Thursday, May 1, 2014

Decoding Christianity-Christian Children Fund -Conversion in name of help in INDIA-PART 1

Many of the Charities proclaiming to be dedicated for the welfare of the Children and the downtrodden are ,in fact, Christian Organizations with the sole purpose of converting Hindus and non Christians into Christianity.
Conversion Drive through CharityAd for World Vision
The methods adopted by the Church are:
By far the most common means of conversion is by buying the poor. In one tribal village, Missionaries promised the head of each household pair of nylon pants if he converted to Christianity and a motorbike if he converted his whole family. In a matter of a few months, the Missionaries had “spread the gospel” along with pants and motorbikes to the entire village.
2.Adoption & Child SponsorshipMany innocent looking child sponsorship programs, such as Christian Children’s Fund and World Vision, that often advertise on U.S. television are guilty of forced conversions. Many often say, “For 50 cents a day, you’ll make a real impact on the life of a child and their community!”
3. Jobs - In 1999, the Indian Church of Christ in Assam was caught red-handed for forcibly converting at least 14 Hindus. Over a period of six months the missionaries belonging to this Church offered money, jobs and other economic benefits to these extremely poor Hindus if they adopted Christianity.
4. Loans – When conversions by force not being possible, the methods that are applied are inducements and fraud. Inducements are called “social service” or “charitable” activities.
Yet another trick where you pay for Conversion to Christianity by unwittingly donating to Organizations posing as Social outfits.

Child Fund International

This organization was formerly known as Christian Children’s Fund. They are a Christian organization with the goal of converting Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and people of other religion in India into Christians. It is a form of crusade (Christian war) with the single goal of converting India into a Christian nation. The “charity” part is just a front for their heinous intentions in the background.

The fact that they changed their name to remove the Christian part is proof that they are trying to deceive the public, and using common person’s money to destroy their valuable culture, traditions and faith.
Do they actually support the poor and the under-privileged Children?…..
Sridevi – the well-known Indian movie actress – has been recruited to raise funds for this organization. This is likely to boost the fundraising and hence increase the pressure on non-Christians to convert. It is pathetic that a leading public figure is helping anti-social and anti-national organizations. Does Sridevi not know about the intentions of this organization, or has she sold her soul in return of money? These are questions that only Sridevi can answer…
This is another charity-in-disguise that has launched a crusade against India and its heritage by converting everyone into Christians. The snapshot of their webpage (at the time of writing this article) is shown here and speaks of itself. Their goal is to collect money from the same people who they intend to harm.
Note how a Hindu child is depicted in the picture, which gives the impression to the unsuspecting public that the money is going towards the general population, when the real intention is to convert the poor into Christians

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