Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jaunpur college and Th.Tilak Dhari Singh

The Great Contribution of Th.Tilak Dhari Singh (A first graduate person in Rajputs of jaunpur district of U P) in Educational Development And Social Upliftment of Rajput Community in purvanchal of U P.
Thakur Tilak Dhari Singh was great man who obtained Graduate Degree first in Rajput Community of Jaunpur district of U P .He was also play a signifucant role with Raja Amar Singh of Jaunpur in freedom fighters struggle.His great contribution can not be overemphasized in the educational development and social Upliftment of kshatriyas of Purvanchal Area of U P .He wasa devoted man in unity of his socity.Thakur Tilak Dari Singh was
Born on 29th February, 1872 in a middle class kshattriya family in village Kuddupur, district Jaunpur.Th.Tilak Dhari Singh completed his school education partly in Jaunpur and partly in Semari of Raebareily district of U.P. He did his graduation in 1894 from Canning College of Lucknow University. After graduation he enrolled for law degree in 1895 but owing to the sudden death of his beloved father he discontinued his studies.He was an energetic and promising young man. He came into contact with the leading lawyers of the city of jaunpur and helped the poor and neglected sections of the society in their legal problems. He was always worried to see the condition of Kshatriyas of the poor and felt that it could be improved only if they are properly educated.He decided to establish an institution of learning meant for the people irrespective of his caste Kshatriyas and creed With this aim in mind he founded an English Middle School in rented premises in the year 1914. . Mr Singh was the first graduate in this district of his community.It was recognized as Kshatriya High School in 1916. It Became an Intermediate in 1940. It acquired the status of of a Degree College in 1946 in affiliation to Agra University.It’s affiliation shifted to Gorakhpur University in 1956. It got the status of Post Graduation in 1970 after a long drawn protest led by then principal Sri H N Singh.
Most of the rajput of purvanchal obtained education from this Institution and gets good and very valuable post in the country .
Courtesy---Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village --Larhota ,Sasni ,District -Hatharas ,UP.

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  1. Thanks to Pradeep Singh ji for share this article written on a great man Th.Tilakdhari Singh of Jaunpur in Rajput community.Thakur Tilakdhari Singh played a great role in the Educational development of Rajput community of whole Purvanchal.