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KEJRIWAL/AAP-CIA,ISI agent, Maoist,Kashmir separatist,funded by Ford Foundation

        Ford Foundation, Hivos, Panos and Dutch Embassy-
Is Kejariwal an American agent?-YES,CONFIRMED.
After 21st October,2012 raising serious question about Kabir and Kejariwal, Mr. Transparency Chameleon Kejariwal's site of Kabir was off and all details from Ford Foundation website about Kabir has been hidden,exposing the complicity of Kejariwal and Ford and by extension Kejariwal and the US game-makers.)


AGENDA TO BREAK INDIA IS PLANNED Imran Khan+Prashant+Congress+AAP+AGNIVESH-Agenda of World Bank.

AK-47 is an imported stuff with dubious agenda who have ventilated Indian youth’s growing radicalism and hyper-nationalism far away from resisting neo-imperial strategies of the global hegemony by US and diverted it to plastic protest against India’s crony politico-corporate elite. It is not that the uprising against corruption is misguided. But, the man who seeks credit for the intense mood against the crooked class, himself appears fragile and dubious. Congress's Digvijaya asked about many questions- on his service records: “Is it a fact that in your entire service of 20 years in Indian Revenue Service, you never served outside Delhi even though the norms of the service are that all IRS officers serve a posting only for three years in a place? Is it a fact that even your wife, who is also an IRS officer, has never served outside Delhi?”
It is surprising that AK was never transferred out of prime posting in the city of Delhi and when he was transferred for the first time to another lively city, Chandigarh; he proceeded on leave. He could remain posted in Delhi throughout his career defying service rules and this reflects that he was never a thorn to the corrupt persons. As an IRS, he himself admitted that he did not take bribe , but he maintained silence against his staff taking bribe. He also gave interviews during 2009 that he was offered bribes and thence he decided to work for transparency in the system. Mind it, not only transfer, AK never had to face any tough situation during his stint as Indian revenue service officer. One can just contrast his case with case of Arun Bhatiya, G.P. Khairnar or recently Ashok Khemka who had to face 43 transfers in 19 years of service or CSS officer, Niraj Kumar who had to face 7 years of suspension and more than 15 transfers in his entire career of 15 years after being alleged to be the hand behind a website that exposed massive corruption in defence sector and for exposing CIA activities in India through Dutch NGOs, massive loot of funds in the name of Surrender Policy for militants, Freedom Fighter Pension scam, the secret killing in Assam etc.
AK had a very smooth career. He qualified Civil services exam(1991) and was allotted IRS. He tried again next year , but again could not improve his ranking and joined as IRS. His service record was ordinary.
In January 2000, he took leave from work and founded an NGO, Parivartan .In 2002, he received first installment of foreign grant from Ford Foundation in 2002 in the name of Sampoorna Parivartan to a tune of $ 80000-

केजरीवाल किसी आम आदमी का नाम नही बल्कि देस कि इस्लामी आतंकवादी गिरोह का समर्थन करने बाला एक आतंकबादी संगठन हे ये आप पार्टी... 
पाकिस्तान कि चंदे पे पलने बाला political आतंकी संगठन हे ये आप पार्टी ........
ओडिशा कि सबसे बड़ा माओवादी संगठन के मुखिया सच्याबची पांडा को आपनी पार्टी कि सदस्य बनाया हे ये आप पार्टी...
इसी सच्याबची पांडा ने ओडिशा में आतंक मचा के सबका जीना हरम करके रखा हे ओहि सच्याबची पांडा को आप पार्टी ने आपनी पार्टी सदस्य बनाके ये प्रूफ भी कर दिया हे देशद्रोही पार्टी हे ये आप पार्टी... इसके मुखिया तो ये तक बोल चुके है कि कस्मीर भारत का हिस्सा नेही हे इसे पाकिस्तान को दे दिया जाये . इससे प्रमाण होता हे की ये सबसे बड़ी देशद्रोही पार्टी हे...
और देस कि बीकेयू मिडिया ओ हे जो देशद्रोही ताकते को हमेसा अन्दुरुनी समर्थन करते रहते हे सिर्फ दोनंबरी पैसा के लिए . ये लोगो की बस चले तो देस क्या ये लोग आपनी मा बेहेन तक को रोड पे नीलाम कर देंगे .

 This was equal to 15 years of his then salary.

Arvind Kejriwal was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2004.Here the candidate has to appear for interview once the applicant’s form is sorted out. Even though, he was already in the government service, he decided not to work for the country through the proper governance structure and opted out for this American Fellowship. Ashoka is not an Indian organization but an American registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization in the United States. Ashoka’s strategic partners include McKinsey & Company, Corporate Executive Board and Latham and Watkins. CEO of Ashoka is Bill Drayton who was an assistant Secretary of State in US and also worked with White house. Ashoka though grants fellowship world wide but its main focus is on South Asia. When it was founded in 1982, 100% fellowship was given to Indians for next two years indicating the focus of the programme over India at the time when the US had decided to prop up jihadi groups in Afghanistan against soviet invasion. Mr. Kejariwal was always a khas admi for Americans since the time he was pushed into study leave and granted $80,000 in the year 2002 itself. The Income-expenditure Return of the Ashoka reveals how most of Indians wrongly believed that Kejariwal got some innocuous fellowship from some social group based in India.This too was part of US government' plan to rope in "own men" to counter Soviet influence since 1982.


