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Jawaharlal Nehru 1947–1964
Jeeps scam
In the next year of independent India, first scam took place. VK Krishna Menon, who was high commissioner in Britain made a deal with foreign company for army jeeps by crossing the regulations. He had made the deal of Rs. 80,00,000 and this was found out in... 1955 when he was in the ministry of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Cycles scam
Cycles imports scam took place in 1951. SA Venkataraman who was the industrial minister was bribed and he gave the permission to a foreign country for the sale of their company cycles.

BHU scam

BHU scam took place in 1956 and it was the first scam among the scams in educational institutions. Authorities of Banaras Hindu university wasted Rs. 50,00,000 of the treasury.

Mundra scam

Mundra scam which took place in 1957 was brought out by media. Haridas Mundra who belongs to Kolkata sold the shares of LIC by cheating the authorities. Jawaharlal Nehru who was the Prime Minister kept a case on him in Supreme court and it is declared that Mundra had sold non-existing shares which were of Rs.1.25 crores. LIC company was at a great loss. Mundra was punished for 22 years of jail sentence and the finance minster T.T. Krishnamachary resigned from the post.

Teja loan scam

Teja loan scam took place in 1960. Jayanth Dhramateja took Rs. 22 crores as loan to establish Jayanth Shipping company but without establishing the company, he ran with the money.

Kairan scandal

In Kairan scam in 1963, Pratap Singn Kairan resigned the post of chief minister after one year when he was blamed that he was misusing the powers and facilities of the minister for his personal life.

Lal Bahadur Shastri 1964-1966

Biju Patnaik corruption

In Patnai Selfgoal in 1965, Odessa Chief Minister Biju Patnayak resigned the post as he gave the government project for his own company which is Kalinga tubes company.

Indira Gandhi 1966-1977

Maruti controversy

Indira Gandhi’s name was shouted out in Maruti scam in 1974 that she was giving the license of the cars to her son Sanjay Gandhi before the company was established.

Indian oil scam
Indian Oil scam in 1976 was done by Indian oil company. It had made agreements with the Hongkong company which was not in existence and took bribes.

A R Anthule corruption
A.R. Anthule who was the chief Minister of Maharashtra in Past had taken Rs. 30 crores from the cement company and kept this money in a private trust.

Indira Gandhi 1980-1984
Churhat lottery scam

Churhat lottery scam involving Congress minister Arjun singh

Rajiv Gandhi 1984-1989
Westland helicopter scam

The Prime Minister Rajiv gandhi forced the public sector Pawan Hans Corporation to buy 21 helicopters from a British company that was shutting down. A series of technical faults and crashes followed. The helicopters were eventually discarded as junk and lined up at an unused airport in Mumbai.

HDW submarine scam

HDW commissions scam was found in 1987 and in this scam, HDW submarine company had given Rs. 20 crores as commissions. So this company was blocked. The case was closed in 2005.

Bofors scam

Bofors scam took place in 1987 and Bofors Swedish company had said that it had given Rs. 64 crores of bribe to the Rajiv Gandhi and other popular people in India.

Photo: जागो और जगाओ।।

Boeing Air India scam

It was Enforcement Directorates investigation into Hasan Ali Khan in 2011, which brought this scam tumbling out of the closet. Surely Rajiv Gandhi regime had more affairs to be proud of than the Bofors scam.

Saint Kits forgery

Saint Kits forgery took place in 1989 and forgery was done to show that VP Singh was also partner in the Rs.2.1 crores which was in his sons account in Saint Kits first trust corporation.

Indian Airlines controversy
Indian Airlines made Rs. 2000 crores contract with Airbus company even after A-320 flight accident. Flights were not issued but Rs.2.5 crores was the loss incurred.

PV Narasimha Rao 1991-1996
Solamki scam

Solamki scam took place in 1992. In this scam, Madhav Singh Solamki who was the foreign affairs minister had resigned the post as his letter to Switzerland foreign Affairs Minister was published by India Today magazine.

Harshad Mehta scam

Securities scam in 1992 was done for Rs. 5000 crores. In this scam, Harshad Mehta had made the made the banks to invest the company’s money in various fields in stock market. Loss was incurred.

Indian Bank scam

Few popular people and other famous people took Rs. 1300 crores of loan from the Indian bank with the help of Indian bank chairman M.Gopala Krishna and did not pay back.

Sugar imports scam 1994

Past Health minister Kalpanth Rai had imported the sugar for more price than the market price and as a result, there was Rs. 650 crores loss to the treasury.

MS Shoes scam

MS shoes scam also took place in 1994. Pavan Sachdev who was the owner of MS Boots company had bought the shares at very low price along with SB and SBI cops. So people had invested Rs. 699 crores in the shares.

JMM bribery scandal
JMM bribes scam took place in 1995 and in this JMM had agreed that he and other three MPs had taken Rs. 30,00,000 to protect the P.V. Narasinha Rao government.

Lakhubhai Pathak scandal

England-based NRI pickle king Lakhubhai Pathak, alleged that ‘godman’ Chandraswami and K N Aggarwal alias Mamaji, cheated him of $100,000 in 1983, promising they would get him a paper pulp supply contract. He accused P V Narsimha Rao, then minister in the Congress government.

Sukhram corruption

There were rumors that Sukhram who was communication minister had agreed to buy the telecom devices from a company in Hyderabad and there was Rs.1.6 crore loss incurred for the government treasury. This scam took place in 1996.

Fodder scam

Bihar Animal Husbandry department withdrew Rs. 950 crores from the treasury for animal feeding in 1996. After one year, Lalu Prasad Yadav had resigned the post as he was also one of the partners in the scam.

Urea scam

Urea agreement in 1996 was another scam in that year. CS Ram Krishnan had taken Rs. 133 crores from the government to supply urea but he did not supply urea.

Hawala scam

Hawala diaries scam took place in 1996 and it was brought in CBI ride on Hawala operators. SK Jain Diaries were a sensation in this scam.

Manmohan Singh 2004 till present
Oil for food scam
The scam took place in 2005 and K.Natwar Singh was dismissed from the duty after finding the oil scam with Iraq for food.

MHADA flats scam

Congress government in Maharashtra constructed posh flats in Mumbai using public money and gave away flats to its members flouting rules.


Siachen army ration scam

Cash for votes scam

IPL scam

Sukna land scam

2G scam
Karnataka landscam
Commonwealth games scam
Adarsh society scam
ISRO Devas scam
Pune landscam

Telephone exchange scam
case of UPA minister looting India right under the nose of an incompetent Prime minister. Even though CBI indicted Dayanidhi Maran, no action taken by UPA government against Maran and the report kept under wraps.

NTRO scam
Scam involving the Research and Analysis Wing orchestrated under the UPA
Coal mines scam
NRHM scam

Scam in Uttar Pradesh siphoning off the health grants from Central government.
Tatra defence procurement scam
ENI scam
A return of the company once famous for its links to Quattracchi. Interestingly it got exploration licenses after Congress under Sonia Gandhi returned to power in 2004.
KG basin oil scam
Another scam in the UPA government. This one was buried very quietly and media for reasons unknown did a very subdued coverage of this large scale corruption.
Reliance Power scam
Another case after the 2G scam where the Anil Ambani company reaped huge benefits from the UPA government and CAG played the spoilsport.
Agusta Westland scam
Defence scam involving Italian company who bribed politicians for getting contract.
Thorium scam
Scarce materials like Monozite sand was allowed to be exported from India causing loss to the order of 50 lakh crore



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