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WILL India turn in Islamic or Christian State with Hindu divided .Yes possible.

Imagine an India where after hundreds of years of dogged resistance Hindus fail to rise again, the end of the fourteenth century – a Delhi laid waste by the invasions of Timur and the horrors that lay in his wake. Imagine no renaissance of the warrior clans in Rajasthan under Rana Kumbha and the raising of the tower of victory. Imagine no resurgence in the south under the inspirational leadership of the Sangama brothers to create the golden empire of Vijaynagar. Imagine no hosts of fearless Sadhus and Saints traversing the subcontinent spreading the message of dharma and bhakti.
Imagine there was no empire of the Gajapati kings in Orrisa or the Ahoms in Assam giving the Mughals a resounding defeat in 1671. Imagine a land beaten down by the forces of Islamic Imperialism after centuries of struggle and bloodshed eventually falling by the 1400′s to the Crescent banner of the Arabs and Turks. Is it so hard to imagine ?
Then look back upon history and see the rise of the Sassanian Empire in Persia – the inheritors of the Parthians who faced the might of the Roman Empire at its peak defeating the legions under Marcus Crassus – the same Sassans under their Emperor Shapur who defeated the Roman Emperor Valerian at the Battle of Edessa in 260 CE and after capturing him used him as a footstool for the remainder of his captivity.
The Sassans who faced the Byzantines in perpetual conflict and turned Zoarasterism into a state religion.The rise of the Arabic Islamic Caliphate put an end to the once mighty Sassanids – from 633 CE to the final elimination of their remnants by the Ninth Century – the imposition of the Jizya, the submission of the majority non Muslims to dhimmi status led the eventual collapse of the ancient religion of Zoroaster with their scattered remnants fleeing from persecution to India.
Further west, the once all encompassing Hellenic culture which produced Socrates, Aristotle, Democritus, Plato and many others fell to the missionary zeal of early Christianity. The Byzantines became the vanguard of the Eastern Church and soon the great library of Alexandria fell together with the Oracle of Delphi and the destruction of the Sybylline books. the ancient lands of Egypt, West Asia and Greece were Christianised by the fifth century of the Common Era and the banning of the practice of ‘Pagan’ religions and the smashing of their temples led to an almost total Christianisation of the region by the early sixth century CE.
Their great rivalry with the Sassanids of Persian was partly predicated upon religious rivalry between the church and advocates of the fire temples of Zoaraster. Both were however eclipsed by the rise the Islamic Caliphate. With remarkable energy and speed the once glorious Sassanids fell into oblivion and the Imperial cult of Zoarasterianism was reduced within generations to the a few scattered remnants far from the scenes of their once exalted status.
Within a few hundred years and the decline of the Byzantines in the face of determined Arab followed by Turk incursions the majority of the region converted to Islam and in a few generations became amongst the most fanatical votaries of their new faith.
In the vast open regions of Central Asia lay the fabled Silk Route. Mighty Empires rose and fell and the wild horse borne archers of the steppes were feared for the skill and ruthlessness. Over all ruled the benign image of the Buddha – the quintessential image of peace and serenity created a curious dichotomy between the nomadic tribesmen and the practitioners of non violence.
The great statues of Bamiyan, the organised and missionary activities of the Sangha led to whole masses of the population becoming Buddhists under the tutelage of the monks vestiges of which we can still see in the societies of Burma, Sri Lanka and Tibet. The grant empire of the Kushans which lay straddled across the Silk route saw the Emperors venerating the Buddha and facilitating his message acorss the face of the known world.
In 634 the Battle of Talas heralded the defeat of the Chinese empire by the Arabs and gradual Arab penetration and Islamisation of the region. Within a few centuries the Buddhists were fleeing eastward and towards India – those that remained saw the graven images of ‘But’ being flung to the ground and trampled underfoot as the advocates of the desert faith called the faithful to prayer. Today hardly an echo of the ancient faith of Buddhism remains in the region which can be most clearly seen in the once Buddhist stronghold of Afghanistan.
An Arab invasion stormed into Sindh in 666 CE before a determined Hindu coalition under the legendary Bappa Rawal defeated them in the Battle of Rajasthan in 738 CE bringing to an end the eastward expansion of the Caliphate, much like the westward expansion being stopped at the Battle of Tours by Charles Martel in 732 CE.
The aforesaid conversion of Central Asia led the incursions of the Turk tribes westward to fight the Crusaders and further to the east towards the fabled land of India. Centuries of resistance were eventually overcome and the kings of the frontiers known as the Hindu Shahis fell.A veritable tide of bloodshed that had few parallels in history followed. Into this cauldron of bloodletting the multi ethnic and multi religious region of South Asia was subjected to an orgy of violence and hatred that beggars few comparisons in history. Echoes of this carnage can be seen in the endless wanderings and sufferings of the ‘Gypsies’ around the world as they fled fleeing from India to escape the horrors.
The ancient seats of learning of Nalanda and Taxila were razed to the ground and the monks massacred in the sacred premises where students from across three continents would come to learn. Stupas, Temples and Holy sites were leveled to the ground or converted into mosques. Swathes of people bereft of their political and spiritual leadership were converted to the faith of the invaders.
The Buddhists seemed to be particularity susceptible in this case with their population bereft of guidance following the destruction of the stupas and the slaying of the monks. The once widespread religion of the Jains were whittled down to a handful of secretive and hidden trading clans where it remains today. It is thought that the obliteration of the materialist and atheistic Carvakas is dated from this time.
The Hindus ensured however – the resistance following the Battle of Tarain in 1192 confounded the invader. The genocidal forces of monotheistic fervour was confronted with implacable resistance – the resistance continued from the towns, to the deserts, to the forests and far into the mountains. And so amidst the raging wars and the collapse of the medieval Indian civilisation the Turkic forces suffered terrible losses.
And so Muhammed Ghori was slain by Hindu rebels in Punjab, and so Raziya Sultan was killed in revenge by the Hindus in Mewat and so tens and thousand gave their lives in a furious attempt to resist forced conversion, enslavement and submission – And so just decades after the Battle of Tarain the nascent Sultanate in Delhi was close to collapse – According to the historian, Firishta it was the constant immigration of Muslims into India that kept their momentum up – the endless cycle of war and resistance claimed the lives of so many Arab, Turk and Persian warriors that a constant flow of migration was required to maintain the forces of Jihad in the land of the Pagans. And just as Rome and Greece fell to Christianity in the early part of the millennium and the Near East , Persia and Central Asia went under the banner of Islam it was expected that India too would inevitably fall.
But the reality defied the lessons of history – by the 1500′s the majority of the subcontinent was under the rule of the resurgent Hindus – the teachings of the wandering Saints combined with the fervour of an undefeated dharma was only brought to a tenuous compromise by the Mughal emperor Akbar with his rejection of formal Islam.
This compromise was shattered by the return of fanaticism under the iconoclastic rule of Aurangzeb and amidst the shattered remains of the Mughals rose again the Rajputs of western India, the Gurkhas in the far northern hill, the Ahoms in the jungles and forests of the east, the Jaats in the plains of Hindustan and above all the rise of the Maratha Empire from Shivaji the Great to the conquests of Baji Rao from 1720-1740.
E Keane characterised the finality of this resurgence culminating in the rise of the Maratha warlord Mahadji Sindhia as the Hindu re conquest of India – This reconquest was only stopped by the entry of the colonial powers and after a desperate struggle culminating in the bloody rising of 1857 British control was established over the subcontinent. Since independence 90 nears thereafter has seen the creation of a fast rising economic and military power of modern day India adjoining a militarised state of Pakistan veering on the edge of a collapse into medieval theocracy.
Now imagine once again the alternative – Imagine an India where Islam had emerged triumphant – imagine 1.2 billion more adherents to Islam in a single stroke increasing the worlds population of Islam to almost 40% of the total – Imagine how history would have changed – how fanatical hordes pouring from the shores and borders of South Asia into China – into South East Asia, across the shores into Africa. Imagine a war on terror with no end.
Imagine also a world with no yoga, with no spirituality, with no selfless teachers reaching out across the globe, with no Ayurveda, with no Mahatma Gandhi, no Swami Vivekananda , with no link to the ancient past which has all but been obliterated from the majority of the globe.
Think then of the sacrifices made for the sake of Dharma- think of the millions who gave their lives over the blood soaked centuries think of the determined and relentless resistance provided generation after generation rising with arms and faith again and again – think of how the history of the world would have changed had the Hindus failed.
Charles Martel is called the saviour of Europe following the Battle of Tours but how many today remember the Battle of Rajasthan, Raja Bhoja, Shivaji, Baji Rao and countless others – Remember the struggle that has convulsed South Asia and the Hindus for a thousand years and the rise once again into the modern world of an ancient civilisation undefeated and undaunted.
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What is this Kashmiriyat?

