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This institute get fund from INDIAN GOVERNMENT means all TAX PAYERS IN INDIA and He should not take corner of any PARTY. It is not his duty as FROM CHAIR OF PRINICIPAL. He could do unofficial while away from Chair, and if he is a nml public. Why CONGRESS has people like AAP,NGO'S.CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY, CIA TO SHILED THEM SO THEY AND MANY OF THEM LOOT INDIA. Indian Public is being diverted in wrong direction-Modi's vision is DEVELOPMENT FOR ALL CITIZENS EQUAL,IRRESPECTIVE OF CASTE,RELIGION.British used to do and still divide people by what Congress does and stupid public does not understand.
Congress NetaPutra Milind deora giving 'Secular' lessons to Xavier's Principal !!!
Congress leade Milind deora giving 'Secular' lessons to Xavier's Principal !!!

Normally, political opponents get together to remove the ruling party but it is
for the first time that the ruling party in association with NGOs and others has
run a one-point programme not to save the government or form the government but
only to stop Modi from coming to power,

"This election can't save the government at Delhi..... No one can save it, but
now Congress has changed its strategy in last 10 days after it came to know that
it is not possible to repeat its performance again. Now they have decided to
create obstacles to stop Modi from coming to power at the centre."

BJP-led NDA will form the next government,
"There is hurricane ( of support in favour of BJP) and Congress leaders are
The FRUSTRATION of the St Xaviers college principal stems from the fact that in spite of the Inquisition, in spite of the support from the Portuguese and the English army, for the last 500 years, they COULD NOT Christianize India. The same ...FRUSTRATION lies in the faces of the Muslim clerics that in spite of 1000 years of BRUTAL rule, they could not ISLAMIZE India. The FRUSTRATION of the CONGRESSIS stem from the fact that in SPITE of MINORITY APPEASEMENT for the last 67 years, they have not been able to destroy HINDUSTAN, prevent HINDUTVA , rather it is GROWING day by day.
aware where they will go.


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