Saturday, December 20, 2014


95Indian subcontinent including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh was once the most scientifically advanced subcontinent on earth since the fount of civilization back in 3500 BC until 1200 AD. In any field of science ( Mathematics, Metallurgy, Medicine, Astronomy , Philosophy, Logic etc) you find India was ALWAYS a step ahead of the rest of the civilized world. Students and professors from all across the globe came to study and be part of the world famous universities. It all changed starting with the destruction of the great Universities like Nalanda, Taxila, Vikramshila , Sarnath etc by the barbaric Muslim invaders who not only looted the wealth but destroyed EDUCATION(Biggest Crime ever) in Indian subcontinent making it a Third World Nation as Education took a backtrack. This along with the huge translation of Sanskrit texts into Latin helped Europe overtake India by 1600 AD, culminating with the transmission of Calculus by the Jesuit missionaries. After Issac Newton got his hands on this grand instrument, Europe gained ascendancy. IT IS A FACT THAT WHERE EVER ISLAM GOES IT BRINGS DEATH & DESTRUCTION. QURAN IS THE F1LTHY TERROR MANUAL
Why blame Mehdi or ISIS or Taliban or 10000 Islamic terror school & colleges ? Ban the Terror book QURAN first which is used by Islamists to brainwash innocent minds into terrorism. BAN THE TERROR MANUAL QURAN ! No person uses Bible or Talmund or Gita to commit terrorism in Today's civilized world. Quran terror manual brainwashes muslims to kill others all over the world so easily by explaining them satanic verses of Devil Muhammad (Curse Be Upon Him)!!!!

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