What does it stand for? When was the term Kashmiriyat coined? Who coined it and for what? The Left-oriented and essentially pro-Congress and ragtag UPA news channel, NDTV India, on November 1 organised a debate on Article 370 under its programme, Badi Khabar between 6 and 7 pm. The anchor was the sophisticated, Nidhi Kulpati. One of the five participants, journalist Om Thanvi, like the anchor, was absolutely ignorant about Article 370. They were neither here nor there. Two of them – Union Minister Harish Rawat and MP Mehboob Beg of National Conference – exhibited their hatred for the Indian laws and used the opportunity to distort facts, murder history, preach falsehood and speak half-truths to mislead the nation.

Both behaved in the most irresponsible manner and proved that they represented that view that had culminated in the communal partition of India in August 1947. The remaining two panelists – BJP’s Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and RSS’s Baldev Sharma – were the only ones who sought to put things in perspective. But what they said about Article 370 is not the issue under scrutiny. The issue under reference is Kashmiriyat. Nidhi Kulpati repeatedly used this term and asked Harish Rawat if the Congress felt outraged and deeply concerned over the use of this term by the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in his speech during Lalkar Rally in Jammu on December 1. She sought to create an impression that it was the Congress that had been using this term and describing its historical significance for years. Interestingly, he endorsed the ill-informed formulation of Nidhi Kulpati, saying, “Kashmiriyat is a reality and the Indian Constitution protects and promotes it”. “The Congress understands India and its uniqueness, but the BJP doesn’t,” he said. He simply exposed himself.

Even what Harish Rawat, who seldom talks sense and quite often jumps on to the bandwagon of ultra-communalists, said Kulpati in response to her innocent query is not the point of discussion. As said, the issue in hand is Kashmiriyat. Put in any amount of effort to find if the term Kashmiriyat found place in any history book or chronicle or in any literary work produced before 1975 or any article that appeared in any newspaper before 1975 and you will come out of the exercise minus everything. The reason is that this term did not exist at all. It was only in 1975 that this term was coined by a Jammu-based politician-cum-columnist Balraj Puri. That was the year the votary of plebiscite, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, was brought back to power by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi after bringing down her own party’s Government to pander to the protagonists Switzerland-type independent Kashmir.

The people of Jammu province and Ladakh region, besides the minority communities in Kashmir, especially the miniscule minority of Kashmiri Hindus, felt aghast over this dumb-founding and dangerous development for obvious reasons, the most notable being the well-known communal, anti-Jammu and anti-minority and pro-semi-independence credentials of Sheikh Abdullah. Balraj Puri, who had earlier flirted with Sheikh Abdullah and his Valley-based National Conference, joined the party to fulfill his ambition of entering the Lok Sabha on the NC ticket. He got it but suffered a massive defeat at the hands of the patriotic people of Jammu. In between and even thereafter, he continued to use the term Kashmiriyat in his essays to mislead the nation by saying that it stood for liberal, secular and democratic values; it was all-embracing; and it made no distinction between man and man on the ground of caste, creed and religion. His whole objective was to keep Sheikh Abdullah and his son Farooq Abdullah in good humour by projecting them as ardent champions of Kashmiriyat.

Farooq Abdullah as the Chief Minister made him working chairman of the Regional Autonomy Committee immediately after forming his Government in October 1996 with Minister of State status. Kashmiriyat is neither liberal nor all-embracing. It is regressive. It stands for exclusiveness and exclusion of all against the Kashmiri-speaking ethnic Sunnis, who have been in power since October 1947. It is they who control and run all the Kashmir-based ‘mainstream’ political, terrorist and separatist organisations. These include the NC, the Congress, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the CPI, the CPI-M, the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), the ALL-Party Hurriyat Conference – Mirwaiz (APHC-M), APHC (Geelani), Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Jammu & Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP), the People’s League (PL), the People’s Conference (PC), the Dukhtran-e-Millat (DeM) and Hizbul Mujahiden (HM) to mention only a few.

The people of Jammu and Ladakh, the Shia Muslims, the Gujjar and Bakerwal Muslims, the Pathowari-speaking Muslims and non-Muslims, the displaced Kashmiri Hindus, the Sikhs, the Christians and others are not part of the so-called Kashmiriyat. In fact, they are its victims. They abhor Kashmiriyat and believe rightly that it has been posing a grave threat to their distinct identity and personality. It was because of this Kashmiriyat that over three lakh Kashmiri Hindus, hundreds of the Sikh families and many Kashmir-based Christians had to quit Kashmir in early 1990 to become refugees in their own country. It is because of Kashmiriyat that the refugees from West Pakistan, women, the SCs, the STs, the OBCs and similar other social groups have suffered, and continue to suffer, immense socio-economic and political losses. And it is because of the recognition and promotion of Kashmiriyat that the nation has been facing serious challenges in the Kashmir Valley.

Modi shows 'mirror' to Abdullah family on secularism in J&K

49 lies of AK 49.

अरविंद केजरीवाल के 49 झूठ (प्रमाण सहित ) :Courtesy- Sri Subramanium Swami Ji.
1. पिछले 12 सालो से भारतीय मीडिया लगातार नरेंद्र मोदी को बदनाम करने में लगी हुई है फिर भी केजरीवाल जी ने कहा की मीडिया मोदी के नियंत्रण में है और उनके खिलाफ है। लेकिन हम सभी ने केजरीवाल जी को आजतक के पत्रकार पुण्य प्रसून बाजपेयी के साथ अपना साक्षात्कार फिक्सिंग करते देखा।

