Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton is a poison for USA - Liar AND CORRUPTED

Here are few videos , one she double dip and she lie that she did not say that treaty signed by USA was a gold standard  - look video here-
- another- she wants to increase Islamist from 10000 to 65000 and sooner it could be millions and then USA screwed.
A big lie - She lied in senate committee and FBI director proved it and she is still roaming free- 
A big fT lie from Hillary exposed 
A video here when she used to like Trump- anti immigration but for sake of votes she changed and lied -

Now senate committee has been served to get all files related to Hillary , so if she does not become president , she will go in jail. 

Bill Clinton said same what trump saying and trump is considered a racist- 
 Attorney general is protecting Hillary 

In short - this is legacy of liar Hillary 

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