In February 2006, he finally resigned from the job, to work full-time at 'Parivartan' and Kabir.

Brief Profile of AK- Never working, shirking government Parasite
Date of Birth: July 16, 1968

Education: B. Tech. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering ,Indian Institute of

Technology, Kharagpur (1989).


a) Worked as Assistant Manager in The Tata Iron & Steel Co, Jamshedpur

(1989 to 1992).

b) Joined the Indian Revenue Service (IRS IT-92069) in 1992 .

c) Date of Appointment to Group A- 5.9.1993.

d) Kejriwal took study leave from the government between November 2000 and October 2002, after signing the bond . During 2000-2002, Kejriwal was paid a salary, under the condition that he would not leave the service for at least three years upon returning from the study leave

e) Promoted as Joint Commissioner, IT on 26.3.2003.

f) Kejriwal again went on Extra-ordinary leave without pay in 2004.

g) Never posted out of Delhi. CBDT planned to give him posting to another urban centre, Chandigarh. His wife Sunita Kejariwal(IRS IT-93072) also never posted out of Delhi between 1995-2004 and then to Ghaziabad.

h) He arranged a letter from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the then NAC Chairperson to PM and the Finance Minister to stop his impending transfer.

i) Arvind resigned on 20 Feb 2006.

j) Resignation pending since he had gone on foreign training after signing a bond that he will serve the government for three years.

k) Resignation accepted through CBDT notification dated 20.12.2011 w.e.f 20 Feb 2006 only after he paid dues of Rs. 9.27 lakhs.
Same year he received Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership(2006). The guiding hand of Ford Foundation is behind AK’s every move since then. The Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership seeks to inspire young people to apply their talents and energies to selfless and innovative service in Asia; and this award category was exclusively created in 2000 with support from a Ford Foundation grant, and honors greatness of spirit among men and women forty years old and below.


 In fact Magsaysay Foundation itself was planned by CIA. This declassified document of CIA reveals the same.

AK got this award of $ 50000 at the age of 38 and the citation does not reveal some significant contribution except the fact that under the aegis of Parivartana, AK and his team could settle 2500 cases of electric bills grievances. The Magsaysay awards in different categories are constituted by the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation and a substantial part of the cash component is funded by the Ford Foundation (FF). Surprisingly, it is the Ford Foundation only that was financing AK during the same period while AK was also working in the Government of India. Even in the citation of the Magsaysay award to Kejariwal, was it a happy coincidence that the first reference was made to the Central Intelligence of America(CIA)( Later, AK who had founded another organization , Kabir, with Manish Sisodia in August,2005, became a poodle conduit for the Ford Foundation-Dutch and other active American interests in India. .

Herein is the capsule of Kejariwal's dubious NGO career:
While on Study Leave and taking full salary, started Parivartan along with Manish Sisodia in 2000 for RTI campaign.
As on March 10,2009, Parivartan is not an NGO or registered under any Act of Governments in India.
This is what the Parivartan site reveals:
 About Us

Parivartan is a Delhi based citizens’ movement trying to ensure a just, transparent and accountable governance.
Parivartan Is not an NGO

Is a people’s movement for reinforcement of democratic values.

Stands and strives for strengthening of practices and systems which encourage participatory democracy including transparency and accountability

Legal Status and structures at Parivartan:
Parivartan is not registered under any Act as a society or a trust or a Company. It is a people’s movement. For Income Tax purposes, it is an Association of Persons.
3. But then Parivartan did receive World Bank Project without being covered under any Indian Act? Has Kejariwal disclosed it anywhere?
Reference: The World Bank Report Social Accountability Stocktaking Exercise for South and East Asia. Washington, DC: World Bank Institute. (2005) is available on following link:
(pp.30-32 is on Arvind Kejariwal and Parivartan)
4. Kejariwal and his Parivartan are chameleon who failed to hide their character. Parivartan is neither a registered society, Trust or company or anything under any Act of India. As on April 8,2002; it is not registered
5. But, as on June 28,2002, the website claimed it is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 in the name of "Sampoorna Parivartan" and that all donations made to Parivartan are exempt under Section 80G and 12A of IT Act. The website sought donations from public This is a public fraud and a criminal case should now be filed against Kejariwal and Sisodia for duping people to donate them through their mischievous advertisement on their own website. The link of 28 June 2002 is here retrieved from Wayback machine:
  1. Legal status:
    Parivartan is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 in the name of "Sampoorn Parivartan". It is a non-political, non-profit making voluntary organization. It does not charge anything for services rendered and runs on voluntary donations and services offered by individuals and organizations interested in promoting its ideals. All donations made to Parivartan are tax exempt under section 80 G. Parivartan is also registered under section 12A of Income Tax Act.

    The Core Group:
    • Col. J.N.Pandey
    • Manish Sisodia
    • Ajay Goel
    • A. Kumar
    • Anjali Bhardwaj
    • Renu Khanna
    • Anant Trivedi
    • Promod Chawla
    • Pankaj Gupta

(Ford Foundation Annual Report 2002 with details of grants for Sampoorna Parivartan)
NGO Kabir spun off from Parivartan and began operations on August 15th, 2005.