2. अरविन्द केजरीवाल जी ने अपने अपने NGO कबीर में अमेरिका के फोर्ड फाउंडेशन से 4 लाख डॉलर (2.4 करोड़ रुपये) लिए. जब उनसे इसके बारे में पूछा गया तो शुरू में उन्होंने इंकार कर दिया, फिर बाद में स्वीकार किया और फिर से इंकार कर दिया।
- Firstpost नमक पत्रिका ने जब केजरीवाल जी से फोर्ड फाउंडेशन से 4 लाख डॉलर के बारे में पूछा तो केजरीवाल जी ने कहा की क्या सबूत है आपके पास?
- बाद में केजरीवाल जी ने बिजनेस स्टैंडर्ड को दिए साक्षात्कार में फोर्ड फाउंडेशन से 4 लाख डॉलर लेने की बात को स्वीकार किया:
- बाद में फिर से U-Turn लेते हुए विदेशी संस्था से 4 लाख डॉलर लेने की बात का इंकार कर दिया:
3. अरविंद केजरीवाल जी ने अपने बच्चों के नाम की शपथ ली थी की वो ना कांग्रेस का समर्थन लेंगे और ना ही कांग्रेस को समर्थन देंगे। लेकिन बाद में अपने बच्चो की कसम तोरते हुए कांग्रेस से समर्थन लेकर मुख्य मंत्री बन गय:
4. अरविंद केजरीवाल जी ने स्पष्ट रूप से कहा कि अगर उन्हें पूर्ण बहुमत नहीं मिलता है, तो वह विपक्ष में बैठेंगे, लेकिन भाजपा और कांग्रेस के समर्थन के साथ सरकार नही बनाएंगे। उन्होंने कहा कि कोई पार्टी कांग्रेस का समर्थन लेकर भ्रष्टाचार को दूर नहीं कर सकती। लेकिन बाद में उन्होंने समर्थन ले लिया:
5. अरविंद केजरीवाल जी ने मुख्य मंत्री बनने से पहले कैमरे के सामने शीला दीक्षित के घोटालो के खिलाफ 370 पेज के सबूत को दिखाया और कहा की है अगर उनकी सरकार सत्ता में आती है, वह 2 दिनों के भीतर शीला दीक्षित को जेल भेज देंगे। वह जब सत्ता में आए तो उन्होंने शीला दिक्सित के खिलाफ कोई कार्यवाही नहीं की और केरेला की राज्यपाल बनी हुई है. केजरीवाल जी के सारे सबूत खो गए और वो भाजपा से सबूत मांगने लगे:
6. निर्भया को न्याय दिलाने का झूट - एक तरफ केजरीवाल जी ने निर्भया के बलात्कारियों के सख्त सजा और उसे न्याय दिलाने के नाम पर दिल्ली में विरोध प्रदर्शन किया। लेकिन दूसरी तरफ उन्होंने दक्षिण बंगलौर से नीना पी. नायक को लोकसभा का टिकट दे दिया।
मुहम्मद अफ़रोज़ ने निर्भया का दोहरा बलात्कार था, उसके शरीर में लोहे का सरिया डाला था जिससे निर्भया की आंते उसके शरीर से बाहर आ गई थी और उसे लोहे का सरिया से मारा था. मुहम्मद अफ़रोज़ द्वारा दिय गए इन चोटो के कारन ही निर्भया की मृत्यु हुई थी।
मुहम्मद अफ़रोज़ की फांशी के लिए किरण बेदी, डॉ सुब्रमनियन स्वामी जैसे अनेको लोगो ने अपनी आवाज उठाई। डॉ स्वामी तो निर्भया के खुनी को मृत्युदंड दिलाने के लिए मुकदमा भी लड़े। लेकिन मुहम्मद अफ़रोज़ को मात्र 3 साल की सजा हुई. मुहम्मद अफ़रोज़ को सजा से बचाने वालो में नीना पी. नायक का नाम आता है।
केजरीवाल जी ने निर्भया को न्याय, उसके खुनी और बलात्कारी अफ़रोज़ को बचाने वाली नीना नायक को लोकसभा का टिकट देकर दिलवाया।
7. अरविंद केजरीवाल ने अपने मुस्लिमो को लिखे पत्र में कहा की बाटला हाउस और इशरत जहान एनकाउंटर नकली थे। न्यायलय में पहले ही साबित हो चूका है की बाटला हाउस मुठभेड़ में मारे गए लोग इंडियन मुजाहिदीन के आतंकवादी थे। इसके अलावा, अमेरिका के आतंकवादी डेविड हेडली ने बताया था की इशरत जहां लस्कर इ तोयबा नामक आतंकवादी
संगठन के लिए कार्य करती थी. यहाँ तक लस्कर इ तोयबा ने अपने वेबसाइट पर भी यह बात माना था. फिर भी केजरीवाल जी ने दोनों एनकाउंटर को फर्जी बता दिया।
8. आम आदमी पार्टी के संविधान में यह लिखा है की एक से अधिक परिवार के सदस्य पार्टी के कोर कमेटी के सदस्य नहीं बन सकते है. कविता रामदास अमेरिका के फोर्ड फाउंडेशन की एशिया प्रमुख है. कविता रामदास के पिता एल रामदास, मां ललिता रामदास और बहन सागरिका रामदास आम आदमी पार्टी के कोर कमेटी के सदस्य हैं.
9 . अरविंद केजरीवाल ने मुस्लिमो को लिखे पत्र में कहा था की वो आयकर आयुक्त थे. लेकिन आयकर विभाग ने पत्र लिखकर स्पष्ट कर दिया की वो ऐसे किसी पद पर कभी नहीं थे.
10 . अरविंद केजरीवाल ने अनेको बार कहा की उनकी पार्टी को चंदा देने वाले सभी लोगो/संस्थानों के नाम वो अपने वेबसाइट पर प्रकाशित करते है. लेकिन हम सभी ने देखा की जब एक कम्पनी ने कहा कि हम 20 लाख चंदा देना चाहते है लेकिन हमारा नाम सार्वजनिक नहीं चाहिए तो साजिआ इल्मी ने कहा की आप नगद पैसे दे दे आपका नाम हम
सार्वजनिक नहीं करेंगे। इसका मतलब यह है की अरविन्द केजरीवाल बहुत सारे चंदे की रकम को अपने वेबसाइट पर नहीं डाल रहे है!
11. अरविंद केजरीवाल जी की जब झाड़ू ओखला पहुचती है जहा बाटला हाउस है तो केजरीवाल जी वह के मुस्लिमो को कहते है की बाटला हाउस एनकाउंटर में मारे गए मुस्लिम युवा बेकसूर थे. लेकिन जब उनकी झाड़ू यात्रा द्वारका पहुचती है तो वो वह शहीद मोहन चद शर्मा के परिवार के लोगो से मिलते है और उनकी पत्नी माया शर्मा से कहते है की उन्हें मोहन चंद शर्मा जी के मृत्यु का दुःख है. वो आतंकवादीयो से लड़ते हुए मारे गए! जो मुस्लिम युाव ओखला में मासूम थे वो द्वारका में आतंकवादी बन जाते है!
12 . अरविंद केजरीवाल कहते है की वो गरीब किसानों का समर्थन करते है और उनको उनका हक दिलवाना चाहते है. लेकिन दूसरी तरफ जो योगेश दहिया जिसने सहारनपुर के किसानो के 300 करोड़ का मुआवजा खा गया उसे आम आदमी पार्टी के कृषि सुधार समिति में रखा गया है और उसे केजरीवाल जी ने सहारनपुर से लोकसभा का टिकट दे दिया।
वास्तव में केजरीवाल जी सहित आम आदमी पार्ट्री क पार्टी के 44 उम्मीदवारों के खिलाफ आपराधिक मामले हैं.
13. अरविंद केजरीवाल जी ने रॉबर्ट वाड्रा के खिलाफ प्रदर्शन किया कहा की उसे जेल जाना चाहिए। उन्होंने रोबर्ट वाड्रा के अवैध भूमि सौदा को कैंसिल करने वाले अशोक खेमका को समर्थन देने का दावा भी किया।
अशोक खेमका ने जब रोबर्ट वाड्रा के अवैध भूमि सौदों को निरस्त किया तो कांग्रेस ने उनका ट्रासंफर करके अपने समर्थक युधवीर ख्यालिया को उनकी जगह बैठा दिया। युधवीर ने वाड्रा को क्लीन चिट दे दिया और वाड्रा के सभी अवैध सौदों को वैध बना दिया।
केजरीवाल जी ने युधवीर ख्यालिया जी को लोकसभा का टिकट दे दिया और उन्हें आम आदमी पार्टी के भूमि अधिग्रहण समिति का सदस्य बना दिया!
14 संतोष कोहली हत्याकांड: अरविंद केजरीवाल जी ने आरटीआई कार्यकर्ता संतोष कोहली की हत्या के खिलाफ कई विरोध प्रदर्शन किया। उन्होंने पूरी दिल्ली विधानसभा चुनाव प्रचार के दौरान दावा किया की कांग्रेस और भाजपा के माफियाओं उसकी हत्या कर दी और उसे न्याय मिलना चाहिए। जब केजरीवाल मुख्यमंत्री बने उन्होंने इस हत्या के मामले में उच्च
स्तरीय न्यायिक या सीबीआई जांच की सिफारिश कभी नहीं की. केजरीवाल जी ने पोस्टमार्टम की रिपोर्ट अपने पास रखा और कभी इसे ना सार्वजनिक किया और न ही उसके परिवार को दिया.
15. जब यह मुद्दा उठा की केजरीवाल अन्ना आंदोलन में जमा किये गए पैसो को अपने पार्टी में लगा रहे है तो उन्होंने कहा की अन्ना आंदोलन का सारा पैसा आंदोलन के समय ही पूरा खत्म हो गया था. जब यह मामला और उछला तो उन्होंने कहा की केवल 2 करोड़ रुपय बचे थे. बाद में अन्ना के ब्लॉगर राजू परुलेकर ने बताया की आंदोलन में करीब 200 करोड़ की राशि जमा हुई थी, जो केजरीवाल जी ने अन्ना को कभी नहीं दिया।
16 . फोर्ड फाउंडेशन ने भारत में राष्ट्र विरोधी गतिविधियों के लिए कई NGO को पैसा दिया है. फोर्ड फाउंडेशन को एक सीआईए की एजेंसी के रूप में जाना जाता है. अरविंद केजरीवाल ने अपनी NGO कबीर को 12 नवंबर 2007 में पंजीकृत किया लेकिन 2 साल पहले 2005 में कबीर फोर्ड फाउंडेशन से 44 लाख रुपए मिल गए और 2006 में 32 लाख मिल गए. क्या कभी किसी NGO को उसके स्थापना से पहले पैसा मिलता है?
17. अरविंद केजरीवाल ने कहा की वह भ्रष्ट और अपराधियों को टिकट कभी नहीं देंेगे, लेकिन खुद केजरीवाल पर 9 अपराधिक मामले है. आम आदमी पार्टी ने कुल 44 ऐसे उम्मीदवारों को टिकट दिया है जिनके खिलाफ आपराधिक मामले हैं .
18 . अरविंद केजरीवाल ने कहा की वो अपनी पार्टी में आलाकमान संस्कृति के खिलाफ है. जबकि सच यह है की उनकी पार्टी में सबसे ज्यादा आलाकमान संस्कृति है. सबकुछ 5 लोग तय करते है. खुद उनके पार्टी के अनेको उम्मीदवारों ने इस बात की पुस्ति की है. ( अरविंद ने कहा पार्टी में हाईकमान संस्कृति नहीं होगी) (आम आदमी पार्टी उम्मीदवार विनोद बिन्नी बताते है की के केजरीवाल एक तानाशाह है)
19. केजरीवाल ने आप की एक बैठक में कहा की सभी मीडिया के लोगों को वो जेल भेज देंगे। उन्हें पता नहीं था की कैमरे से रिकॉर्डिंग चल रही है. जब मीडिया वालो ने उनसे दूसरे दिन यह पूछा तो केजरीवाल जी ने झूठ बोल दिया की उन्होंने ऐसी बातें कभी नहीं कहा. उन्होंने कहा कि वह मीडिया के लिए ऐसी बातें कैसे कह सकते हैं?
20. केजरीवाल जी ने कहा की वो और उनकी पार्टी के नेता सरकारी निवास नहीं लेगे. लेकिन दिल्ली का मुख्यमंत्री बनने के बाद उन्होंने खुद से एक पत्र भेजा और 5 कमरों वाले दो बंगलो के आवंटन के लिए अनुरोध किया.
21. अरविंद केजरीवाल ने पहले कैमरे के सामने कहा की विनोद कुमार बिन्नी ने कभी भी टिकट नहीं माँगा। लेकिन जब बिन्नी ने केजरीवाल द्वारा दिल्ली की जनता को दिए गए धोके के कारन केजरीवाल का विरोध किया तो केजरीवाल जी ने झूठ कह दिया की बिन्नी ने टिकट माँगा था.
22. टाटा पावर भी बिजली की कीमतें बढ़ाना चाहता था, यह बात और टाटा पॉवर का पत्र केजरीवाल जी ने कभी सार्वजानिक नहीं किया।
23. अरविंद केजरीवाल ने कहा की टिकट वितरण में पारदर्शिता होगी। लेकिन अभी तक कई मामले सामने आए है जिसमे केजरीवाल जी ने सबसे योग्य उम्मीदवारों को नहीं दिया। उनकी पार्टी के कई सदस्यों ने दावा किया है की पार्टी ने टिकट बेचे है. दिल्ली के बदरपुर का टिकट 2 करोड़ में बेचा गया.
