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Sufism is no less than wahabi islam,just a PIG WITH LIPSTICK .

Emperor Aurangzeb
Emperor Aurangzeb
Although Sufism faction of Islam is considered more tolerant with some stolen ideas and philosophy from many old books of Zoostronism, Zoonism, Judaism, Hindusim, it's object  remained same- CONVERSION. Although people of sufism has produced real tolerant kind of islam like Bulle Shah but he was put to rest by real Saudi Wahabi islamist. It is nonetheless better and tolerant to other religions.Sufis could be as fanatic as any mullah or army on the march of jihad. The history of Islam in South Asia demonstrates this very clearly. Like David Livingstone was to do in Africa these missionaries for the one true jealous male demiurge called ‘God’, acted as sappers and miners for the colonialism which was devastating ancient civilisations without mercy.
Now ,have a look at Sufism ~12 th century.
Muin-ud-din, who started Chisti sect of sufism,  came from Saudi Arab in 12 th century and Rajput King  Prithviraj Chauhan was gracious enough to let him be in Ajmer,but he started converting Hindus to islam.Many Hindus started acting as as his agents. He then made special demands from Prithvi Raj Chauhan TO LET HIM SLAUGHTER COWS, WHICH WAS AUSPICIOUS TO HINDUS,and when they were ignored he immediately invited Muhammad Ghuri to invade and despoil the land in the name of Islam. Literature on the true fanatic nature of Sufis such as that of the Chisti order abound. Sculpted stones, apparently from a Hindu temple, are incorporated in the Buland Darwãza of Muin-ud-din’s shrine and his tomb is built over a series of cellars formed part of an earlier temple. A tradition, first recorded in the ‘Anis al-Arwãh, suggests that the Sandal Khãna is built on the site of Shãdî Dev’s temple. Four Islamic mystics namely Moinuddin (d. 1233 in Ajmer ), Qutubuddin (d. 1236 in Delhi ), Nizamuddin (d.1335 in Delhi ) and Fariduddin (d.1265 in Pattan now in Pakistan ) accompanied the Islamic invaders in India . All of them were from the Chistiya order of Islamic mysticism.
Although Amir Khusru is considered one of among Chisti sufi saint,Yet in his own words he glorified how Islamic hordes had despoiled India , sacking the infidel Hindu shrines for the glory of the true faith, saturated the land with the blood of idol-worshippers, and jizya imposed. Khusro lamented that the sultans had adopted the Hanafi code because it allowed them to categorise Hindus as dhimmis; which meant a third-class existence as opposed to outright extermination. Amir Khusro, full name Muhammad Hassan Yaminuddin (1253-1325) said to be a great human being because, he was the father of Qawwali, and he is even said to have invented tabla, he loved India, and of course was tolerant.
Another The Sufi preacher Sayyid Ali Hamdani came from Hamdan in fourteenth century to Kashmir to convert and stop Hindus building temples and restrict their religious practices as they were forced into dhimmi status, including payment of jizya.
All Sufis supported the oppression and forcible conversion of Hindus to Islam, accepted gifts of adolescent boys and young women to their khanqahs and dargahs AS SEX SLAVES.
Dara Shikoh, eldest son of Shah Jahan and rightful heir to the Mughal throne was  exception amongst sufis who translating the Upanishads into Persian. He was killed by his younger brother Aurangzeb who was himself a Sufi, a follower of the Naqshbandi-Mujaddidi method and disciple of Khwaja Muhammad Masoom, the third son and successor of the founder of Mujaddidi order Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi. That shaykh sent his fifth son, Khwaja Saif ad-Din Sirhindi, to instruct Aurangzeb in the strict application of sharia law such as banning musical instruments.
When it comes to conversion, Sheria law,destruction of temples-Sufi is same as other islamic cult following Quran , a book of satanic cult order.
Aurangzeb or Alamgir is notorious in history as the Mughal who tried to annihilate Hinduism completely, destroying temples and suppressing religious practices. Guru Tegh Bahadur and his two close companions Bhai Matti Das and Bhai Fateh Das were executed for refusing to convert to Islam.
Modified from From Chakranews

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