Saturday, March 14, 2015

Western media trying to erode India culture

Western media trying to erode Indian culture by making india's daughter

US Deep State and 'India's Daughter': Is India now part of a new 'axis of evil'?

 India's Daughter – a documentary is not about the victim nor about her rapist, or about women's rights at all. It is about the discovery of a new way of try to sabotage India and its greatness, First, it is a dishonest film, possibly made with malafide intent and ill-motivation, much like Deepa Mehta's Fire some years ago, which was intended to malign Hindu men and suggest religious conversion as the answer for Hindu women: pretty much the same that India's Daughter does too, subtly. Avanindra Pandey, the Delhi gangrape victim's friend and the only eye-witness to the savagery, has roundly condemned the film as 'a fake film'.
The agony of poor, dead Delhi gangrape victim and her family. There is something altogether monstrous in generating profits from the dead. Can't the Delhi gangrape victim escape exploitation even after she was so gruesomely disembowelled and murdered? Christopher Hitchens once accused Mother Teresa of being the ghoul of Kolkata, and again for the same reason: conversion and easy money.
Tremendous amount of ill-will it has generated for India, once again reminiscent of M Teresa: she single-handedly created a billion dollars' worth of bad publicity for India, and so has this Leslie Udwin. It should not surprise us that a professor named Annette Beck-Sickinger in Leipzig in former East Germany actually wrote to a male Indian applicant that she could not give him an internship because she was afraid he'd be a menace to the women in her department. (By the way, why is this obvious racist not being tarred, feathered, and drummed out of her university?) We should not be surprised, either, if some totally innocent Indian man is attacked by Western racists who call him a 'rapist'. (Incidentally, the relative silence in India on the stabbing to death of Prabha Arun Kumar in a Sydney park is nothing short of shocking).
BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi, a lawyer, pointed out in The Indian Express that Udwin broke the law, for example by violating the terms of her agreement to not show the film while the case was still under trial, lest it prejudice judges.  
There are indications that the Ford Foundation is involved in all this (although they have plausible deniability), and given long-standing Ford Foundation-CIA links, it takes on suspicious overtones. (See Kishen Kak's piece at here)
Why, one might wonder, are these tactics not used against China, which is a bigger threat to the West? The simple answer is that the Chinese are jingoistic, racist and supremacist – they believe in "Chinese exceptionalism” – and they will not betray their country for 30 pieces of silver. Alas, Indians are none of the above, and will happily sell their nation down the river for a pittance.

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