Saturday, March 25, 2017


Convicted Palestinian terrorist and women’s march organizer Rasmea Odeh will be deported from the United States following a plea deal, The Tower Magazine.

The outlet states that Odeh – who was convicted in 1969 of killing two university students in a terrorist attack against Jerusalem – agreed to leave the country in exchange for no jail time.
Odeh omitted her convictions from a U.S. citizenship application in 2004 only to be caught 10 years later and convicted of immigration fraud.
Last December, a federal judge ordered a new trial. As part of the plea deal, that trial will not happen and Odeh will instead be deported to Jordan according to the Detroit Free Press.

In recent times, Rasmea Odeh has gained notoriety as one of the organizers of the anti-Trump women’s movement.

Rasmea was one of several individuals who wrote a column instructing women across America to rally against President Donald Trump and participate in ‘A Day Without A Woman.’
Her involvement – especially in light of her terror conviction and citizenship fraud – caused quite a stir online, including on this blog.
Liberal organizations like Snopes quickly rushed to Odeh’s defense, publicizing her claims that her confession for planting the bomb in the terror attack was made under torture.
As The Tower points out, Odeh’s claim of having admitted to the crime after 25 days of torture is questionable given Israeli police records showing she confessed shortly after being detained.

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