Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Evidence of oldest civilization in India >,30,000 BCE.

Homo Sapiens ie we , our DNA shows that we are here from 30, 000 B C E . All our History of Vedic period or later called Hindu civilization by invaders to Bharat varsha is not older than 30, 000 B C E . earliest signs of civilization detected so far goes back to 17000 B C at Poompuhar off the coast of Tamil Nadu. The oldest site known as cradle of civilisation so far was gobekli tepe in turkey dates back to 13500 B C . but recent two major ancient city finds in gulf of khambhat and 5 km in the sea off the poompuhar coast in Tamil Nadu were built 19000 years ago and dates back to 17000 B C and another couple of millennium went in to reaching that level of architectural expertise in Indian civilisation . these cities went underwater after sea levels rose by 400 feet in 17000 b c 

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