About organization- kabir

  1. The registered Office of KABIR is at following address: D - 59, Third Floor, Pandav Nagar, Delhi- 110092, Ph : 22485139. The website came in operation since 17th Dec.2007 with following address,
  2. 2. Kabir was funded heavily by Ford Foundation. This is surprising that Kabir started getting funds from the very first year of operation.In fact, the Annual return of Kabir suggest that they were granted ord Foundation fund of Rs. 4348036 on 15th July 2005, even before the NGO started operations. Though, the Ford Foundation has removed the data for Kabir from grant data base with an ulterior motive, the Annual Report of the Ford Foundation for the year 2005 clearly mention that kabir was granted $1,72,000 in the year 2005. Here is the link to the Annual report of the Ford Foundation itself.

From the site of Kabir which no longer exist-- Kabir was operationalized on 15th August,2005

  1. (Ford Foundation Annual report of2005shows. Kabir's acc shows fund was received on 15th July,2005 from Ford Found even before Kabir was formed.)
  2. Kabir FCRA submission(Calculated from the Annual return of Kabir)
  1. Sl. No
Total amount of FC received and source
Rs. 4348036 from Ford Foundation on 15.7.2005
Rs.3205970 from Ford Foundation on 12.12.2006
$1,97000 from Ford Foundation(Grant not accepted as per their claim since they were in political movement now.)
This is stupendous feat of award disbursement that the donor turns into the awardee for its own beneficiary. Everything seems to be premeditated and made out to launch “own men” in Indian public sphere. AK became a Ford Foundation- created “important man”.
What is surprising that Kabir claims to be transparent , but has not made public its foreign grants for the year 2008-9. The search at the site returns “failed’ report . But, the Ford Foundation site reveals it all. Kabir was given a grant of $1,97,000 in the year 2008. study of reports on the Kabir's website sow that the next year also they received Rs. 6075149 in the year 2009-10. But the details have been hidden as Annexures not made public in the name of transparency.

We have the later detail of $1,97000 on Ford Foundation website for the year 2011. But as per the FF Representative, the Kabir did not take this year fun as they were involved in political movement of Jan Lokpal bill.

Kabir’s own declaration of Year wise details of Foreign Contributions

Sl No
Total amount of FC received
Now, things turn up crystal clear. AK was picked up by the Ford Foundation way back in 2001. The Ford Foundation began to finance his all activities and pushed him into limelight by conferring him the Magsaysay Award.In fact, documents reveal that CIA shows undue interest in Magsaysay matter in Asia from the very beigining. Here is a sample of CIA document:

On 19th December,2006, Kejariwal formed a trust, Public Cause Research Foundation(PCRF) with Rs.1000/- from Magsaysay award vide Cheque No. 36110 dated 20 Dec. 2006 , with himself as main Trustee, Manish Sisodia and Abhinanadan Sekhari.

But, PCRF was not doing much work. And it was under the aegis of Kabir that all activities were being carried out. A NY University mysterious researcher Shimrit Lee visited Kabir and prepared a report, Public Power: India and Other Democracies (2010). She assisted in Kabir's campaign for the Right to Information and Local Self-Rule. Nowadays, she is actively working in Egypt. Ms. Shimrit lee is mysterious . Ms. Lee has been active in Cairo and Haifa, Chad and Israel, India and US... who is she? Visual anthropologist? Human right activist? Fund manager? International strategist? . It was she who was instrumental in inspiring for public power and idea like mohalla committees. Exactly, who is she needs to be deeply probed and why did US invest so much with AK- money, award , ideas and human resources?

In a way, foreign organizations were funding him, assisting him with think tanks and also awarding him while he was still in the government service.
Ford Foundation India Representative Steven Solnick has on record admitted on 31st August,2012 that Foundation’s last installment to Kabir was in 2010. “Our first grant to the NGO was of $1,72,000 in 2005 ; the second was in 2008 of $1,97,000,” and that Magsaysay award for emergent Leadership was also funded by them.

(MysteKabir was raided by the Union Home Ministry officials for a suspected violation of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) on 22nd August,2012 pursuant to the Court Order.the report of inquiry has not been made public. If the report is impartial, many irregularities will be found , enough to prosecute two con-men whose arean has now grown from Sundarnagari mohalla in Delhi to now the whole of India.

But, more curious is the fact that Kabir has been directly funded by the Dutch Embassy. The amount made public is merely the tip of the iceberg. When embassies can come out openly with funding an individual or organization, one can see the confidence and brazenness of the powers which are pushing Kejariwal for their own strategic game in India.

Kejariwal ,Dutch Embassy, HIVOS,PANOS and the CIA game plan

Why is Dutch embassy funding Kejariwal?Who are HIVOS? What is the connection between HIVOS ,Kejariwal and the Ford Foundation?
Recently, the Pioneer reported that Humanistic Institute for Co-Operation with the Developing Countries (HIVOS) has given more than 13 lakh Euros (approximately `9.25 crore) to various NGOs in Gujarat between April 2008 and August 2012. The prominent among them are: DISHA (2,24,000 Euros), GKVP (2,07,000 Euros), SAFAR (1,84,000 Euros), MAHITI (1,04,000 Euros), SWATI (85,000 Euros), and UTHAN (63,000 Euros). HIVOS has also funded various NGOs in Mumbai and Delhi. Mumbai-based Citizens for Justice & Peace (CJP), run by Teesta Setalvad, and Delhi-based ANHAD, run by Shabnam Hashmi, 4,000 Euros.

