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A BIG DISASTER FOR HUMANITY IS ABOUT TO COME?Mass Fish Deaths: Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over The World In The Past Month

Mass Fish Deaths: Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over The World In The Past Month-INDICATOR OF A MEGA DISASTER TO HAPPEN FOR WORLD SOON-
Millions of fish are suddenly dying all over the planet. In fact, there have been dozens of mass fish death events reported in the past month alone. So why is this happening? Why are fish dying in unprecedented numbers all over the world? When more than six tons of fish died in Marina Del Ray over the weekend, it made headlines all over the United States. But the truth is that what just happened off the southern California coast is just the tip of the iceberg. In 2014, mass fish die-offs have pretty much become a daily event globally. Individually, each event could perhaps be dismissed as an anomaly, but as you will see below when they are all put together into one list it truly is rather stunning. So is there a reason why so many fish are dying? Is there something that connects these mass fish death events? Has something about our environment changed? The following are just a few examples of the mass fish death reports that have been coming in day after day from all over the globe…
*In April, 500,000 carp were found “floating belly-up in Kentucky’s Cumberland River“.
*Over the weekend, thousands upon thousands of fish died just off the southern California coastline
California Fish and Wildlife workers are still scooping dead sea life from the surface of the harbor Monday after thousands of dead anchovies, stingrays and even an octopus died and floated up over the weekend.
So far officials have cleaned up 6 tons of dead fish, and they still have a long way to go.
*The death of approximately 35,000 fish up in Minnesota is being blamed on a “lack of oxygen“.
*Officials in Menifee, California are still trying to figure out what caused the death of thousands of fish in Menifee Lake a few weeks ago…
Authorities continued testing the water in Menifee Lake Friday after thousands of dead fish have been seen floating since last weekend.
Menifee city officials first heard reports Saturday of floating fish at the lake, which is located on private property about a half-mile east of the 215 Freeway.
*In the Gulf of Mexico, dolphins and sea turtles are dying “in record numbers“.
*Maryland officials are still puzzled by the death of 7,000 Atlantic menhaden last month…
State environmental scientists are investigating the cause of a fish kill that left about 7,000 dead Atlantic menhaden in waters that include the Inner Harbor and Fells Point.
Jay Apperson, spokesman for the Maryland Department of the Environment, said that biologists went by boat on Tuesday to the area of Monday’s fish kill. He says the area extended from the mouth of the Patapsco River, up the Baltimore Harbor to Fells Point and Fort McHenry.
*Mass fish die-offs in Lake Champlain up in Vermont are being called “the new normal” by government officials.
*Along the coast of northern California, seals and young sea lions are dying “in record numbers“.
*Three months ago, farmers in Singapore lost 160 tons of fish to a mass die-off event.
*Back in September, approximately 40 kilometers of the Fuhe River in China “was covered with dead fish“.
*Also during last September, close to ten tons of dead fish were found floating on a lake near the town of Komotini, Greece.
The following are some more examples of mass fish death events from just the past several weeks that come from a list compiled on another website
17th May 2014 – Masses of fish turn up dead in a marina in Pultneyville, New York, America. Link
16th May 2014 – Mass die off of fish in a river in Aragatsotn, Armenia. Link
15th May 2014 – Hundreds of fish dying off ‘due to pollution’ in the wetlands of Rewalsar, India. Link
14th May 2014 – Thousands of dead fish washing ashore in Cootes Paradise, Hamilton, Canada. Link
13th May 2014 – Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up along coast of Tasmania, Australia. Link
12th May 2014 – Mass death of fish in the river Eden ‘is a mystery’ in Cumbria,England. Link
11th May 2014 – Thousands of dead Puffer Fish, also dead turtles washing up on various beaches in Colombia and Costa Rica. Link and here
11th May 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a pond is ‘a mystery’ in Southborough, England. Link
10th May 2014 – Thousands of fish dead due to pollution in spring in Sikkim,India. Link
9th May 2014 – Die off of Fish ’causes panic’ in the Luda Yana River in Bulgaria.Link
8th May 2014 – Thousands of dead fish appear in a lake ‘shock residents’ in Mangalore, India. Link
8th May 2014 – 12 TONS of dead fish removed from lakes in Chisago County, Minnesota, America. Link
7th May 2014 – Massive die off of fish in reservoirs in Quanzhou, China. Link
7th May 2014 – Thousands of fish found dead on the shores of Roatan,Honduras. Link
5th May 2014 – Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach ‘a mystery’ in San Antonio Oeste, Argentina. Link
5th May 2014 – Mass death of fish found in lakes in Almindingen, Denmark.Link
4th May 2014 – Mass die off of fish in a river in Fujian, China. Link
3rd May 2014 – 1,000+ dead fish wash ashore along a lake in Ontario, Canada.Link
2nd May 2014 – 40,000 fish die suddenly in a dam in Piaui, Brazil. Link
30th April 2014 – Mass fish kill ‘worst I’ve seen in 26 years of working here’ in Iowa, America. Link
30th April 2014 – Large amount of dead fish found floating along a river in Xiasha District, China. Link
29th April 2014 – Dozens of sea turtles are washing up dead in South Mississippi,America. Link
29th April 2014 – Thousands of dead fish washing up along the shores of Lakes in Wisconsin, America. Link
28th April 2014 – Turtles and other marine life continue to wash up dead in Bari,Italy. Link
28th April 2014 – Large fish kill found in the Mogi River in Brazil. Link
25th April 2014 – Large fish kill found in a reservoir in Nanchong, China. Link
24th April 2014 – Large amount of fish wash up dead along a river in La Chorrera, Panama. Link
23rd April 2014 – 2 Million fish found dead in a dam in Tehran, Iran. Link
23rd April 2014 – Mass die off of fish in Island lake in Ontario, Canada. Link
23rd April 2014 – Thousands of dead fish appear in a lake in Mudanjiang, China.Link
22nd April 2014 – 1,000 fish found dead in Oona River, County Tyrone,Northern Ireland. Link
21st April 2014 – Large amounts of fish washing up dead along the Panchganga River in India. Link
19th April 2014 – MILLIONS of dead fish found floating in Thondamanaru Lagoon, Sri Lanka. Link
And remember, this list represents events that have happened in just a little over the past month.
So what is causing all of these mass fish death events?
Please feel free to share your opinion by posting a comment below…
This article first appeared here at the American Dream. Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog.

