Thursday, October 1, 2015

Christian conversion even time of tragedy-Like Mother Teresa

While Nepal is suffering, missionaries are busy selling Jesus
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Aditya Agnihotri's photo.Mohan Bhagwat stands vindicated. When the RSS Chief, referring to Teresa said "..service is devalued if conversions are done in the name of service or work", the entire media kicked up a furore. Political parties and Christian groups blamed him of inciting religious hatred. The Delhi Catholic Archdiocese claimed that the Christian community was in a state of shock over's comment. But the recent, unfortunate event of an earthquake in Nepal, proved that what Mr Bhagwat said, is not far from the truth.
News and pictures from Nepal after the massive earthquake has shocked the entire world. People from all over, are finding ways to reach out to those, who are affected by the natural disaster. But amidst all the chaos, tragedies and tears, Christian Missionaries are shamelessly selling Jesus and Christianity. It is more shocking because many of these individuals and organizations are influential and they reach many people via social media and other channels. In a disturbing trend, Christian Missionaries prey on poor vulnerable people during tragedies and look at disasters like this, as an opportunity to convert people.
The true intention of the missionaries stands exposed on social media, and now even the main stream media is forced to report them.…/nepal-earthquake-us-pastor-t……/241-how-the-nepal-earthquake-traged…

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