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Thursday, November 6, 2014


EGYPT'S President ,who was PM last year is part of Muslim Brotherhood, a political wing of ISIS ,sunni muslims who wants to establish Caliphate in all world. Glad Egypt's military realized and FOOTED MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD LEADERS TO JAIL after USA President Obama, ditched Husni Mobarak. Do not confuse with Iran,Hamas leaders,Syrian Asad- as they are SHIA and they are equallt terrorist but they have enemity with Sunni controlled Arab leaders- like Saudi, UAE,Kuwait,Pakistan's sunni leaders . ULTIMATELY ALL ISLAMIST ARE BAD PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE.
It was vintage Erdogan: There is no Islamic terror. ISIS is not an Islamic organization and its name is not even ISIS.
Earlier in 2013, Erdogan's Egyptian comrades, the Muslim Brotherhood, had perpetrated the worst attacks against the Coptic Church of Egypt since the 14th century. In one particular week, 40 churches were looted and torched while 23 others were attacked and heavily damaged. In one town, after burning a Franciscan school, Islamists paraded three of its nuns on the streets, as if the nuns were prisoners of war.
Two security guards working on a tour boat owned by Christians were burned alive; and an orphanage was burned down. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood's Facebook page claimed that, "the Church has declared war against Islam and Muslims."
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