खोदनेका प्रश्न ही नहीं उठता !

४ उ. सांस्कृतिकदृष्टिसे

प्राचीन कालसे कश्मीरमें उच्च संस्कृतिकी देखभाल होती आ रही है । विद्या एवं कलाओंका उत्कर्ष वहां दो सहस्र वर्षोंसे चला आ रहा है ।
१. संस्कृत भाषा हिंदू संस्कृतिका केंद्रबिंदू है । इस देववाणीमें सब धार्मिक विधियोंकी रचना हुई है । ये सारी धार्मिक विधियां कश्मीरसे केरलतक केवल संस्कृत भाषामें ही पठन की जाती हैं । इससे कश्मीरका केवल केरलसे ही नहीं, अपितु सारे भारतवर्षसे भाषिक, सांस्कृतिक एवं धार्मिक संबंध समझमें आएगा ।
२. क्षेमेंद्र, मम्मट, अभिनवगुप्त, रुद्रट, कल्हण जैसे पंडितोंने अनेक विद्वत्तापूर्ण संस्कृत ग्रंथोंकी रचना की । धर्म तथा तत्त्वज्ञानके क्षेत्रोंमें कश्मीरी लोगोंने प्रशंसनीय कार्य किया था । पंचतंत्र, यह सुबोध देनेवाला हिंदू संस्कृतिका ग्रंथ कश्मीरमें लिखा गया, यह बात कितने लोग जानते हैं ?
३. कुछ सहस्र वर्ष कश्मीर संस्कृत भाषा एवं विद्याका सबसे बडा तथा श्रेष्ठ अध्ययन केंद्र था । दसवें शतकतक भारतके सारे क्षेत्रोंसे छात्र अध्ययन हेतु वहां जाते थे । तत्त्वज्ञान, धर्म, वैद्यक, ज्योतिर्शास्त्र, शिल्प, अभियांत्रिकी, चित्रकला, संगीत, नृत्य आदि अनेक विषयोंमें कश्मीर निष्णात था ।
हिंदुओंके सांस्कृतिक तथा ऐतिहासिक ग्रंथोंमें उनका अभिमानपूर्ण निर्देश है; किंतु आज इस गौरवशाली इतिहासको भीषण एव प्रचंड वर्तमानने पोंछ दिया है । हमें यह परिस्थिति परिवर्तन करनी है ।
४. ललितादित्य, अवंतिवर्मा, यशस्कर, हर्ष इन राजाओंने अनेक विद्वानों तथा कलाकारोंको आश्रय देकर संस्कृतिके विकासमें सहयोग लिया । अनेक भव्य सुंदर मंदिर निमार्ण कर शिल्पकलाके स्मारक बनाकर रखे हैं ।
५. ‘प्रत्यभिज्ञादर्शन’ नामक एक नया दर्शन कश्मीरमें ही उत्पन्न हुआ । अत: वह ‘काश्मीरीय’ नामसे प्रसिद्ध हुआ । वसुगुप्त (इ.स. का ८ वा शतक) कश्मीरी महापंडित इस दर्शनके मूल प्रवर्तक हैं ।
६. कश्मीरी क्रियापदमें भारतीय आर्य विशेषताएं स्पष्ट रूपसे समझमें आती हैं । कश्मीरी साहित्यका विकास भी उसकी भारतीय आर्य परंपराका निदर्शक है । यह भाषा अरबी अथवा जंगली उर्दू से उत्पन्न नहीं है, अपितु देववाणी संस्कृतकी कन्या है, यह ध्यानमें रखें !

४ ऊ. नैसर्गिकदृष्टिसे

१. भारतका नंदनवन : कालिदासने कश्मीर अर्थात दूसरा स्वर्ग ही है, ऐसा लिखकर रखा है । पृथ्वीपर कैलास सर्वोत्तम स्थान, कैलासपर हिमालय सर्वोत्तम स्थान तथा हिमालयमें कश्मीर सर्वोत्तम स्थान, इतिहासकार कल्हणने कश्मीरका ऐसा ही वर्णन लिखकर रखा है ।
२. सर वाल्टर लॉरेन्सने कहा है कि एक समय काश्मीरमें इतनी समृद्धि तथा निरामयता थी कि वहांकी स्त्रियां सृजनशीलतामें जैसे भूमिसे स्पर्धा करती थीं । भूमि जैसे सकस धानसंपदा देती है, वहांकी स्त्रियां वैसी ही सुदृढ संततिको जनम देती थीं । किंतु आज क्या हो रहा है ? उसी कश्मीर घाटीमें ३० वर्षकी इन महिलाओंकी माहवारी बंद हो रही है । यह सब दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण है !

