Monday, January 12, 2015

China Considering ban on BURQUA,HIJAB

With what went and going on all over world, China and Russia knows  how to deal with extremists because their gove is real govet when it comes to forcing law and taking decisions without VOTE BANK POLITICS. What Europe is going through is what India has gone through and going on for last 800 years  when Islamist came to terrorise EDUCATED INDIAN ELITES who had mastery not only on science but also on spirituality via Buddha. But Buddha went to far extreme  so monks stopped using arms training etc which was against PIOS GITA BOOK OF HINDUS. As per Gita Book, no one needs to search for so called GOD anywhere. Just do your work, designed far and Karma will give you bad or good effect. Kill terrorists as God Krishna did.  Buddha and later Gandhi was part of islamization in India. Europe must learn from China now otherwise it will become ISLAMIST country. India seems gatehering momentum after Modi is in power 8 months ago.Before Modi, India was almost dead from action as all leaders were playing VOTE politics and filling their bank balance in name of terrorism -both islamic and christian conversion propoganda. Christian must stop conversion game in India otherwise they will be treated as Islamist are now in India.
Chinese authorities have banned women in the capital city of Xinjiang—an autonomous western region where Muslims account for almost half of the population—from wearing burqas in public, according to a brief article on a government-run website, Tianshan News. Local legislators for Urumqi proposed the ban in December, and now the regional legislature has approved it.
It’s not clear when the ban will go into effect. State media said only that it will be implemented after being modified to meet comments proposed in a meeting over the weekend.
Ever since a group of Uighur Muslims went on a killing spree in a train station in Kunming last March, Chinese officials have ratcheted up restrictions on a group they see as potential extremists. Xinjiang officials later banned students and civil servants from fasting for Ramadan, and authorities in the Xinjiang city of Karamy barred anyone wearing burqas, niqabs, hijabs or simply “large beards” from taking public buses.
The state-run news agency Xinhua justified the burqa ban by pointing out that burqas are also banned in France (perhaps not the best example to use, given the recent extremist attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo). The Xinhua report in English said, “Burqas are not traditional dress for Uighur women… The regulation is seen as an effort to curb growing extremism that forced Uighur women to abandon their colorful traditional dress and wear black burqas.”

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