This is stupendous feat of award disbursement that the donor turns into the awardee for its own beneficiary. Everything seems to be premeditated and made out to launch “own men” in Indian public sphere. AK became a Ford Foundation- created “important man”.
HIVOS is also one of the highest recipient of Ford Foundation’s grants . Stichting Hivos, Netherlands, is also a donor who maintains a full-fledged country office in India, receiving $1.2 million or around Rs 5.5 crores. Hivos is also one of the co-financing agencies to the Netherlands government, whose embassy funds Kejariwal’s Kabir. Hivos co-funds the Centre for Collective Development (CCD) one of the two Ford Foundation funded NGOs of IIM Bangalore’s dean Trilochan Shastri, who also run ADR(Association of Democratic Reform). Trilochn Shastri has also been conferred Breton Woods Committee membership. He could not be given Magsaysay Award like Kejariwal was given, might be because of his above 40 age. The Right to Recall is in the agenda of ADR and the ADR held the IAC movement in southern India. Like Kabir, Shastri’s two NGOs are heavily funded by Ford foundation. rious Kejariwal connection-Shimrit Lee from US)
Hivos also funds Kejariwal’s Parivartana.
Then there is PSO Association which was founded in 1985, to facilitate the posting abroad of professionals in the context of development cooperation. The name refers to this main activity: Personnel Cooperation in Developing Countries (Personele Samenwerking in Ontwikkelingslanden). PSO is directly funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affiairs.
PSO which is an association that consists of sixty Dutch development organisations including Hivos and which receives 27 million Euros annually for its activities from the Netherlands government is a funding partner of PRIA, who in turn is also a Ford Foundation partner. Another PSO partner- Soliaridad also funds PRIA. , PRIA funds Kejriwal’s Kabir, which is a Ford Foundation recipient. Thus, the whole nexus of Dutch NGO, Ford foundation, Dutch government, Kejariwal and recent attempt of creating a Tahrir-like condition in India lies unraveled. Now PSO is winding up after so many complaints from many countries for their intrusive activities. PSO’s General Assembly has decided in 2011 to liquidate the Association as of 1st January,2013.

The Dutch development NGO Hivos has collaborated with International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague , also part of Erasmus University, Rotterdam specialized in “policy-oriented critical social science”; over the past five years on knowledge related to civic action and civil society building. The collaboration between an academic institute and a donor NGO is meant to study the Hivos’ mission in developing world. Dr Kees Biekart of ISS is coordinating the programme. Capacity development emanating from ISS addresses social movements . the social movement in Georgia under the caption of Rose Revolution is overseen by a South Asian , Dr Sunil Tankha .
PANOS South Asia is another organization registered in Netherlands with registration number 27355408. PANOS South Asia has now 7 offices in south Asia. The Dutch project gets Ford foundation grants and "media in South Asia" is their primary area of focus. So, the activities of the FF-Dutch funded organizations and individuals will be highlighted by the complicit journalists in media.
Overt Funding figure by Ford Foundation in India from 2008-12
(List of important mainstream organization operating in India)

It is known that in India, a CBI case was registered against and officials of Home Ministry for unraveling the nexus of CIA activities through Dutch NGOs in the year 2000 itself. The case under the stringent Official Secrets Act is still under trial while the Indian government let the Dutch NGOs and the FF to have complete control over civil society in the intervening period. The official, Neeraj Kumar, who is credited with bringing the attention of the government towards this nexus and the manner in which Dutch NGOs were funnelling foreign government money to Indian organization for ulterior motive, was kept under suspension for more then 6 years and hounded by the agencies. The documents reveal that the government of India was convinced way back in 1999 that “with the end of Cold War, the CIA has intensified using Dutch sources for supporting secessionist and subversive activities in India. And that there is “ covert strategic alliance between US and Dutch agencies”.

But, how did the government allow Dutch Embassy to fund Arvind Kejariwal directly , reveals chinks within the armor or the penetration of Indian agencies by the CIA. Rabinder Singh(former Joint Secretary in RAW) episode is still fresh in our mind when the US Embassy provided the RAW mole an American passport in an undiplomatic and brazen way.

Netherlands Dutchy engagement with India

Western powers have made umpteen efforts to not let Asian countries reap the benefit of higher technology. The US had been smart enough to engage in ‘policy of congagement” vis-à-vis emerging powers. They engage with the emerging power like the hub and the spoke and on the other hand engage in policy of off-shore balancing at different level. The emerging powers have to be contained by the second most powerful regional actor. While at the trans-regional level, it maintains a balance of power among various regional powers by excluding itself so that it remain the arbitrator of the global order. The weak NATO states have always been the carrier of the containment strategy in the name of human rights or insufficient democracy and now the hoax of technology threat. One must remember how it was the Americans and the Dutch who connived to let Khan steal nuclear secrets from URENCO . The Dutch internal agency, BVD and the Americans wanted to help Pakistan to build nuclear weapon as they wanted Pakistan to be a regional balancer against India during Cold war.