24. हम सभी जानते है की अन्ना के आंदोलन के दौरान टीम अन्ना और कांग्रेस सरकार के बीच मध्यस्थता का काम भइउजी महाराज ने किया था। बाद में जब यह बात सामने आई की केजीरवाल भइउजी महाराज को अन्ना से नहीं मिलने दे रहे थे और इस बारे में जब मीडिया ने केजरीवाल से पूछा तो केजरीवाल जी ने सफ़ेद झूठ कह दिया की वो किसी भइउजी महाराज को नहीं जानते।
25. केजरीवाल जी ने कई बार कहा की वो वीआईपी संस्कृति के खिलाफ है और वो सुरक्छा नहीं लेंगे। लेकिन कैमरे पर हम देख सकते है की वो सुरक्षा ले रहे है. हम उन्हें इस वीडियो में जेड सुरक्षा मिला देख सकते हैं .
26. अरविंद केजरीवाल ने गुजरात के 2 घंटे के दौरे के बाद कह दिया की उन्हें गुजरात में कही भी विकास देखने को नहीं मिला, गुजरात में कुछ विकास नहीं हुआ है. पूरा विश्व आज गुजरात के विकास की बात कह रहा है. गुजरात देश के एक मात्र ऐसा राज्य है जहा शहरो में ही नहीं बल्कि सभी 18,000 गॉवो 24x7 बिजली है
27. जब अरविंद केजरीवाल ने रॉबर्ट वाड्रा के भ्रष्टाचार के बारे में प्रेस कांफ्रेंस किया तो पहली बात उन्होंने कही की उन्हें अपनी जांच में सोनिया और प्रियंका के खिलाफ कुछ भी गलत नहीं मिला। लेकिन सोनिया, राहुल और प्रियंका गांधी के भ्रष्टाचार के बारे में डॉ. स्वामी द्वारा प्रस्तुत साक्ष्य पहले से ही सावर्जनिक है फिर भी केजरीवाल जी ने सोनिआ, प्रियंका और राहुल को क्लीन चिट दे दिया!
28. अन्ना के पूर्व ब्लॉगर राजू परुलेकर ने बताया की अन्ना आंदोलन के दौरान करीब 200 करोड़ रुपए आए। यहां तक कि कैमरे पर अन्ना ने 3 करोड़ से अधिक लोगों द्वारा चंदा देने की बात कही और कहा की पैसो के साथ गड़बड़ी हुई है। लेकिन केजीरवाल यह सारा पैसा हजम कर गए और अन्ना को कहा की केवल 2 करोड़ रुपये आएं। अन्ना की एक CD बना कर उन्हें ब्लैकमेल भी किया। जब मीडिया ने यह बात केजरीवाल से पूछी तो केजरीवाल ने इस बात से इंकार करने के बजाये सीधे सफ़ेद झूठ कह दिया की वो किसी राजू परुलेकर को नहीं जानते।
29. गुजरात दौरे के दौरान उसे पुलिस द्वारा पूछताछ के लिए रोके जाना केजरीवाल द्वारा पहले से तै था , इसके लिए उसने जान बुह कर आचार संहिता का उल्लंघन किया | बाद में जांच से पता चला की कार्यकर्ताओं को इस घटना के पहले ही हजारों की संख में sms भेज कर किसी बड़े घटना को अंजाम देने की पूर्व तैय्यारी थी ताकि पूरे देश में उनकी
डूबती लोकप्रियता को बढाया जा सके |
30. केजरीवाल के वेबसाइट पे उन्होंने मुज़फ्फरनगर दंगों के लिए अमित शाह, मोदी एवं संघ को जिम्मेदार ठहराया | एक स्टिंग द्वारा जब यह प्रकास में आया की इन सब के पीछे आज़म खान का हाथ था तब केजरीवाल ने चुपके से वह प्रेस विज्ञप्ति हटा दी | न कोई स्पष्टीकरण न कोई माफ़ी | अब तो SIT की रिपोर्ट भी आ चुकी है जिसमें भाजपा को छोड़ उस क्षेत्र की सभी पार्टियों के नेताओं पे गंभीर आरोप लगे हैं | लेकिन केजरीवाल ने बिना तथ्यों को जाने सीधे भाजपा एवं संघ पे आरोप लगाया था | यह दर्शाता है की कैसे झूठ का सहारा लेकर केजरीवाल जनता को मूर्ख बनाते आये हैं |
31. केजरीवाल ने मिडिया में आकर कहा की नितिन गडकरी ने किसानों की भूमि हड़प ली है | जब मिडिया ने जाकर किसानों से पूछताछ की तो पता चला केजरीवाल झूठ बोल रहे हैं | हां, आम आदमी पार्टी की अनजानी दमनीय पे जरूर भूमि हड़पने के केस चल रहे हैं
32. सिंचाई घोटाले में कज्रिवल ने गडकरी का नाम लिया था जबकि इसमें गडकरी की दूर दूर तक कोई संलिप्तता नहीं थी | वहीँ दूसरी ओर शरद पवार के विरुद्ध ५०,००० करोड़ के इस घोटाले के सारे प्रमाण होने के पश्चात भी उसका नाम केजरीवाल ने एक बार भी नहीं लिया, किसी भी प्रेस वार्ता में |
33.जब लोगो ने प्रश्न किया की आप इतने आरोप लगा रहे हो तो आपकी पार्टी के लोग इसके लिए कोर्ट क्यों नहीं जाते ? तब केजरीवाल ने कहा उन्हें कोर्ट - कचहरी पे विशवास नहीं है | वहीँ दूसरी ओर जब केजरीवाल मुसलामानों को चिट्ठी लिखी तो उन्होंने कहा की उनकी पार्टी के सदस्य प्रशांत भूषण बाटला हॉउस एवं इशरत जहां केस में संलिप्त सभी आतंकवादियों को बचाने के लिए कोर्ट में केस लड़ रहे हैं | मतलब ये की आतंकवादियों को बचाने के लिए ये कोर्ट जा सकते हैं, लेकिन वद्र जैसो को घोटालों की सजा दिलवाने के लिए नहीं !
34. केजरीवाल ने कहा की ४९ की उनकी सरकार में भ्रष्टाचार में कुछ प्रतिशत की कमी आई है (ऐसा ट्रांसपेरेंसी इंटरनेशनल ने कहा है , ऐसा बोला ) . बाद में ट्रांसपेरेंसी इंटरनेशनल ने एक चिट्ठी लिख के स्पष्टीकरण दिया की केजरीवाल झूठ बोल रहे हैं |
35. भाषण देते हुए केजरीवाल कैमरे पे तो कहते हैं की उन्होंने देश का भ्रमण किय लेकिन उन्हें कहीं मोदी की लहर नहीं दिखी | किन्तु कैमरे के पीछे वो एक पत्रकार से ये कहते हुए पकडे गए की "भाई देश में मोदी लहर तो है ही" | उन्हें ध्यान नहीं था की ऐसा कहते हुए समय कैमरा चालू है |
36. जब सोमनाथ भारती के इन्टरनेट पे कृत दुष्कर्म पकड़ में आये तो केजरीवाल ने कहा की सोमनाथ निर्दोष है | बाद में हुई जांच पड़ताल से पता चला की सोमनाथ भारती दोषी है तथा केजरीवाल झूठ बोल रहे हैं |
37. अंजलि दामनिया एक भूमि माफिया की तरह है | अंजलि पार्टी में एक प्रमुख नेता है लेकिन केजरीवाल मिडिया को बताते फिरते हैं की वो बस एक सामान्य कार्यकर्ता है |
38. कैमरे पे केज्र्वल ने कहा की किसी भी विधायक को २०१४ चुनावों के लिए सांसद का टिकट नहीं मिलेगा | औरों की तो छोडो , स्वयं केजरीवाल एक विधायक होते हुए (उन्होंने अभी तक दिल्ली विधान सभा की सीट नहीं छोड़ी है ) वह स्वयं लोक सभा का चुनाव लड़ रहे हैं |
39. अरविन्द केजरीवाल ने दिल्ली के औटोवालों को कई वादे किये लेकिन सरकार बनाने पर सभी वादों को दरकिनार कर दिया |
40. अन्ना हजारे के आन्दोलन के समय जब एना को सरकार ने बंदी बनाया था तब केजरीवाल ने कहा की अन्ना को साधारण मुजरिमों के साथ रखा गया है | जांच के बाद यह बात झूठ साबित हुई तथा यह बात स्वयं केजरीवाल को इण्डिया टुडे एन्क्लेव में स्वीकारनी पड़ी | यवह इनके झूठ बोलने की आदत को ही दर्शाता है |
41. जब आम आदमी पार्टी के कार्यकर्ताओं ने भाजपा के अशोका रोड वाले कार्यालय पे दंगा फसाद किया तब केजरीवाल ने कहा की इसमें आम आदमी पार्टी के कार्यकर्ताओं का कोई हाथ नहीं | कैमरे की फुटेज देखने से यह साफ़ हो गया की केजरीवाल झूठ बोल रहे हैं | उनके पार्टी के नेता आशुतोष एवं शाजिया इमी आदि भीड़ को भड़काते एवं स्वयं तोड़ फोड़
करते देखे गए | यही नहीं, लोगो का कहना है की आम आदमी पार्टी ने सभी कार्यकर्ताओं को एकत्रित होने के लिए हजारों की संख्या में SMS भेजे थे | (भाजपा मुख्या कार्यालय पे हमले का आँखों देखा गवाह ) (इस बात का प्रमाण की आशुतोष, जो की आ आ पा के नेता हैं, वो हमले में संलिप्त थे )
42. दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री बनाने के बाद जब केजरीवाल ने धरना किया तब आरोप लगाया की उनके कार्यकर्ताओं को दिल्ली पुलस ने चाय तक नहीं पीने दी | बाद में कमरे द्वारा उनके कार्यकर्ता न सिर्फ चाय बल्कि शराब आदि का सेवन करते भी पकडे गए |
उसने यह भी आरोप लगाया की दिल्ली पुलिस ने सुलभ शौचालय बंद करवा दिए थे जबक यह बात भी बाद में झूठ निकली |
43. केजरीवाल कहता है की वह एक आम आदमी है और सभी आम जानो से मिलने के लिए कभी भी उपलब्ध है | सच तो ये है की उनसे मिलने के लिए १०,००० से ऊपर खर्चने पड़ते हैं !
44.गुजरात के दौरे पे केजरीवाल जब जान बूझ कर अचार संहिता का उल्लंघन करते पकडे गए तो उन्होंने सरासर झूठ बोल दिया की उन्होंने किसी भी नियम का उल्लंघन नहीं किया है | बाद में जांच से पता चला की केजरीवाल झूठ बोल रहे थे , तत्पश्चात उनपे प्राथमिकी दर्ज करायी गयी |
45. केजरीवाल ने कहा था दिल्ली में उसकी सरकार बनते ही 15 दिनों के भीतर जनलोकपाल बिल पास कराया जायेगा , ऐसा कुछ भी नहीं किया गया | वो यह बोल कर पीछे हट गए की भारत सरकार के दिशानिर्देशों के अंतर्गत वह दिल्ली विधान सभा में यह विधेयक पास नहीं कर पा रहे | सच्चाई तो यह है की यह दिशानिर्देश बहुत पहले दिया जा चूका था ; अतः अपने झूठे वादे करते समय केजरीवाल को इस निर्देश के बारे में भली भाँती ज्ञात था, फिर भी मात्र वोल लेने के चक्कर में सभी को झूठ बोला |
46. दिल्ली को 700 लीटर मुफ्त पानी पे कहा झूठ | चुनाव के पहले केजरीवाल ने 700 लीटर मुफ्त पानी देने का वादा किया था ... लेकिन सच तो यह है की 700 लीटर इस्तेमाल करने वाले को पहले से कहीं अधिक बिल का भुगतान करना पड़ेगा |
47. राहुल कँवल (आज तक संवादाता) को केजरीवाल ने कहा की मिडिया उन्हें कवरेज नहीं देती | तब राहुल कँवल ने याद दिलाया की एक हफ्ते पहले ही केजरीवाल का साक्षात्कार प्रदर्शित किया गया था | तब आखिरकार केजरीवाल को अपना झूठ मानना पड़ा | फिर भी अपने आप को लाचार एवं बेचारा दिखाने की आदत गयी नहीं |
48. केजरीवाल ने कहा था की यदि अन्ना अपने आप को आ आ पा पार्टी से अलग कर लेंगे तो केजरीवाल भी उससे हट जायेंगे | केजरीवाल ने क्या किया ये सभी का पता है !
49. केजरीवाल जी कहते हैं की उन्होंने एक किताब लिखी है जिसका नाम है "स्वराज"| लेकिन जब सच्चाई सामने आई टी पता चला की स्वराज असल में अजय पल नागर द्वारा लिखी गयी थी | उसकी एक प्रति नागर ने अरविन्द केजरीवाल को भेजी थी | केजरीवाल ने उस किताब से सारी बातें चुरा कर स्वयं की किताब लिख डाली और नागर जी का नाम तक नहीं लिखा |