५. भारतीय संस्कृति हेतु कश्मीरी संस्कृतिका अमूल्य योगदान !

५ अ. स्त्रियोंको राज्यकर्ताका पद देनेकी परंपरा देनेवाला कश्मीर !

दिद्दा, सुगंधा, सूर्यमती जैसी अनेक कर्तव्यनिष्ठ राज्यकर्ता स्त्रियां भी कश्मीरके इतिहासमें प्रसिद्ध हुर्इं । उन्होंने बडी कुशलतासे राजकारोबार किया तथा प्रजाको सुखी रखा ।

५ आ. पूरे विश्वमें हिंदू धर्मप्रचारक भेजनेवाला देश !

सम्राट कनिष्कके राजमें विद्वान वसुमित्रकी अध्यक्षतामें एक विशाल धर्मपरिषद आयोजित की गई थी । भारतके कोने-कोनेसे ५०० धर्मपंडित वहां नीतीनियमोंका विचार-विमर्श करने हेतु गए थे । परिषद संपन्न होनेके पश्चात वहींसे युवा धर्मपंडित तिब्बत, चीन एवं मध्य एशिया गए तथा उन्होंने हिंदू दर्शनके सत्यज्ञानका प्रसार किया । चीनमें भारतके अन्य क्षेत्रोंसे जितने धर्मप्रसारक गए, उससे अधिक धर्मप्रसारक केवल कश्मीरसे गए हैं, एक समय उस क्षेत्रमें ऐसा अभिमानसे कहा जाता था ।

६. कश्मीरी हिंदुओंका स्वभूमिसे विस्थापन, यह पूरे भारतके हिंदुओं हेतु धोखेकी घंटी !

६ अ. कश्मीरी हिंदुओंका धर्मके लिए विलक्षण त्याग !

एक समय सुंदरताकी धरोहरके रूपमें भारतकी प्रतिष्ठामें सम्मानका सिरपेंच धारण करनेवाला कश्मीर आज आतंकवादियोंकी कार्यवाहियोंका केंद्र बन गया है । कश्मीरका वर्तमान राजनैतिक, सामाजिक एवं शैक्षणिक जीवन देखें, तो ६५ वर्ष स्वतंत्रताका उपभोग लेनेवाले भारतकी दृष्टिसे कश्मीर एक कलंक ही होगा ।
अतीतकी जो बातें अपने सामने आती रहती हैं, उन्हें सुनकर भी अनसुना करना, समझकर भी नासमझ बनना, तथा देखकर भी अनदेखा करना, इसके जैसा दूसरा भ्रम नहीं होगा । १९ जनवरी १९९० को संपूर्ण कश्मीरसे हिंदू निकल जाएं, स्थान-स्थानपर ऐसा आदेश दिया गया । खुले आम कहा गया, समाचारपत्रोंमें आवेदन दिए गए, और पूरे हिंदू समाजको वहांसे निकल जाना पडा । उनके सामने तीन पर्याय थे । एकतो धर्म बदलें, जिहादमें सम्मिलित हों, अथवा वहांसे चले जाएं । उन हिंदुओंने बहुत बडा त्याग किया । धर्म बचाने हेतु अपनी भूमि, सम्पत्ति, अपनी यादें, बचपन, सारे मृदु (नाजुक) धागे अपने हाथोंसे तोडकर ये लोग दूसरे स्थानपर जाकर रहे ।
धर्महेतु त्याग आज भी किया जाता है, यह एक दृष्टिसे स्पृहणीय है; किंतु दूसरे अर्थमें हमें उसका दुख भी होना चाहिए । हमें दुख होना चाहिए कि यह सब करना पडता है, इसे हम सुसंस्कृत दुनिया कहेंगे या कुसंस्कृत ? तथा यह सब हिंदुओंके राष्ट्रमें हिंदुओंको ही करना पड रहा है, इसका कारण क्या है ? .

