Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mahesh bhatt. Nexus of ISI,and mahesh bhatt

Mahesh bhatt. Nexus of ISI,and mahesh bhatt 
It was Mahesh Bhatts son Rahul  whom David Headly befriended while in India and he goes on to release a book that 26/11 is a RSS conspiracy 
Wah re #adarshliberals

A trend in India's intellectual thought is to blame the RSS for everything. I want Indian youths to recognize this trend. As David Headley testifies to Mumbai court in the 26/11 case, I want you to look at the faces of these individuals: Mahesh Bhatt, Aziz Burney, Digvijay Singh, Maulana Mahmood Madani, and others. These were people who blamed the RSS for 26/11 attacks and there are others. How to recognize them? Usually, they are prominent people who are masquerading as seculars, liberals, Islamists and leftists.

Says Tufail Ahmad

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