Anjali Damania accepted on Times Now that she is a pathologist by profession. However she purchased farmers' land in Maharashtra by declaring herself as a 'farmer' and thereafter sold that land to Private real state conglomerates [1]. This fraud wasn't the first time; she is a known Land Shark in Maharashtra [2].
(As a side fact her husband Anish Damania, head of Emkay Global, was charged with erroneous trading order, which led the Nifty to slump by 900 points (more than 15 per cent) [6])
In the past she, along with Kejriwal, levelled charges against Nitin Gadkari for Irrigation scam. None of the wild allegations put by the shoot and scoot team could be proved [3], but in doing so they protected the actual accused of Irrigation scam - Sharad Pawar [4]. Damania wasn't even aware of the whistle-blower of the entire scam (chief engineer Vijay Pandhare). After which the state BJP unit was the first to unearth the irrigation scam and had undertaken public agitations but Kejriwal took all credit with media glare and spicy false allegations.
What media never highlighted was the fact that Gadkari promptly challenged Damania's wild rants with a legal notice [5]


Aam Aadmi Party says they support the cause of poor farmers and understand their plight.
Yogesh Dahia against whom a FIR has been filed for a whooping Rs. 300 Crore scam of farmers money is now a member of the AAP agriculture reform committee. As if that wasn't enough, to rub salt of farmers' wounds, he has been given a ticket by Kejriwal for LS 2014 from Saharanpur.