६ आ. २३ वर्षोंमें कश्मीरमें हिंदु नामशेष

प्रश्न उत्पन्न होता है कि इस कालमें सबके सामने इतनी बडी मात्रामें अत्याचार हो रहे थे और हम क्या कर रहे थे ? ये बातें हमतक पहुंचीं वैâसे नहीं ? पहुंचीं भी, तो उनकी तीव्रता हम क्यों समझ नहीं पाए ? हमारी नींद क्यों नहीं खुली ? इसका एक कारण है, जो यह सब समझ रहे थे, वे चुप रहे । उन्होंने देखकर अनदेखा किया, सुनकर अनसुना किया तथा समझकर भी नासमझ बने रहे, उसकी परिणति १९९० से आज २०१३ तक चल रही है । २३ वर्ष पश्चात वहां नामके लिए भी हिंदू शेष नहीं है ।

६ इ. हिंदू धर्म जीवित रखनेका दायित्व भाग्यका नहीं !

हम यदि केवल अपने लिए जीवन जीकर हिंदू धर्म हेतु कुछ भी नहीं करेंगे, तो हिंदू धर्म जीवित रखनेका दायित्व ईश्वरपर नहीं । ईश्वरका नियम है कि जो अपनी जडें दृढ पकडकर खडा होता है, वही टिक पाता है । जो अपनी जडें दृढतासे पकडकर खडा नहीं होता, उसे अस्तित्वकाकोई अधिकार नहीं । हम उस हेतु क्या प्रयास करनेवाले हैं, यह महत्त्वपूर्ण बात है ।

स्त्रोत : हिंदी सनातन प्रभात

WW3 after ISIL is finished

WW3- IS USA start
The restoration of Ukraine’s nuclear weapons could potentially be the match that lights the flames of World War 3, but many analysts believe the statement by the Ukrainian defense minister essentially amounts to hot air. There’s also some who believe an American conspiracy, and not Russia’s nuclear weapons, is the reason Ukraine has begun WMD saber-rattling.
World War Three has been predicted to happen for over a century. Conspiracy theorists have predicted a surprisingly detailed and shockingly accurate timeline of events. Are we finally entering the Third World War?
In a related report by The Inquisitr, when Russian tanks invaded Ukraine and Russian bombers potentially carrying nuclear weapons buzzed the U.S. coast, the response by Vladimir Putin was to dismiss the possibility of Russia causing World War 3 by their actions as “Russophobia propaganda.”
World War 3 A U.S. Conspiracy? Ukraine's Nuclear Weapons Alleged To Be An American PlotSome experts even allege the United States should be blamed for World War 3, and not Russia. For example, some people claim the United States space command is planning a nuclear weapons first strike scenario on both Russia and China in the event that WWIII starts. There’s even a Russian conspiracy theory that a CIA plot started the whole Ukraine crisis and a poll from earlier in 2014 shows that 25 percent of the world believes the United States is the greatest threat to world peace, with Russia not even breaking the top five of the worst threats.
Ukraine’s nuclear weapon stockpile was the third largest in the world after the fall of the Soviet Union. In December of 1994, Ukraine, Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom signed the Budapest Memorandum, which was a diplomatic document under which the involved countries made promises to each other, including Ukraine promising to remove all Soviet-era nuclear weapons and sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.
Ukraine kept those promises at the time, but after Russia’s annexation of Crimea some Ukrainians believe the Budapest Memorandum was rendered null and void even though it was not a formal treaty. Over the weekend, Minister of Defense of Ukraine Valerii Heletei declared Ukraine’s nuclear weapons programs could be restarted if they do not receive arms from NATO allies.
“I am drawing attention to Russia’s threatening Ukraine with the use of tactical nuclear weapons,” Heletei noted. “If we fail to defend Ukraine today, if the world does not help us, we will have to get back to the creation of such weapons, which will defend us from Russia.”
Speaking to Reuters, political commentator Daniel Patrick Welch said that if Ukraine’s nuclear weapons announcement is “real then it is suicidal. And if it is a threat then it is petulant.”
Walsh even went so far as to say many of the NATO allies are under the “jackboot of American control” and posited the idea that the Obama administration may have known in advance what Heletei was going to say before he said it.
“The Americans obviously put them up to everything they say. They know in advance. They know exactly what he is going to say…. The American political establishment wants to use Kiev as a spearhead against Russia. Make no mistake, this is exactly what is going on. Whether or not this particular statement was designed to increase tension and call Russia’s bluff or something remains to be seen.”
In general, much of the world has been dismissive about the real possibility of Ukraine restoring its nuclear capabilities. Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia said, “I’ve heard the one about a monkey and a hand grenade. But this is the first time I’ve heard of a monkey dreaming about a nuclear one.”
But if the threat becomes reality, Pyotr Topychkanov, coordinator of the Carnegie Moscow Center’s nonproliferation program, claims the world would treat Ukraine like North Korea.
“If Ukraine makes such a decision, it will essentially mean that its current political allies — the U.S., European Union and others — will have to abandon Kiev,” Topychkanov said. “Nobody will support Ukraine, not Europe or China. In practice it will be considered a rogue state, just like North Korea.”
Still, Ukraine’s nuclear weapons capabilities could not be easily rebuilt. The country has 15 nuclear power plants, uranium reserves, ICBM manufacturing plants, Soviet-era missile silos, and the scientific know-how. Even then, at best Ukraine’s WMD program could only hope to produce a functioning nuclear weapon within two years at the cost of $3.4 billion, although other experts consider a 10-year goal to be more likely. According to The Moscow Times, Ukraine could also create a dirty bomb with its available resources but it’s considered doubtful they’d want to go that route.
What do you think about the idea that the United States knew ahead of time about the threat of restoring Ukraine’s nuclear weapons program?