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NASA’s Orion Spacecraft is getting ready to launch human in asteroid or Mars.


Engineers at NASA and Lockheed Martin have completed installing the largest heat shield ever constructed for the federal space agency’s Orion spacecraft, which is scheduled to be launched in December.
Engineers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., have developed a new adapter to connect the Orion to the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket, which will launch the spacecraft on its test flight in December.
“In the future, Orion will launch on NASA’s new heavy-lift rocket, the Space Launch System,” NASA said, on its website. “More powerful than any rocket ever built, SLS will be capable of sending humans to deep space destinations such as an asteroid and eventually Mars.”
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NASA Beams ‘Hello, World!’ HD Video From Space Station Using Laser

opals_Videotransmission_laserA high-definition video with the message, “Hello, World!” travelled 260 miles from space to reach the Earth on June 5,2014, according to NASA. The space agency successfully beamed the footage from the International Space Station, or ISS, using a new laser technology, in an attempt to explore better ways of communication from the orbit and beyond. This new technology will replace slower radiowave technology for faster communication.According to NASA, the existing space communications rely on radio waves to transmit data, while more advanced tools such as OPALS are based on laser energy, which helps them achieve data rates between 10 and 10,000 times higher than the current communication infrastructure.
“Because the space station orbits Earth at 17,500 mph, transmitting data from the space station to Earth requires extremely precise targeting,” NASA said in the statement. “The process can be equated to a person aiming a laser pointer at the end of a human hair 30 feet away and keeping it there while walking.”
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Girls Sold As Sex Slaves To Aged, Wealthy Arabs- A CULT MUSLIM CULTURE AS ITS PROPHET STARTED

Syrian refugees
Kilian Kleinschmidt, the head of the UN-run Zaatari camp in northern Jordan, told IBTimes UK ,JOURNALIST that unscrupulous individuals took advantage of the lawlessness plaguing the camp soon after it was set up in 2012, to prey on vulnerable families.
The risk of sexual violence was so great that Syrian girls and women felt unsafe using the toilets and communal kitchens. In some instances they refused to leave the tents they shared with their families, according to a 2013 Unicef report.
Foreigners, mainly men from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in their 50s, 60s and 70s, began focusing on Jordan in their search for a teenage bride at a cheap price as also they do in Indian's Kerala state and Hyderabad.
Kazal, an 18 year old from Homs, said she was married off to a 50-year-old man from Saudi Arabia who paid her family about $3,100.
"We weren't happily married. He treated me like a servant, and didn't respect me as a wife. He was very strict with me. I'm happy that we're divorced," she told the BBC.
"I agreed to it so I could help my family. When I got engaged I cried a lot. I won't get married for money again."
Kleinschmidt said access to outsiders has since been restricted and security at Zaatari has greatly improved. The teenage girl market in the camp has come to an end.
Istanbul's attraction
Thousands of Syrian families live scattered across the city. Syrian children play ball under a spring sun in the craggy streets of historic and impoverished central neighbourhoods such as Kurtulus and Dolpdere.
Umberto Bacchi in Istanbul is the author of this article in IBTIMES 

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?The Innocent Prophet ,decoding islam

The Innocent Prophet-Full of hatred-

The Innocent Prophet by Imran Firasat, an ex-Mulsim, and Terry Jones is an accurate historical portrayal of Muhammad, of his life, his actions and his teachings. It answers the question, “Why is Islam a violent, oppressive religion?”
The movie reveals that from Islam’s very beginning, its very foundation is based upon greed and the insanity of one man called Muhammad. His obsession with power, violence, money and sex has given us a religion that must be stopped because it is the greatest threat to world peace and coexistence.

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भारत माता की जय I

नमस्ते सदा वत्सले मातृभूमे त्वया हिन्दुभूमे सुखं
वर्धितोहम् । महामङ्गले पुण्यभूमे त्वदर्थे पतत्वेष
कायो नमस्ते नमस्ते प्रभो शक्तिमन्
हिन्दुराष्ट्राङ्गभूता इमे सादरं त्वां नमामो वयम्
त्वदीयाय कार्याय बध्दा कटीयं शुभामाशिषं
देहि तत्पूर्तये । अजय्यां च विश्वस्य देहीश शक्तिं सुशीलं
जगद्येन नम्रं भवेत् श्रुतं चैव यत्कण्टकाकीर्ण मार्गं स्वयं
स्वीकृतं नः सुगं कारयेत् । समुत्कर्षनिःश्रेयसस्यैकमुग्रं
परं साधनं नाम वीरव्रतम्
तदन्तः स्फुरत्वक्षया ध्येयनिष्ठा हृदन्तः प्रजागर्तु
तीव्रानिशम् । विजेत्री च नः संहता कार्यशक्तिर्
विधायास्य धर्मस्य संरक्षणम् । परं वैभवं नेतुमेतत् स्वराष्ट्रं
समर्था भवत्वाशिषा ते भृशम् ।

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