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Fall of last king of Afganistan-King Dahir by his own Buddhist Minister -Soft Policy of pseudosecularism wiped out Hinduism

Raja Dahir of Sindh
This is a story of Islamist, Muslim and Islam barbaric atrocity and another example of how a softhearted Hindu and Buddhist destroyed each other. This is a story of betrayal by Buddhist Monk who wanted to get throne of King Dahir by betraying him but Islamist as they did and do now is to help one Hindu to destroy other and then finish Hindu friends. Same happened to all over India where one Rajput King stood against other by help of either Islamist or British power and lost their kingdom one by one and made India ruled by outsiders until Ajad Hind Military by Subhas Chandra Bose and Independence Martyrs like Bhagat Sing,Azad ,Khudiram Bose, etc got freedom for India 69 years ago with help of WW2, which collapsed British and limited them to one small country.
For thousands of years no one even dared to look at Bharat with a view to conquer it. But in 711 AD there was an aggressive and deadly attack on Sindh province. At this time, Sindh was ruled by Dahir Raja. The king was killed because of his pseudo secular policy and betrayal from so called peaceful Buddhist Monk whi did not fight as they wanted throne and infact helped Islamist barbaric Mohammed Bin Kasim, and lost not only empire but opened gates for HELL fro INDIA-FOR muslim invasion as they now knew weakness of India and its rulers.
Surya Devi & Piramal Devi" - The Brave princess of Sindh

Dahir was last Hindu King of Afghanistan, who was defeated by help of a few Hindus king who helped Md Bin Qasim against Dahir and another BUDHIST MONK guided all nook and croony of the fort. The Monk wanted after defeat of Dahir BUDHISM should Be the main religion of Sindh. King  Dahir was a lenient king ,Pseudo secular, everyone was free to follow ones religion even Muslim Merchants were allowed to live on seaside and make their mosques.
Buddhist betrayed King Dahir. Buddhist dreamed that they would be able to convert Muhammad bin qasim to Buddhism. Qasim slaughtered Buddhist in masses giving them appropriate lesson.

Hindu Girls being sold in Slave Markets of Bagdad
After King Dahir was killed,the Queen performed ‘Johar’ and ended her life. The palace was destroyed. Armed warriors entered the small towns and villages and killed innocent women, children and old people who were in their houses that was against rules of war. They destroyed temples and the idols residing in the temples. They destroyed schools. They raped young women. The way they treated those who were their victims, was utterly cruel.
In addition, since there was excessive adherence to the concept of non violence, even the army too was reluctant to fight as they were unofficially Buddhist and Buddhist Monk was with Mir Kasim to get throne. Sindh was defeated. Blood sucking, man-eating demons were dancing on the blood filled land and creating a ruckus.

In this way unfavourable anti-Hindu youth entered the western boundary of Bharat. In these adverse circumstances, our good qualities worked against us as they turned out to be our failings.’ – Prof. S. G. Shevde (Bharatiya Sanskruti, Page Nos. 35 & 36)
Story has heroism and turn here as daughters of King Dahir did exceptional Bravery-

Salutation to daughters of King Dahir who avenged the insulting defeat of Sindh by killing Mohammad Bin Qasim !:

King  Dahir had two daughters, Suryadevi and Parimaladevi who were sent to Baghdad as a gift for the Khalif. Our culture is one which treats a woman as a mother and here was another culture, which sent girls to their Dharma Guru for appeasement and enjoyment, which was a disgrace to mankind ! But both daughters of Dahir were very brave. They gained the confidence of the Khalif and he began to trust them. As they were given as gifts to Khalif, they were unable to prevent physical violation of their bodies but just see what they did do! They sent a letter to Mohammad Bin Qasim’s generals bearing the stamp and signature of the Khalif. The letter contained an order – ‘Put Mohammad in a leather bag, seal the bag and send it here’. The order was from the Khalif. The generals followed the order word to word; they put Mohammad alive in a letter bag, sealed the bag and sent it to Baghdad on a ship. When the ship reached Baghdad after 10-12 days, Mohammad Bin Qasim’s corpse had decayed to such an extent that worms had begun to devour the corpse. The decaying smell was unbearable.

The Khalif investigated as to ‘Why was he sent to him like this?’ The two girls then told the Khalif, “We sent a letter bearing your signature and stamp. We have taken revenge on the demon who inflicted untold misery in our kingdom. We have done this. We feel proud of what we have done. We have fulfilled our national duty. We are ready to face any consequences for this action.”

An enraged Khalifa tied the hair of the two girls to the tails of horses and made the horses run throughout Baghdad. The girls were being kicked by the horses and their bodies were being stripped of its skin in the process. Their hair was being pulled and their heads were dashing against the knees of horses. Except for the bloodied heads, both bodies were stripped and cut into pieces and were being dropped on the road. But the two girls, who were proud of having avenged the insult to their kingdom, did not have a single tear in their eyes as they embraced martyrdom.

(When Bharat gained independence, statues of these two girls should have been erected on the Sindh border.)’ 

– Prof. S. G. Shevde

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