Is this is how they wish to empower farmers ?

Pioneer Article in newspaper

Five people including Aam Admi Party’s Lok Sabha candidate, Yogesh Dahiya, came in police scanner after the Saharanpur police registered FIRs against them in connection with a scam of Rs 300 crore in acquisition of the land from the farmers. The other named persons in the FIR included former Additional District Magistrate (ADM) and Assistant General Manager (AGM) of Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL).
Confirming the FIRs, SSP Saharanpur Dr Manoj Kumar said four cases each against the five people had been registered on a directive of the local Chief Judicial Magistrate under section 156(3) on a complaint filed by one Pahal Singh and three others. The FIRs were registered at Sadar Bazar police station, in Saharanpur district under IPC sections 420, 567, 468, 470, 471 and 120(B).
The petitioners had alleged that Dahiya, who is the AAP Lok Sabha candidate from Saharanpur seat, along with the then ADM Randhir Singh Chauhan and GAIL AGM K P Singh while acquiring the land for the GAIL pipeline had siphoned off over Rs 300 crore by not paying the adequate compensation to the farmers.
Photo: Last we checked, at least one among every ten candidate of AAP has criminal cases against her/him.
In fact, if you take the total of ALL criminal cases of ALL candidates from any party in India, its sum will still be less than that of Aam Aadmi Party.
This is the change they promised to the people. A party which is barely a year old but already full to brim with criminals, anti nationals, naxalites and terrorist sympathisers.

Why, even Mr Kejriwal isn't a clean man either. He has 9 criminal cases against him.
Mr AK49 should consider selling his moral high horse in open market, now that he is no longer fit to ride it.

some details of charges against AK49:

3 charges related to Voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty (IPC Section-332)
4 charges related to Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention (IPC Section-34)
3 charges related to rioting (IPC Section-147)
3 charges related to Rioting, armed with deadly weapon (IPC Section-148)
3 charges related to Every member of unlawful assembly guilty of offence committed in prosecution of common object (IPC Section-149)
3 charges related to Obstructing public servant in discharge of public functions (IPC Section-186)
3 charges related to Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant (IPC Section-188)
3 charges related to Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty (IPC Section-353)
2 charges related to Knowingly joining or continuing in assembly of five or more persons after it has been commanded to disperse (IPC Section-151)
2 charges related to Assaulting or obstructing public servant when suppressing riot, etc. (IPC Section-152)
2 charges related to defamation (IPC Section-500)1 charges related to Wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot-if rioting be committed-if not committed (IPC Section-153)
1 charges related to Printing or engraving matter known to be defamatory (IPC Section-501)1 charges related to Defamation (IPC Section-499)

Photo: How serious a threat must a person be to the society and the nation that even his/her passport has to be impounded ?
Meet one such person - the AAP candidate Udayakumar SP from Kanniyakumari who also has 383 criminal charges against him. 
Charges include that of 'waging war against the nation' and sedition as well. But then, isn't that typical of naxalites who work on CIA payrolls ?

Not that it's a surprise given the fact that AAP is now the biggest conglomeration of Anti-nationals, terrorist sympathisers and Naxalites.
It's just that, 'you should know'.


Photo: Meet Yogendra Yadav, ( or Saleem bhai for an average Mewat-ian ) An old aide of Gandhi family, he was a member of Sonia Gandhi’s personal Durbar and Cabinet, the NAC (National Advisery Council). NAC, the body that's burdened with the noble task of 'secular-isation' of this nation (rhymes with sterilisation) 
Yogenra has also been a member of approx 40 congress committees in past 10 years. Talk about trusted pawns. But wait, don't go yet, he has also been a long time Political mentor and adviser of ... Rahul Gandhi. 
As a side fact, he all lap had a talent for deception.  Yogendra becomes Yaduvanshi in Ahirwal (Yadav majority area) but turns into 'Saleem bhai' in Mewat (Muslim dominated area). But that's enough about his previous career. Where is he now ? Well.. now a days Yogrendra works with Arvind Kejriwal for helping the cause of sick and suffering Congress through their latest ngo AAP.

To his credit, he has successfully convinced all their followers (called AAPians or..) that despite the fact that it was congress that has ruled India for over six decades, it is BJP which is responsible for all the corruption. 
His talent: finding people who can don that Nehru cap and buy that lie and rhetoric. 
Meet Yogendra Yadav, ( or Saleem bhai for an average Mewat-ian ) An old aide of Gandhi family, he was a member of Sonia Gandhi’s personal Durbar and Cabinet, the NAC (National Advisery Council). NAC, the body that's burdened with the noble task of 'secular-isation' of this nation (rhymes with sterilisation)
Yogenra has also been a member of approx 40 congress committees in past 10 years. Talk about trusted pawns. But wait, don't go yet, he has also been a long time Political mentor and adviser of ... Rahul Gandhi.
As a side fact, he all lap had a talent for deception. Yogendra becomes Yaduvanshi in Ahirwal (Yadav majority area) but turns into 'Saleem bhai' in Mewat (Muslim dominated area). But that's enough about his previous career. Where is he now ? Well.. now a days Yogrendra works with Arvind Kejriwal for helping the cause of sick and suffering Congress through their latest ngo AAP.

To his credit, he has successfully convinced all their followers (called AAPians or..) that despite the fact that it was congress that has ruled India for over six decades, it is BJP which is responsible for all the corruption.
His talent: finding people who can don that Nehru cap and buy that lie and rhetoric.

Photo: For Hindus, they are different 
& for Muslims, they are different.
Apparently, they are making whole nation fool.
Don't fall in their trap.

via ShankhNaad
Photo: Miss Shazia can give Bukharis a run for their money, which is why we find her in a sting every now and then. Hard to say who is more embarrassed with those clips - herself or her holier-than-thou party AAP.
Truth is a hard thing to hide and AAP is learning it the hard way.
To come to the point - Miss Shizia was caught on camera asking her brethren to be 'MORE COMMUNAL'.

What ?? 
Yes, you read it right. That's exactly what she said. 
However, if you are an AAP supporter, you can wait for a jellied doughnut explanation wherein AK49 will either :
1) Ask for a raw video and declare stern action 'if found guilty'.
However, they'll wait till the issue fades out and give a clean chit from their Internal Lokpal.
2) Call the tape outrighty fake, call it a conspiracy by BJP to defame women and secular powers. Stage a dharna in front of 11, Ashoka road .

Until then, Long live secularism !
Video link-
Well, before you could expect an apology from Ms Shazia, she has already refused to apologize.

Photo: If the Intelligence Bureau (IB) report is to be believed then Narendra Modi is the prime target of terrorist organisations.
The IB has prepared a 23-point comprehensive confidential security report on Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate which mentions that in a recent election rally in Maharashtra, three Pakistani nationals, including a woman, had attempted to harm Modi but failed.
Taking cognizance of possible harm, IB has sent the report to all states Director General of Police office in the country and asked them to take extra vigil.
dna has the IB report where the Pakistani nationals have been identified as Sanid Pathan, Farooq and one woman.
According to the report, in December 2013, the agency had got an input that there is a strong possibility that Modi would become the Prime Minister of the country. Following which, Pakistani and Thailand terrorist groups have formed their groups and prepared to attack on Modi. A member of Dawood gang, who is presently serving his jail term in a Thailand jail, has threatened that he will kill Modi after coming out of the jail.
Moreover, the report states that Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) cadres associated with Indian Mujahideen (IM) including those who fled from Khandwa jail in Madhya Pradesh some months ago may use an explosive laden vehicle to attack Modi's convoy or rally.
The report states that South India-based terror organisation - Al -Ummah would assist SIMI members in their plan.
On October 1, seven accused had fled from Khandwa jail in MP. One of them was arrested immediately while Aslam Ayub, Abu Faisal alias Doctor, Sheikh Mehboob, Mohammad Ejajuddin, Zakir Badul and Amjad Khan alias Dawood are still on the run. All these members may attack Modi, said the report.
According to the report, the terrorist groups can use remote control drone or missile to attack Modi. The IB states that terrorist activities have increased in Kerala. Interrogation of arrested members Nazir and Sainuddin alias Sattarbhai reveals that Modi was a target in the past.
The IB has mentioned in the report that the SIMI members had conducted a meeting with terrorist organizations and had formed special women's dreaded group named 'shahin' to target Modi in future.
Speaking to dna, a special inspector general-ranked officer of Maharashtra police said, "According to the IB report, Modi is the prime target of IM, SIMI and other organisations. As a result, the IB has asked to make special security arrangements for Modi. Accordingly, we had given special security to Modi whenever he was in the state for election campaigns."
see link :
Photo: 49 Lies of Arvind Kejriwal (#49LiesofAK49):

1. Kejriwal claims the media is under control of modi and it is against him. But everyone saw him fixing interview with AAJ Tak journalist Punya Prasun Bajpai.

