Monday, January 4, 2016

Multan was a Hindu country before Islamic conversion


Multan was known by many other names such as Kashyappur, Haspur, Bhagpur, Sambhalpur, and Prahladpur. Kashyappur was established by Kashyap, father of Aditya ( Suryadev). 

Father of Prahlad, King Hirankashyap was from the dynasty of "Daitya", or devils. Shree Krishna, defeated the grandson of Hiranyakashyap, Banasur and gave the state of Sindh-Multan to his son, Samb.

 Prince Samb was suffering with leprosy due to a curse by Rishi Durvasa. Thus, he could not stay inside the palace of Multan, but stayed outside in a garden instead. 

Shree Krishna requested Garud to ask the Ayurvedists of Shakdweep to find a cure for Prince Samb. The Ayurvedists told Prince Samb to pray to Lord Suryadev in order to find a cure for his predicament. 

Prince Samb acknowledged the same and got cured. Thereafter, he made a marvelous temple for Suryadev in the city of Multan. This temple was known for offering prayers to Lord Suryadev and patients of leprosy from all corners used to come here and obtain the Lord's blessings.

Lord Shree Krishna's grandson and son of Pradhyumna, Prince Anirudh was married to daughter of King Banasur or Multan, Princess Usha. 
They had a son named Mrigketan. Yet another son of Banasur was Kou Bhand, who had a daughter named Ramaa. Thus, Usha was Ramaa's "bua". Once Ramaa had accompanied her bua Usha to Dwarika, Usha's sasural. Once arrived, Anirudh's Uncle, Sambh got attracted towards Ramaa and married her. They had a son named Ushneek or Ushaneer. 

Prince Kou Bhand became King after Banasur. But since he had no son, he called up Ushneek and make him the King of Sonitpur, the capital of MISTRA .

 Many centuries later, one of the generations of King Ushneek, Devendra lost the kingdom to Nabi Mohammad and as a result his son, Prince Ugrasen was forced to convert to Islam. Prince Ugrasen was also known as Asvapati.

 Devendra's second son, Prince Gajpati came to Surat and established his own state. Gajpati's generations were known as "Chudasiya Yadavs". Devendra's third son defeated Firozshah in Gazni and ruled thereafter. Devendra's fourth son ruled the states of Kutchh and Sindh.

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