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1482241/world-war-3-a-u-s-conspiracy-ukraines-nuclear-weapons-alleged-to-be-an-american-plot/#gXkOrHXB2DK1saf2.99
ed covert operation?



Only meteorite crater in India: 2 kilometer wide 150 meter deep mystic lake surrounded by ancient temples and natural beauty, at Lonar a tiny town in Central Maharashtra.

Lonar lake at duskHow to reach Lonar

Lonar is easily accessible from Mumbai via Aurangabad (5 hours/ Railway Station) or Jalna (3 hours /Nearest railway station).

Lonar CraterMumbai to Aurangabad: Aurangabad is a prosperous city from the ancient times, named after Aurangzeb (Sixth Mughal Emperor of India, whose reign lasted from 1658 until his death in 1707), is located 370 Kms east of Mumbai. There are more than 20 trains running daily from Mumbai to Aurangabad via Manmad Junction (200 Kms east of Mumbai). The route from Mumbai to Manmad across the Western Ghats is interesting: with barren hills and deep valleys crossing several underground tunnels and amazing long bridges.

A trip after the monsoons will give stunting views of the Western Ghats or Sahyadris: misty mountains, green meadows, waterfalls and lots of flowers: moreover the pleasant climate and cool mountain breeze. This rail route usually gets blocked during monsoons due to landslides on tracks.

If the schedule is a relaxed one,an idea is to get down at Igatpuri (Between Mumbai and Manmad), a hill station with plenty of choice for trekking and cycling. The places beyond Manmad is dry with barren sandy hills of the Decan Plateau.

sky view
Aurangabad to Lonar: Move to Central bus stand of Aurangabad, which is about one Km from the station. From here there are buses to Lonar via Jalna: a journey which takes roughly 5 hours (113 Rs in 2011) crossing tiny traditional villages, in-between the never ending fields across valleys and barren hills. The road is smooth and comfortable: except for those lucky travelers who are gonna meet goats and hens as co-passengers.

Alternatively detrain at Jalna, which is nearer to Lonar (Buses to Lonar from Aurangabad halts at Jalna), but most of the buses to Lonar starts from Aurangabad and so availability of seat may be limited.

Lodging and Fooding at Lonar: There are several lodges at Lonar town: near the Bus Station with tariff ranging from Rs 100 to 1000 per night. The MDTC guest house near the creator is a kilometer away from town (During my visit at 9 AM the manager was busy banging the cook to wake up). The street food and fresh juice available in the market was tasty and good. There are plenty of Dhabas and tea stalls in the town.
ATM and Internet : There is an ATM counter, near the bus station and there are a few snail slow Internet Cafes in town.

Books: Lonar - The Unique Indian Meteorite Crater in Basaltic Rock By Mr S.T.Bugdane (The Book is available at many shops in Lonar). The author lives at Lonas and has got an amazing collection of stones and knows good information on Lonar and Crater

Geology of Lunar Crate.pdf
wikipedia LINK