The American –Scandinavian-Dutch connection to derail India’s nuclear programme as is happening in the Koodankulam protest and significantly pointed out by the Prime Minister himself, and to help build a nuclear counter weight against India has a long history.

Earlier also, the siphoning of fund from the Churches to the militant groups in the North east India surfaced in the year 1999 when the Ministry of Home Affairs held a meeting with various intelligence agencies and different Ministries to ascertain the level of covert support that may be coming to these insurgent organizations through Dutch NGOs. It was observed in the meeting that USA may be promoting non-American NGOs to camouflage its own interests. Dutch missionaries were found active in Tripura without having any permission from the Indian government. A Dutch NGO, NCIP(Netherlands Council on Indigenous People) was found providing ample support to various outfits like ULFA, NSCN(IM) on international fora. Since, most Dutch NGOs were found directly funded by their government, so it was possible that the funds that trickle down to the militant outfits have their source in the western government.
That time, the IB tried to scuttle down the government move by claiming that IB did not have any specific report or indication of Dutch NGOs or individual involved in activities which could be against India’s national interest. One of the close Indian associates of NCIP/NCIV, Ms Maria Mangte who used to frequent across Netherlands, Thailand, North East India and Burma left India and obtained a Dutch passport when the matter of Dutch support to insurgent groups was entrusted to the federal investigative agency.
With the lethargy taking hold, the programme of external powers to sponsor anti- Indian movements through the church and the NGOs continued unabated. The diffidence of insurgent groups within India grew manifold. When on 17.7.2002, in a reply to the starred question in the Parliament, Late Digvijay Singh,the then Minister of State for external affairs gave a written reply naming Netherlands as one of the country where terrorists have based their activities besides Pakistan; all hell let loose.(Lok Sabha Starred Qustion No. 46, 17.7.2002). NSCN(IM), the most formidable insurgent outfit in the North East India attacked the Indian Minister for targeting Netherlands. The Minister retorted by taking a potshot that when the name of Netherlands was listed, why should it pinch the NSCN(IM). NSCN(IM), in fact, displayed its affiliation openly by turning into mouth piece for Netherlands. There are known reasons for holding Naga Peace talks either in Amsterdam or in Bangkok.
The US is pursuing a policy to engage with the emerging power like the hub and the spoke and on the other hand to direct a policy of off-shore balancing at different level. Just as the arrangement of spokes in relationship with the hub in a wheel, the US maintains bilateral ties with each international players. When the same wheel is employed in carrying the wagon of global order, it follows the tricycle pattern. The front wheel that carries the whole cart is the leader and can also move alone. The other wheels are arranged in pairs, balancing each other for smooth movement of the cart. The US maintains that whenever the need arises, it can leave the cart stranded and move alone. It is what it did while attacking Iraq in 2002. The emerging powers have to be contained and balanced by the second most powerful regional actor. One can see the
pattern in the games that it play vis-à-vis India and Pakistan; Russia and Ukraine; China and India; China and Japan; Turkey and Iran. While at the trans-regional level, it maintains a balance of power among various regional powers by excluding itself so that it remains the arbitrator of the global order. The weak NATO states from Northern Europe like Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Netherlands have always been the carrier of the containment strategy in the name of human rights or insufficient democracy and now the hoax of threat from technology to ecology.
One must be reminded how it was the Americans and the Dutch who connived to let Khan steal nuclear secrets. Khan was hired by the Physical dynamic laboratory, FDO, in Amsterdam during early 1970s. FDO, Amsterdam recommended Khan to work in URENCO, site at Almeto in Netherlands from where Khan began pulling nuclear secrets for Pak-N-bomb programme. The Dutch intelligence agency, BVD(Binenlandise Veiligheidsdienst) ran a background check on Khan but neglected to find out that his wife was not Dutch, but a South Afrikaner who carried a British passport. It is learnt that CIA shielded Khan from arrests in Europe in 1975 & 1986. Khan was sentenced in absentia by a proactive Dutch court for four year imprisonment for stealing enrichment technology from Netherlands in 1983. Later, the conviction was turned down on technical ground and the fact that under the American pressure, the Dutch government did not want to take any action against Khan. When the scandal came to light, there was lot of hue and cry in Europe. But, it was only after the 9/11 when the western nations realized the growing radicalization of Pakistan and the fear of nuclear-armed jihadis gripped them. Fresh investigation was carried out both within nation and at international level on the nuclear trafficking. AQ Khan was granted immunity from prosecution by Pak government after his televised confession on illicit nuclear dealings in February,2004. Soon the AQ Khan case file was stolen from the Dutch court, and it caused uproar in 2005. Judge Anita Lesser told media that “I find bewildering that people lose files with a political goal, especially if it is on the request of the CIA.”
Almost at same time, a former Dutch premier Dr Ruud Lubbers in an interview to a Dutch radio, VPRO Argos Radio on August 9, 2005, admitted that the Dutch internal agency, BVD and the Americans wanted to help Pakistan to build nuclear weapon as they wanted Pakistan to be a regional balancer against India during Cold war, since India was closely associated with the Soviet union.
The American –Scandinavian-Dutch connection to derail India’s nuclear programme and to help build a nuclear counter weight against India has a long history preceding Koodankulam.
The BVD spy Frits Hoekstra’s book, In Dienst van de BVD”(INSIDE BVD); written in 2004 disclosed how BVD undertook several operations internationally against China and communist movement. This book exposes the level of complicity of Dutch with American agencies to create disruption in third world. Leaked cables from the US embassies by the wikileaks last year also disclose the role of the Dutch organizations(particularly, SNV based in Hague and in collaboration with US for last forty years) in the then instability in Nepal on behest of the then Dutch Ambassador in India, Peter Koch.
The BVD is a unique intelligence agency since though it is the internal intelligence agency, it undertook oversea operation on behest of the CIA . The Dutch external agency, IDB was officially disbanded in 1994 and the BVD became further strengthened with formal and technical strengthening after the end of the Cold War through the WIV Act, 1992.
