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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


A new ISIS propaganda video purports to show a Kazakh child soldier executing two men identified as Russian "spies."Islam is not only doing heinous crime against non Muslims and also sometimes Muslims but a video by ISIL arm in twitter account publishes a child killing two Russian Spy as they said.
Detail is here- click buzzfeed
Although Islam means terrorism started from Mohammed but Europe and USA do not take it that way until fire comes to Arabia and Kuwait. Turkey is a sympathizer to ISIL as President states that ISIL are not terrorist , ans short of goalless young people. And Turkey and Saudi wants to establish a Soloman Empire as you should all know and ISIL is basically raised by SAUDI AND TURKEY and gets GUN,ARMS from USA via those two countries and Qatar. Click here for detail.
Click here to see whay Islam is=terrorism as started by Mohammed

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ISIL vow to demolish Kaaba -way to go.

Now the Islamic terrorists vow to demolish Kaaba because of Islamic hatred to Idolatry? So are they against Islam? Probably not, its only that "Charity begins at home" and now the charity is coming home. They are vowing to demolish Kaaba as par Islamic instruction to destroy idolatry, in fact they are true Muslims.
 Click deccanchronicle
By the way, Kaaba must be given to ISIS, they will certainly not destroy it, because Mohammed already destroyed the 359 idols and only one remained that Abu Taleb wanted to save. ISIS will only abolish the idolatry. ISIS will not destroy it, else where will jihadists meet up and congregate