2. Initially denied taking 4Lakh USD from Ford foundation, later accepted and then denied again. Ford foundation is involved in funding many NGO's for Anti Indian work.
- Firstpost asked about $ 4Lakh donation from Ford Foundation then Arvind asked for proof:
- Later Kejriwal accepted, taking 4Lakh USD from the Ford Foundation in a Business Standard interview:
- Later again took U Turn and said he has not taken any foreign funding of 4Lakh USD:

3. Arvind Kejriwal took oath upon his children that he will never give or take the support of congress, but later conveniently forgot any such oath.

4. Arvind Kejriwal clearly said that if he doesn't get a full majority, then he will sit in the opposition, but will not make govt with the support of BJP & Congress. He said you cannot remove corruption by taking support of congress.

5. Arvind Kejriwal said he has 370 page proof against Sheila Dixit and once his govt comes to power, he will send her to jail within 2 days. However, when he came into power he suddenly lost all proof and started asking for proof from BJP.

4. Nirbhaya issue - On one hand Kejriwal did protests in Delhi on camera asking for justice for Nirbhaya and strict punishment for rapists. But on the other, he gave Loksabha ticket from south Bangalore to Nina P. Nayak. Nina supported and fought for less punishment for the Nirbahya Killer and most brutal rapist Muhammad Afroz. It was Muhammad Afroz who double raped Nirbhaya, inserted Iron rot (wheel jack) in her body, took out her intestines. Because of brutal assault by Afroz, Nirbhaya died. Arvind Kejriwal gave justice to Nirbhaya by giving Loksabha ticket to savior of her rapist and murderer.

7. Arvind Kejriwal said the Batla House and Ishrat Jahan encounters are fake. Batla house encounter has already been proved in court as a genuine encounter of Terrorist and LeT. Also, David Headly has already confessed number of times that Ishrat was a LeT operative.

8. In the AAP party constitution, it is written that not more than one family member can be a member of the AAP core committee. Kavita Ramdas is Asia head of ford foundation. Kavita Ramdas' father, L Ramdas, mother Lalitha Ramdas and sister Sagrika Ramdas are all the members of the AAP core committee.

9. Arvind Kejriwal said in a letter that he was an Income tax commissioner. However, Income tax Department has clarified that he was never at any such rank.

10. Arvind Kejriwal said they publish names of all donors on their website but we caugh Shajia Ilmi in a tape giving assurance to a public company that they can pay in cash and their name won't come in public!

11. When Arvind Kejriwal Jhadu Yatra comes to Okhala near Batla Hause then Arvind Kejriwal says that the two terrorists who got killed were innocent. Second day when his Jhadu Yatra reached Dwarka, where he met Late Mohan Chand Sharma 's family, then he tells his wife Maya Sharma that he is very sorry about her husband's death who got killed while fighting terrorists.

12. Arvind Kejriwal says he supports the cause of poor farmers and understand their plight. Yogesh Dahia who did a 300 Crore scam of farmers money is now a member of the AAP agriculture reform committee and he got ticket from Sahranpur.
In fact 44 AAP candidates, including Mr. Kejriwal, have criminal cases against them.

13. Arvind Kejriwal says Robert Vadra should go to jail and he says he supports Ashok Kemka. Ashok Khemka exposed Robert Vadra illegal land deals. After Vadra expose the congress party transferred Ashok Khemka and put Yudhvir Khyalia in his place. Yudhvir made all illegal deals of Robert Vadra as legal and restored all licenses of Vadra and created a charge sheet against Ashok Kemka. AAP gave ticket to Yudhvir and now he is a member of the AAP land acquisition committee!

14. Santosh Kohli Murder: Arvind Kejriwal did many protests against Murder of RTI activist Santosh Kohli. He claimed during the entire Delhi assembly campaign that mafias of Congress and BJP murdered her and she should get Justice. But when Kejriwal became CM he never demanded or recommended a high level judicial / CBI inquiry in this murder case. Arvind Kejriwal kept the Post Mortem report himself and never made it public and never gave to her family.

15. He sent letters to Anna saying that all money received during Anna movement spent during the movement and no money left. Later he accepted that 2 Crore rupees still left of the movement. He never disclosed the actual sum he got away with, which is estimated to be well above 100Crores.

16. Ford Foundation is known for funding many, if not all, anti national activities in India. Ford foundation is known as a CIA front agency. Arvind Kejriwal's own NGO Kabir got registered on12 Nov 2007 but 2 years before in 2005 Kabir got 44 Lakhs from the ford foundation, in 2006 got 32 Lakhs. Kabir foundation started getting money 2 Yrs before its foundation.

17. Arvind Kejriwal said he will never give the ticket to corrupt and criminals, but we have seen so many instances where his candidates are criminals and corrupt both. In total 44 AAP candidates so far have criminal cases against them.

18. Arvind Kejriwal said he is against High command culture. However, many UP candidates, even including few AAP founders on camera said there is high command culture in AAP and only top 4-5 leaders decide everything. (Arvind says no high command culture in party) (AAP MLA Vinod Binny explains why Kejriwal is a dictator)

19.During the AAP meeting he said on camera that he will send all media people to Jail. He was not aware that there was a recording going on camera. Then when Media asked him about it he lied and he said he never said such things. He told the media how he can say such things to Media?

20. Kejriwal said his leaders will not take government residence. But after becoming CM of Delhi he himself sent a letter and requested for allotment of two Bungalows each of 5 rooms.

21. Arvind Kejriwal said on camera that Vinod Kumar Binny never asked for any ticket and later when Binny opposed kejriwal then on camera kejriwal said that Binny did ask for a ticket.

22. Arvind Kejriwal hid the letter from Tata power that Tata power also wanted to raise power prices

23. Arvind Kejriwal said there will be transparency in ticket distribution . However, many cases came to light where the ticket was not given to most deserving candidates.
AAP members claimed tickets were bought with money.

24. We all know Bhiujju Maharat who was a negotiator between Team Anna and Indian congress during Anna movement. We all saw him on tv you can search on YouTube for videos. When Bhaiyu ji Maharaj opposed Kejriwal then Kejriwal on camera said he does not know any Bhaiyu ji Mahraj.

25. Kejriwal said he is against VIP culture but on camera we can see he is having a big security and he also got Z security.

26. Arvind Kejriwal said he could not find an atom of development in Gujarat. Please go and visit Gujarat you will know Arvind Kejriwal lied here also. Just for example Gujarat has been the only state in India where there is 24x7 electricity in every village.

27. Before talking about Corruption by Robert Vadra Arvind Kejriwal said he could not find anything wrong about Sonia and Priyanka. But there are already proofs submitted by Dr Swamy about Corruption of Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka.

28. Anna's ex-blogger Raju Parulekar accused Arvind Kejriwal for a scam of more than 200 crore rupees which came in during Anna Movement. Even on camera Anna said more than 3 crore people donated during the movement. When the media asked him about these accusations then Kejriwal could have simply denied them but instead he lied and said he does not know any Raju Parulekar. There are many pictures of Kejriwal with Parulekar on the Internet.

29. His detention in Gujarat was well planned by him in advance just to gain cheap publicity as revealed later by his mass SMS's sent well in advance asking AAP members for assembly. He said on camera, he is being targeted by BJP.