Since, the Dutch lid was taken off in India in 2000 when the Dutch role in aiding and abetting inimical forces within India was exposed by a website,, the baton passed to other neighboring Scandinavian countries like Sweden,Norway and Denmark for strategic deterrence and the Dutch focused on massive Georgia or Egypt –kind of conditions in India. This is meant to derail India’s peaceful rise. CIA in its assessment for 2025 has put India and China as the US competitor. For the US agencies, peaceful rise of both Asian giants has to be subverted at every cost.
Interestingly, the Indian government filed cases against the website under stringent law of Officials Secrets Act upon the request of the then Dutch Ambassador, Peter Koch. Neeraj Kumar, the young officials from the Home Ministry , who exposed the CIA-Dutch nexus and their activities, continue to face prosecution and vendetta.
Emboldened by the silencing of the voices, the Dutch , though stopped the funneling of money, turned into conduit for autonomy and anti-state ideas while NGOs and organizations from other Scandinavian countries involved more extensively with the funding of missionaries and Indian NGOs ready to toe their line which in turn stir up anti-Indian sentiments and agitations particularly in the territorial margins, in North, East and southern India .
William Van Schengel, a Dutch Professor of AmsterdamUniversity floated the idea of Zomia to describe the people of the adjoining hill-region in North-east India, China and Myanmar, Bangladesh Thailand in 2002.
The concept of Zomia is derived from zomi, a term for highlander among Chin-Mizo-Kuki languages spoken in Burma,India and Bangladesh. Very soon, it has become a geopolitical tool The idea of ‘zomia’ is circulating and being discussed after publication of prize-winning book by James C. Scott, “The Art of not being Governed:An Anarchist History of upland Southeast Asia(Yale University Press,2009). Scott is Sterling Professor of Political Science and Anthropology at Yale University. With the rise of India and China as the great Asian powers in this Asian century, the western think-tanks as well as strategists are worried and fabricating every possibility to weaken these core states of Asia. Since, by promoting Zomia as the stateless, ungoverned, romantic geographical as well as historical space, a powerful movement can be unleashed creating a shatter-belt across Eurasia that can make both India and China to engage against frontier-enemies with perceived trans-border support. This can derail any approaching accommodation between two Asian giants India and China and China-ASEAN nations.
Recently, two Dutch scholars visited Manipur under the aegis of the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, Netherlands to fuel the Zomia narrative. Prof. Willem Van Schendel who coined the term,‘zomia’in 2002 asked the local historians to preserve contemporary history. The same was echoed by IISH Representative, Kathinka Sinha Kerkhoff. The IISH Representative had caused an uproar while organizing an International Conference on “Bihar in the world, the world in Bihar”(16-19 Dec.1997) with the objective that “when nation-state is disintegrating(India)”, it was imperative to establish Bihar in the global world. The programme was heavily funded by the European Science Foundation. The same historian worked on post-partition migrants in Bangladesh and India . The intentions to widen cleavages as a design to fuel discontent among migrants inSouth Asia is becoming apparent. Netherlands-based Chittagong Hill Tracts Commission looked after the migrant aspect in Bangladesh. Now a new organization, Global Human Rights Defence(GHRD) under chairmanship of Sraddhanand Sital has been created in Hague, Netherlands to protect minorities
Soon after the visit of these two Dutch thinkers on deconstructing India’s territoriality,a symposium titled "11 Year Hunger Strike: Irony In The World’s Largest Democracy" was held on the 21st of February, 2012, at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA. The event was jointly organized by The Carr Center For Human Rights Policy at Harvard University, the Harvard India Caucus, and the Kashmir Initiative at the Carr Center. It is generally Kashmir issue which was being raked up in the academic centers of strategy within the US. It was for the first time that Manipur issue saw such a response. Few days , before this event, the New York Times published an op-ed piece titled, “The Undiscovered Country” on 15 Feb 2012 by Frank Jacobs.
The author gave a thumbs up to Schendel for proposing Zomia, as a transnational area that is marginal to all the states that nominally control it. He further writes, few things unite Zomia , except its diversity — religious, ethnic, cultural, linguistic —born of Zomia’s geographical character, dominated by the inaccessible Himalayan highlands and Tibetan plateau. Zomia is a sanctuary, a refuge for isolated, unassimilated communities.
To give a shape to the concept of Zomia, another Dutch NGO Kreddha launched a program in 2005 to undertake systematic research with the aim to have available practical and current information on a growing number of autonomy and self-government arrangements in different parts of the world. Kreddha’s research and analysis department laid the foundations for the task and started researching autonomies in the Asia-Pacific region. Kreddha claims that their information is available to parties, facilitators and practitioners involved in other intrastate peace processes. Thus, Kreddha’s aim and objective have been to deepen autonomy and self-government arrangements, in particularly Zomia as evident from their further activities. Its executive President Michael van walt van Praag, a Dutch citizen sought a formal role in the Naga peace talk in March,2007. Armed with the Dutch machinations in past, the Government of India tersely refused the demand. But, the recent moves suggest that there is more to come in coming days.
The Dutch have diversified their anti-India activities from North east to south India, Gujarat to Bihar and also created an alliance of NGOs toeing the American agenda and disrupting the centre from the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune.
Is Ford Foundation, CIA’s conduit in Developing world?
The Ford Foundation was created in 1936 . Henry Ford, himself was anti-Semite who admired Adolph Hitler and helped finance his rise to power.
The CIA-Ford Foundation collaboration began in 1953, when John McCloy, became the Director of the Ford Foundation. McCloy’s earlier served as chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, Westinghouse, AT&T, Allied Chemical and United Fruit Company. Thus, Ford Foundation’s complicity with corporate cartel is manifest from very belonging publicly advocated for the Ford Foundation to cooperate with the CIA. McCloy also chaired a three man committee that had to be consulted every time the CIA wanted to use the Foundation as a pass-through.
Ford Foundation archives have been studied by scholars that reveal series of joint Foundation-CIA projects. The most prominent of these CIA fronts are the Eastern European Fund, the Congress for Cultural Freedom, and International Rescue Committee .The Ford Foundation has also been the primary funding agency of the Council on Foreign Relations that published the influential journal, Foreign Affairs, and the Trilateral Commission.

