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Why did Nehru allow Ford Foundation in India

Why did Nehru allow Ford Foundation in India ?
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Then prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru allowed the Ford Foundation entry into India in 1952 without the complete paperwork and permissions required in law for establishing itself in this country and conducting operations in sensitive sectors on a major scale.
The Sunday Standard investigation into the foundations’ activities in India that goes back to the 1950s throw up some startling facts.
■ The Ford and Rockefeller foundations had penetrated the Indian establishment without any government oversight.
■ It gave junkets and scholarships to senior government officials in the Nehru administration without clearance from the Indian government.
■ These officials were directly selected by the Ford and Rockefeller foundations without the knowledge of the government.
■ B K Nehru, Indira Gandhi’s cousin and the Commissioner General for Economic Affairs of Indian Embassy in Washington, advised against insistence on clearance of the funds by the Rockefeller Foundation to government employees after a meeting with its President Dean Rusk.
■ Rusk told the government that only consultations (and not approval) with the Department of Economic Affairs would be necessary before it funded bureaucrats and others.
■ Appalled at the storm brewing in his government against the foundations’ blatant efforts to woo government officials, Nehru denied he had given the necessarily approval. However, he had to backtrack after a note was shown to him, which made it obvious that the opposite was true

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