30. Kejriwal's official website blamed Amit Shah, Modi, RSS for Muajaffarnagar riots. In a sting operation when it became clear that Azam Khan was responsible for the riots then they y simply deleted the press release without posting any apology. SIT report has come and they indicated BSP, Congress, SP leaders, but not even a single BJP leader is accused but Kejriwal made false allegations only on BJP/RSS.

31. Arvind Kejriwal said Gadkari grabbed 100 acre land of farmers illegally. when media asked farmers then it was revealed that Kejriwal is lying.

32. Arvind Kejriwal named Gadkari in irrigation scam even though he was not involved.Arvind Kejriwal had all proofs about Sharad Pawar's involvement in 50,000 irrigation scam, but he did not even name Sharad Pawar in any press conference.

33. When people ask Kejriwal why you are making accusations against Gadkair/Vadra etc why you are not going to court, then he says he does not trust court, they are corrupt. But in a letter to Muslim, he says that Prashant Bhusan is fighting cases to save the terrorist in Batla Hause encounter /Ishrat Jahan encounter. Kejriwal has faith in courts for saving terrorist, but not have trust in proving corruption of Vadra/Gadkari.

34. Arvind Kejriwal says in Delhi that during his 49 days govt there was a reduction in corruption by x% reported by Transparency international but later Transparency international sent letters and clarified that they never said such thing in any of their reports.

35. During speeches, Kejriwal says on camera he visited many states in India and he does not see any Modi wave. But in an off camera informal chat with journalists he cadidly confesses to a journalist that there is a wave for modi in the country. He was not aware that there was recording going on.

36. When Somnath Bharti Internet scam got exposed then he said Somnath Bharti is innocent but later it is found that Somnath Bharti was guilty in an array of Internet Scams.

37. Anjali Damania is a Pathologist by profession is known as "Land Shark" in Maharastra. She herself on Times Now accepted that she is a pathologist by profession, but she purchased farmer's land by declaring herself as a farmer and sold that to Private real state dealers.

When People asked Kejriwal how your party is having Anjali Damani who is known as Land Shark? Then Kejriwal lied and said she is just an ordinary volunteer.

Now we see Arvind Kejriwal has given her LokSabha ticket from Nagpur, Maharastra! When people ask questions about Anjali Damania Land scams, then Kejriwal calls her oridinary volunteer, but later gives her LokSabha ticket!

38. Kejriwal on camera said no sitting MLA from his party will fight the 2014 general election but now he himself (a Delhi MLA) going to fight Loksabha election.

39. Arvind Kejriwal had written a letter to Delhi Auto walas and promised many measures, but after coming to power he fulfilled none of them.

40. During Anna Movement when anna was arrested Arvind Kejriwal told Media that Anna is kept with ordinary criminals which was a total lie and he accepted it during India today enclave. just shows he is a habitual lier.

41. During the AAP’s attack on the BJP headquarters in March Arvind Kejriwal said his supporters did not attack on the BJP headquarters, but on camera everyone saw that AAP supporters started the riot and were pelting stones on BJP office, even his leader Ashutosh was caught on camera trying to jump over the wall in the BJP office. (Eyewitness describes AAP attack on BJP headquarter) (Proof AAP workers pelting stones and Ashutosh trying to jump over wall of BJP office)

42. Arvind Kejriwal claimed on camera that during his hunger strike in Delhi as CM, Delhi police did not allow even tea to his supporters. But his supporters caught drinking not only tea, but even alcohol on sting camera during his hunger strike.

Arvind Kejriwal on camera said during his hunger strike Delhi police closed all toilets, but on camera all of his supporters found using public toilets. Delhi police did not close public toilet.

43. Says he is a common man and is available for everyone but you have to pay Rs. 10,000+ to meet Arvind Kejriwal.

44. When Arvind Kejriwal was stopped by Gujarat police for violating model code of conduct, he simply denied breaking the law. Investigations confirmd the same and a FIR has been registered against him.

45. Lies on Jan Lok Pal Bill: The Delhi Chief Minister had promised to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill within 15 days of Government formation but nothing was done. In fact, it backtracked saying that the Central Government has issued a directive which is why they are unable to pass the Bill in Delhi Vidhan Sabha. Well, the truth is that the Central Government had issued the directive on Jan Lokpal Bill a long time back. Arvind Kejriwal was aware of this even before the elections in Delhi happened.

46. Lie on providing 700 liters of water: Before the Delhi Assembly election, Kejriwal had promised to provide 700 liters of clean and potable water to Delhiites. Truth: Unfortunately, the 700 liters of water for Delhiites as promised by Arvind Kejriwal comes with a string of terms that those who use more than 700 will pay the whole amount.

47. Arvind told Rahul Kanwar on camera that he got interviewed in "Seedhi Baat" 1 yr back and said media is not giving any coverage. But when Rahul reminds that they did Seedhi bast just a few weeks back then he accepts it. He forgets to list facts when playing teh victim card !

48. Arvind Kejriwal said if Anna will separate himself from AAP party, then he will also separate himself from the party.
We all know what he did.

49. Arvind Kejriwal published a book named "Swaraj" claiming he is the original Author of the book (you can check amazon). But later it was found that this book was originally written by Ajay Pal Nagar and he sent this copy to Kejriwal. Kejriwal rewrote this book with his name and published it without giving any credit to original Author.

ShankhNaad Team
#ShankhNaad #49LiesofAK49
Congress AAP ये रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है ??
कल तक जिस शीला को जेल भेजने की बात शाजिया करती थी आज जब वो त्रिवेन्द्रम प्रचार में गयी, राजभवन में मुलाकात और खाना साथ खाया । शीला दीछित प्रोटोकाल भूलकर उन्हें बाहर तक छोड़ने भी आई!
Congress AAP ये रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है ??
कल तक जिस शीला को जेल भेजने की बात शाजिया करती थी आज जब वो त्रिवेन्द्रम प्रचार में गयी, राजभवन में मुलाकात और खाना साथ खाया । शीला दीछित प्रोटोकाल भूलकर उन्हें बाहर तक छोड़ने भी आई!

Photo: Most of the Indian feminist-activists don't know that without 4 male adult witnesses to a rape, there will be no death penalty in sharia law. In case the woman fails to do so, she is charged with adultery and may be hanged or stoned to death.

Samajwadi party seems hell bent on protecting peaceful rapists these days (refer to recent Bombay HC verdict which awarded death sentence to rapists). Now another gem from the party, Abu Azmi, wants a Sharia-like setup in India wherein a woman should be hanged if she is raped.

Convenient, isn't it ?


This institute get fund from INDIAN GOVERNMENT means all TAX PAYERS IN INDIA and He should not take corner of any PARTY. It is not his duty as FROM CHAIR OF PRINICIPAL. He could do unofficial while away from Chair, and if he is a nml public. Why CONGRESS has people like AAP,NGO'S.CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY, CIA TO SHILED THEM SO THEY AND MANY OF THEM LOOT INDIA. Indian Public is being diverted in wrong direction-Modi's vision is DEVELOPMENT FOR ALL CITIZENS EQUAL,IRRESPECTIVE OF CASTE,RELIGION.British used to do and still divide people by what Congress does and stupid public does not understand.
Congress NetaPutra Milind deora giving 'Secular' lessons to Xavier's Principal !!!
Congress leade Milind deora giving 'Secular' lessons to Xavier's Principal !!!

Normally, political opponents get together to remove the ruling party but it is
for the first time that the ruling party in association with NGOs and others has
run a one-point programme not to save the government or form the government but
only to stop Modi from coming to power,

"This election can't save the government at Delhi..... No one can save it, but
now Congress has changed its strategy in last 10 days after it came to know that
it is not possible to repeat its performance again. Now they have decided to
create obstacles to stop Modi from coming to power at the centre."

BJP-led NDA will form the next government,
"There is hurricane ( of support in favour of BJP) and Congress leaders are
The FRUSTRATION of the St Xaviers college principal stems from the fact that in spite of the Inquisition, in spite of the support from the Portuguese and the English army, for the last 500 years, they COULD NOT Christianize India. The same ...FRUSTRATION lies in the faces of the Muslim clerics that in spite of 1000 years of BRUTAL rule, they could not ISLAMIZE India. The FRUSTRATION of the CONGRESSIS stem from the fact that in SPITE of MINORITY APPEASEMENT for the last 67 years, they have not been able to destroy HINDUSTAN, prevent HINDUTVA , rather it is GROWING day by day.
aware where they will go.


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