I am publishing one of the documents of CIA which shows how CIA loaned officials to Ford foundation. even there was lot of deliberation over officials of CIA who retired from service and their pension has to be fixed while they worked full time in Ford foundation. the loaning of CIA men and women to ford foundation was meant to be mutually beneficial to both parties as per this communication at the highest level.

Petras summed up how the ties between the top officials of the FF and the U.S. government are explicit and continuing and that the Ford Foundation has never funded any major project that contravenes U.S. policy. He succinctly summarizes :

“Current period of a major U.S. military-political offensive, Washington has posed the issue as "terrorism or democracy," just as during the Cold War it posed the question as "Communism or Democracy." In both instances the Empire recruited and funded "front organizations, intellectuals and journalists to attack its anti-imperialist adversaries and neutralize its democratic critics. The Ford Foundation is well situated to replay its role as collaborator to cover for the New Cultural Cold War.”

Frances Stonor Saunders, in his book Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War, Granta Books, 1999) Saunders reveal that “from the early 1950s to the present the CIA's intrusion into the foundation field was and is huge. A U.S. Congressional investigation in 1976 revealed that nearly 50% of the 700 grants in the field of international activities by the principal foundations were funded by the CIA” ( pp. 134-135). The CIA considers foundations such as Ford "The best and most plausible kind of funding cover" (Ibid, p. 135). The collaboration of respectable and prestigious foundations, according to one former CIA operative, allowed the Agency to fund "a seemingly limitless range of covert action programs affecting youth groups, labor unions, universities, publishing houses and other private institutions" (p. 135).
The Ford Foundation’s New Delhi office, "was the Foundation’s first program outside the United States, and the New Delhi office remains the largest of its field office operations". Delhi office also covers Nepal and Sri Lanka. James Petras Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York and a world-renowned author on globalization and US hegemony wrote a masterly piece in Dece,ber, 2001, “ the Ford foundation and the CIA: A documented case of philanthropic collaboration with the Secret Police”(15 December,2001) detailing the modus operandi.

Herein is a declassified document from CIA that exposes how Ford Foundation in Delhi worked for CIA for an eye on Asia and their mutual meeting ground even at that time was Hague in the Netherlands.

Ford Funding in India-2007-2010
It is interesting to draw the whole network of IAC partner NGOs. CSDS, Centre for Developing Societies have come out in full support of AK. CSDS itself is a large recipient of both Ford foundation fund as well as Dutch scholarship under the aegis of IDPAD(Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternative Development). Individual scholars receive IDPAD scholarships while the institution receives the Ford grant. Some of the visible public faces from CSDS who lend their support to Kejariwal are Yogendra Yadav, Abhay Kumar Dubey. There is Professor Anand Kumar from JNU, again a Ford Fellow(1985-86) as the new mouthpiece of AK. It has been revealed by Tata Social welfare Trust(TSWT) that "it had received recommendation from Infosys co-founder NR Narayana Murthy for assisting Kejriwal to raise awareness about the Right to Information Act (RTI) in October 2008, adding it "agreed to release Rs. 25 lakh per year from 2009, for a period of 5 years, to help the foundation institute the (National RTI) awards".
NR Narayana Murthy is one of the Trustee of the Board of Ford Foundation.

.It is also well known that Murthy savors dream of becoming President of India and many mouthpieces did pit his name this time too.No surprise, Infosys man V. Balakrishnana has joined AAP now and another Infosys man, Nandan Nilekani who heads the UIDAI programme is suspected to have compromised the phone data of Delhi electorate gathered during unconstitutional and non-statutory exercise of making Aadhar card, for benefiting the AAP campaign in Delhi.

