Friday, December 25, 2015

Origin of surname Khan was a Hindu

The Hindu Kings of Gurjara dyansty had the surname of Khan. Kalhana mentions the names of two Gurjara kings, UchchaKhan and Alakhan who were ruling in the Punjab province of Pakistan around 3rd century. The Gujranwala city or Gujrat city in Pakistan was the capital of Gurjar kings. They were the allies of Shahi kings of Udabhandapura (Waihind).
Interestingly, James Princep gives the following list of 28 Kings having surname Khan in his book “Essays on Indian Antiquities" but mentions them as Kashmir kings. He collected this info from Muslim sources. Probably, Gurjara kings might have ruled over Kashmir for sometime during early medieval period.
1 Suliman
2 Cassalgham
3 Maherkaz
4 Pandu Khan (Pandu of the Lunar line)
5 Ladi Khan
6 Ledder Khan
7 Sunder Khan (Hindu worship established)
8 Cunder Khan
9 Sunder Khan
10 Tundu Khan
11 Beddu Khan
12 Mahand Khan
13 Durbinash Khan
14 Deosir Khan
15 Tehab Khan (Dethroned by king of Kabul)
16 Calju Khan
17 Luvkhab Khan
18 Shermabaram Khan
19 Naureng Khan (Conquered China)
20 Barigh Khan
21 Gowasheh Khan
22 Pandu Khan II (Extended empire to the sea)
23 Haris Khan
24 Sanzil Khan
25 Akber Khan
26 Jaber Khan
27 Nauder Khan
28 Sanker Khan (Slain by Bakra Raja)
It is evident that the Hindu Kings of Gurjara dyanasty used the surname "Khan". We have to explore how this surname transmitted to Mongolia.
Vedveer Arya

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