Sunday, October 26, 2014


A Muslim woman was raped by her husband's father at gun point in Muzaffarnagar (yes, the same Muazaffarnagar).
The husband was serving Sheikhs in gulf for past two years and all the while woman had to stay quiet on her continuous rape because it's difficult to prove under sharia law. Usually a rape is not proven unless a woman can bring in 4 male witnesses ( A woman's testimony is half that of a man in sharia law ans worse, it's unacceptable in case of rape/adultery). If a woman cries rape but can't prove it, she is in fact confessing to adultery and has to be stoned as per sharia law.
Now, as if two years of silent sufferings for her wasn't enough, the pervert made her pregnant. When the case went to their 'jamaat' they asked the woman to divorce her husband and start treating him as her son. The child as a result of that rape will now be her husband's brother.
Too confusing ? Too disgusting?
Wondering where, how and why the rapist has escaped punishment amidst all this travesty?
This wouldn't happen if every community in this country had the same personal laws. But the Civil code is applicable only on Hindus. Muslims enjoy parallel laws in their social dealings, and evidently even in crimes.
Which is why its high time this nation brings in a Uniform Civil Code. If the people demand it, the government will have to bring it on the table again and the opposition will have to come clear on it.
four witnesses to rape:
Qur'an (2:282) - Establishes that a woman's testimony is worth only half that of a man's in court
Qur'an (24:4) - is a part of the theological underpinning of the Sharia rule on rape. if there are not four male witnesses, the rape "did not occur".

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