Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why BJP lost in Delhi election?

With Big win for AAP -following are reasons-
-BJP'S dependence on Modi.
-VHP and RSS did not work for election and in fact voted for AAP to win.
-LK Advani faction were silent during election because Kiran Bedi was named as CM post.
-Kiran Bedi was named CM'S post was a looser idea, as BJP workers and RSS did not campaign for her. She just came in party from nowhere and named CM ,against popular choice of Goyal or other person. BJP should not act like congress.
-Corruption money, black money names are not coming.
All needs to be addressed before they go for Bihar,UP election.

NEVER EVER GO AGAINST RSS,VHP like cadre as they are back bone of BJP.
Advani needs a proper position- Make president etc.
Delhi election shows mentality of Hindus as they are still sold for free bucket of water and electricity.But BJP should have done something to curb rates of electricity water and  I guess these are main reasons for BJP'S loss. It will give introspect to BJP that they have to work together for daily needs of people AND MODI MUST COME BACK TO MODI KURTA(Forget 12 LACKS suit). That is what Nehru did.
You have to show that you are poor and like all in India while living in India.
Hindus are worst enemy of themselves.

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