Former Admiral L. Ramdas (1990-1993) was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Peace and International Understanding 2004 for "reaching across a hostile border to nurture a citizen-based consensus for peace between Pakistan and India".. Now he is chairing organization of Indo-Pak relationships, Pakistan-India Peoples' Forum for Peace & Democracy. He also leads the bandwagon of those who opposes India's nuclear programme. On 16 November Arvind Kejriwal filed his nomination from the New Delhi Assembly constituency accompanied by his father Gobind Ram Kejriwal, mother Gita Devi and former Naval chief Admiral L. Ramdas. Again, while seeking people's trumped up support for forming the government, Kejariwal was accompanied by Admiral Ramdas. Current Representative of Ford Foundation, Delhi office is Kavita N. Ramdas. She is the eldest daughter of Admiral L. Ramdas, also a Magsaysay awardee like Kejariwal. Kavita Ramdas is married to Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad from Pakistan who worked as South Asia program officer for Berkeley's Nautilus Institute. No surprise if AAP leaders have started talking of referendum and plebiscite in Jammu & Kashmir. The hands are soaked in dollar and criminality.AAP formation has been made directly under the patronage of ord Foundation through Ramdasses-.

How active FF has been in South Asia in recent years can be gleaned from the fact that Dr Gowher Rizvi , the former representative of Ford Foundation's Delhi office is now the Adviser of Bangladesh's Prime Minister on international affairs.This is how Ford Foundation is directly monitoring South Asian politics on behest of the Big Butcher of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq.

Thus, PRIA-ADR-Kabir-India Vision Foundation- Anahad…ad infinitum are like intricate web weaved by the FF-Dutch warp and woof to create a situation that India’s peaceful rise is disturbed. They might be intending that with the popular protests fizzling out over the issue of corruption; anti-imperial, anti-American protests would fail to garner steam at a time when the US has launched return to Asia strategy in the year 2010.

Arvind Kejariwal is a small cog in this gigantic American intricate machine that has started rolling again in Asia to reassert imperial control through machinations. Kejariwal must be made to respond and come out clean as to his financiers-overt as well as covert- and their game plan.AK was propped up at a time when the issue of black money stashed away abroad was gaining upper edge in public discourse.It is through the Offshore financial centres that the globalization of finance operates and the hegemony of the US and its lackeys is perpetuated. By effectively downsizing BJP and Ramdev's campaign to bring back Indian money from OFCs, AK won accolades in the US administration. Moreover the US wants to stop Modi's rise since the equations have not been good with Modi. On the other hand, Modi has been held in high esteem in China and China has welcomed Modi four times and listened to him at the highest level. Modi has advised China to decouple from Pakistan to have a working relationship with India.If Modi comes to power, India and China will develop good neigbourly relationship and the US plan since 2009 to build Asian NATO with India as the linchpin of Asian Pivot, will crumble. US hegemony is Asia will end. For, US to remain a hegemon, rise of Modi to power has to be stopped. This is ow all Ford Funded persons and ford-connected Infosys persons have suddenly become active to give credence to AAP as a new party that can fan across those states in India where Congress and BJP are in direct fight like Goa, M.P. Gujarat, Rajasthan so that the tripolar contest can cut some of the BJP seats and even though NDA comes to power, the allies effectively cut down chance of Modi from becoming the leader of the country.

UPA government is giving AK a free ride with expectation that in the next election, he and his network of US-Dutch funded Indian NGOs may tilt discourse of anti-incumbency. Their mission is to make the BJP , an opposition party get painted with the same brush as the Congress and the UPA. If the new party of AK could slice even 4-5 % of anti-incumbency vote, the swing from Congress to BJP can be thwarted and that might allow the Congress to retain power in some new permutation and combination.During 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Congress received 28.7% vote while BJP received 18.82%. The Congress had gained only 0.5% more than its vote in the year 1999, but it gained 91 more Lok Sabha seats in comparison with 1999. Even if the AK and his team duly funded with foreign money and supported by the Congress-led government and the agencies, receive 5% vote in the urban centres, it can affect the BJP's winnability which has support base more in urban centres. Political and electoral analysts like Yogendar Yadav would plan such a fortune for the Congress. Kejariwal himself is a scam and he needs to be packed up. Its the end of manufactured drama.

 Photo: Meet the Maoist Prima Donna - Medha Patekar. The list of her anti-indian activities is long, but lets start with what one can take for one day.

She demanded mercy for these terrorists on grounds of Human Rights. It doesn't matter to her that Afzal, the Kashmir separatist, attacked our parliament - the biggest symbol of our democracy, our value system, our freedom.
He took innocent lives and had no remorse about it.

It doesn't matter to Medha Patekar that Kasab, with his other jihadi fanatics from pakistan, was responsible for the death of over 200 innocent lives in Mumbai.

Has any of her comrades died in a terrorist attack ?
No, never - because there is a nexus, an understanding between all anti-indian forces. They never cross each other. Their goal: to slowly break India into fragments. Fragments that hate each other and become slaves once again to the evangelical and Jihadi powers.

because that's what the weak and divided are.

via ShankhNaad
Proof for comrades :






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