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list of some of great Indian Warriors

This is a list of Indian warriors (both legendary and historical figures).

Ancient warriors[edit]

Surya Vanshi[edit]

Chandra Vanshi[edit]

Mahabharat War[edit]

dated to approximation by Archaeological Survey of India based on relics found at Kurukshetra

600 BC – 1 AD[edit]

Maurya Empire[edit]

Medieval warriors[edit]

Chalukya Dynasty[edit]

Chola Empire[edit]

Rashtrakuta Dynasty[edit]

Vijayanagara Empire[edit]

Brahmins(Tyagi and Bhumihaar)[edit]

Solanki Warriors[edit]

Rajput Warriors[edit]

  • Alha, A warrior from Chandela clan of Rajput
  • Udhal,Chandela warrior and younger brother of Alha.
  • Bappa Rawal led the army that defeated the Arabs in the Battle of Rajasthan
  • Prithviraj Chauhan, a Rajput king of medieval India. He conquered Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi and parts of Gujarat. He was killed at ghor by his own friend Chand bardai as Prithvi didn’t want to die through anybody else’s weapon from Ghor.
  • Rao Jodha, a Rajput king of Mandore who defeated the Afghan forces in Rajasthan and built the city of Jodhpur proclaiming himself as the ruler of Marwar.
  • Gurdan Saini, a noted Rajput General and martyr of medieval India. Led the army of Rana Hamir.a Rajput warrior
  • Rana Sanga,a ruler from Sisodia clan of Rajput.He United the Rajputs and defeated sultans of Malwa, Gujarat and Delhi. He also led the Rajput armies against Babur in theBattle of Khanwa.
  • Rawat Chundawat
  • Jaimal and Patta, The Generals who defended Chittorgarh Fort against Akbar in the Siege of Chittorgarh. Patta was also known as the hero of Bijolia for defending the village against Afghan forces.
  • Rana Kumbha a Rajput King who never lost a war. He was respected by his enemies and is also known to have built 32 forts in Mewar.
  • Raj Rana Bahadur,Raj Rana Bahadur was Prominent Rajput warrior in Mewar history , he used to fight for cause of Mewar and been very victorious in each battle he fought . he was one of the bravest warrior and key soldier which every king might want to have. Rajrana Bahadur was also compared to Rana Sanga in Fighting and valour , even he got many scars and wounds from battles he fought but wounds never let him stop in defending Mewar.
  • Jhala Maansinh-: Jhala Maansinh is an outstanding dazzling example of extraordinary valour, bravery and sacrifice who shrouded with the glory of struggle for freedom. In the battle of Haldi Ghati in 1576, Jhala Maan decorated himself with the Crown and the royal emblem from Pratap and started fighting valiantly.He was killed by mughals who thought that he was Maharana Pratap.
Jhala Maan has set a unique example of bravery and courage by sacrificing his life to save the life of Pratap for his country.
Jhala Maan belongs to Bari Sadri, which also have Jhala Maan circle and bus stand on his name.
  • Raja Poonja-The Bhil warriors in the battle of Haldi Ghati, participated under the leadership of Rana Poonja. The enthusiastic Bhils worked as secret informers and running messengers In Mewar state the history of Guhil clan is full of daring deeds, the contribution of Bhil community is unforgettable. At the time of Ghuhaditya’s coronation the “Tilak ceremony was performed by the blood flowing from the thumb of Mandleek -a “Bhil” Sardar. “
Due of this, royal emblem of Mewar State carries a Victory Tower which is flanked by a Rajput warrior on one side and ” a bow -arrow-bearing Bhil”, on the other.

Maratha warriors[edit]

Muslim Warriors[edit]

  • Hyder Ali, Princly ruler of Mysore
  • Tipu Sultan,Known as Tiger of Mysore was Eldest son of Hyder Ali and biggest threat of British Empire. Famous for Invention of War Rocket first time in the world.
  • Ibrahim Khan Gardi-Commander of Maratha artillary units in 3rd battle of Panipat
He was one of the most skilled person in cannon fighting in 17th century.
  • Hakim Khan Sur-Commander of Maharana Pratap’s artillary unit against Mughals.Fought even in battle of Hadighati.
  • AkbarThe Mughal Emperor

Sikh warriors[edit]

Tamil warriors[edit]

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